my firstime
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Description: my first video tell me what do you think of..
Russian Fighter
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Description: Romano Rokki v Albert Cannon Firstimers on WrestleHard! The video starts with newcomer muscleman, Romano Rocky, teaching his gorgeous Russian student some wrestling moves. The student, Albert Cannon, is a very good wrestler. He is also strong. Romano is very happy with his student. As they end the wrestling practice, Albert challenges coach Romano to a sparring session. Romano refuses at first but Albert taunts him. Romano becomes angry and throws his stud student to the mat and shouts at him. He says "You wanna fight, then I will give you a fight !" Then he subjects his student in various throws and holds and simply dominating him. Romano *****feeds his speedo to the sexy Russian adonis who is cursing his coach in Russian. After that, clothes are all off and it became a nude wrestling. Next comes the hot sex between these guys and since these two are real passionate lovers in real life, one can see the chemistry building. The ******* tounge lip smacking action is as fabulous as