Uniforms - Alfonso, Israel and Tommy Lima
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Description: While Paul and Leandro were getting through their afternoon break, Manuel, German and Isidro were getting themselves even more turned on. As if they weren’t already hot enough, the next thing the find are two guards, Tommy Lima and Alfonso Rosas, looking for their own little escape from the long day of work. Standing and rubbing their dicks, their intentions are clear as they pull Israel Amezquita away from his work partner and out behind a building. When they strip Israel out of his orange jumpsuit, the body that they find is nothing short of incredible. Packed with muscle and a great hardon, this guy is the beefiest fuck to make his way onto this work camp. Tommy’s dick is immediately out of his uniform and he and Alfonso both give Israel’s muscled up body a good rubdown before they really get down to business. You’d think that a couple of big, studly prison guards would be ready to pound some convict ass but these guys both give up their holes for Israel’s thick prick. Fir
Eli's happy ending massage
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Description: This is Eli’s third shoot, and this time he agreed to get massaged and jerked off by a guy for the first time. Not that Eli is a stranger to the release of a happy ending. When the 6 foot Marine was stationed in Japan, he got his monster cock jerked off by Japanese women, an experience he described as a “nice way to experience the culture.” I’d say. I started Eli off slow, getting him comfortable by massaging his shoulders, his back, his legs, and his feet (size 11. Maybe it’s true what they say…) Once I could feel him relax a little, I spread his legs to get a peek at his beefy butt, with just the right amount of hair on it. Eli turned around to reveal his stiffening cock and the tattoo framing the right side of his torso. I lubed up that big piece of meat, stroking slowly at first. That’s when he finally seemed to relax completely. He closed his eyes, tilted his head back on the massage table, and gave in to the sensation of a man’s hand jacking his dick for the fir
Firefighter's Huge Piece of Meat
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Description: Maddock is a Firefighter for the local Fire Department. He originally started as an Emergency Medical Technician and has worked his way from ambulances to putting out fires. This multi-talented man just wows people when he unzips his blues and reveals a meaty hard-on just waiting to be stroked. Knowing how to work it, he decides to get more comfortable and strips himself of his shirt by ripping it off his chest and showing the hot body that he has vigorously trained for. After jerking some more, the hot Firefighter finally shows everything he has to offer. When the shoes come off, the party really starts. He jerks his dick, slowly stroking up and down. As his cock mesmerizes and taunts, it makes you wonder how good that huge meat would taste slipping and sliding down the back of your throat. Once Maddock showed off his beautiful, hairy ass, he sits up on his knees and blows his load. With labored breaths Maddock sprays a massive white load, a well-deserved release. This excited Fir
Hung str8 dude fucked by hot bodybuilder.
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Description: After his breakup with his girlfriend, this str8 boy is ready get back into the wild singles scene and when the idea of doing porn and getting pussy came up, he took the opportunity. I put him with this hot dominant bodybuilder. Just watch what happens.
str8 ex military dude with 8.5 cock fucks another dude for the first time.
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Description: I pay this hot ex military dude with a big 8.5in cock to have sex with another dude for the first time. He gets a bj and then pounds the dudes butt. He is a total exhibitionist he knows his stuff is good and loves to flaunt it whenever he can. I had him cum back the next day for a private show.
BIG Juicy Dick in ASS
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Description: As you might recall, after I filmed Ian going solo I was in quite a confused state. The guy was so unbelievably lovely (and hot, hung, cute etc!) that I was smitten – in fact I could think of nothing else other than I had to get him back!!! But Ian's a sensitive guy and he was adamant he wouldn't make any more films until his solo had been released and he could see the feedback in the member's forum… and just like me they loved him too ;-) Being Ian's “number one fan” I was quickly on the phone trying to find out who he would like to fuck – after all, that BIG juicy dick was made to give someone pleasure! Craig was high on the list and the rest is simply history – this one is HOT! The guys climbed on the bed and in no time at all Ian's clothes were off and his massive dick was tickling Craig's throat! The sexual passion and playfulness becomes really evident as they relax in to some real heavy kissing, cock sucking, rimming and ass fingering – Ian's not quite as innocent as I firs
mi firs videEo
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Description: bueEnoO pzz eeztheE eEzz mii priimeEr viideEO qeE zuboO...aziieEndoOmee una bueena paja...
mi firs videEo
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Description: eEzthoOe iioO aqii zoOloO eEn mii kza...coOmoO 100preE aziieEndoO mii priimeEr viideEO!!!