Matt Brookes and Robin Fanteria
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Added: 09 May 13
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Description: After a hot sauna it's good to cool off in the shower, but when Robin and Matt spot each other things start getting all hot again. The plunge pool doesn't cool them much either and only a hard fuck will release the pressure building like steam in their hot bodies. Robin can't wait to wriggle his hole over Matt's thick uncut dick, and push back until it's all the way inside him. With Robin's tight, muscular arse gripping his pole, its not long before Matt is bursting to spray his seed. The fluids are flowing and the guys are lapping them up in a steamy session at London's most famous sauna...
fuck the building inspector ( uknakedmen)
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Added: 14 Aug 10
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Description: Robin's had enough of the pedantic building inspector, Nathan, and decides to let him inspect a very different erection. The muscular civil servant is taught a lesson as Robin mercilessly bangs his hard, thick uncut dick all the way inside him, he pounds the meaty arse, ignoring Nathan's moans and cries until he's finished tearing up his tight cunt, good and proper.
Strictly Cum
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Added: 26 Jan 10
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Description: It's the UK version of Dancing with Stars, and UKNM star Robin Fanteria ends up being trained by the studly Michael Hunt. Neither has danced with another man and it's all a bit awkward at first, but they soon figure out how to relax the stiffness and release the tension so they can concentrate on the dancing. Their method's unorthodox, quite messy, and wouldn't be shown on tv, but here we have exclusive behind-the scenes footage. 30 minutes of sharing their fat, uncut cocks,...