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Description: You won't be able to take your eyes off this twink cutie. His charms are too strong! He'll look you into the eye, and you'll fall in love with this adorable young gay boy. As if reading your thoughts, the lad starts slowly stripping off and does some handiwork.
Locker Room Twinks
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Description: The next vignette is a duet in a locker room, with Joshua on his knees lapping and worshipping Timmy's young, but rock hard cock. The two lads fall into the ever pleasurable 69 before Timmy positions himself behind Joshua and eases his bare penis between his tight butt cheeks, plowing his arse until he's ready to shoot his load.
Damien Gunn & Lukas Grande Flip-Fuck
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Description: Fall tends to bring in all kinds of new CockyBoys to New York, so our latest catch Damien was thrilled to shoot his first scene with another recent newcomer, Lukas Grande. Damien's got a very distinct style and a lot of confidence. But one thing he made sure to mention upfront was his love for big cocks!
Pretty boy sucks daddy dick
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Description: Corey glides out of his clothes and falls to his knees to lock his lips around my big bulge. This k*d really does suck a good dick for only having three years of practice! As promised, I then lift him up and over my knee and start sm*cking the holy hell out of those perky buns. After turning Corey's tooshie several shades of pink I spin him around for a better rear view, he immediately grabs on to my cock and eagerly sucks away. This is a little too much for me, I unleash a big load right into Corey's pretty pink mouth. For his turn I grab the lube and give a little push to Corey's prostate that sends him over the edge. Ropes of twenty year old twink cum gushes out all over his smooth tummy, he giggles and wriggles, the whole time giving me the come hither look. Just goes to show that a good twink is a terrible thing to waste.
Beefy Marine shoots 3-day load
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Description: One of the things I love about working with military guys is that they tell all of their buddies that they're doing porn. And then they all want in on the action, too. Cole is one of Nevin's friends who falls into that category. Except that he'd actually been approached once before about getting naked on camera at an age that… well, let's just say not an age where it would have worked out very well. But now, at long last! "Better late than never," Cole joked. He's a fairly beefy guy (a former wrestler and football player), weighing in around 200 lbs on his 5' 10" frame. The word "solid" comes to mind.
Hairy otter fucks cute bottomSlowly sliding into home, Blaine grasps Seth's big dick with his tight anal walls, strangling it and keeping the pulsating head stuck deep within him until Seth is able to struggle free and pull a few inches out, only to be su
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Description: Slowly sliding into home, Blaine grasps Seth's big dick with his tight anal walls, strangling it and keeping the pulsating head stuck deep within him until Seth is able to struggle free and pull a few inches out, only to be sucked back into a vortex of pure pleasure. This tour of Blaine's interior continues on moving from ***gy to cowboy as he spreads his furry ass cheeks apart and falls all the way down to Seth's pendulous nuts; starting off slowly but building momentum as Seth lays there in amazement, incapable of shutting his jaw. Finally Seth pushes Blaine onto his back and aggressively makes out with him while pummeling his tight pink digestive tract until cum gushes forth all over his dark treasure trail and Seth instantly reaches the point of no return and fires load after load past Blaine's cute face and onto the comforter behind him.
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Description: I hate this transition. Some call it fall, I call it “ from summer to winter “. I feel lazy and without any energy. But of course I won't let you down Gents. Gathered some energy, switched on my Cam and went out to hunt. I was just walking down the streets of Prague, waiting for someone special. I've met the special one close to Ujezd, nice part of Prague, just down the Petrin tower. Cute and scared young man he was. But he didn't have any problems talking to a stranger like me. He lived with his mother and work in a bistro, for just 7,000 CZK per month. This low salary I couldn't even imagine. Well that's a reality and this reality helps me a lot to persuade this young fellows to accept my dirty offer all the time. Well, almost… This one was no exception, for 2,000 I saw his dick and then it was very easy to get him into the hotel room where I could play with him as much as I wanted to. This time there was some cucumber involved. Don't miss this one out.
2 of the hottest Military guys fuck HARD
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Description: Sergeant Miles needs an emergency medical procedure refresher course, and Private Seth is only too happy to oblige. It doesn't take too long before the tourniquet falls loose and the ***** starts flowing to their main veins. All good pounding sessions should start off with some major tongue fucking, and Seth demonstrates just how much of an expert he is, driving that hot tongue deep and then running it around the edge before diving it back in. Nothing is hotter than getting fucked from behind while the top grabs the bottom's head and draws him in for some deep lip locking. Beads of sweat roll off Seth's perfectly toned body as this intense PT session goes into overtime. Rank does have it's privileges and one of those is getting Seth's huge creamy load shot down Mile's wide open mouth. That is an amazing cum shot!
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Description: Sean continues to relentlessly clobber Philip's supersensitive prostate while his eyes flip backwards with each connecting blow. Finally when Philip is almost at the point of spilling his spunk-smoothie, he takes a short break and climbs on top of Sean, securing a front row seat at his own explosive orgasm. With the assistance of gravity, he let's the rim of his hole fall all the way down to the base of Sean's pulsating erection and firmly clenches onto it, helping wring pre-cum upwards on it's journey out of his pee hole and into the condom on as he pumps his hips like a butter-churn. Both of them writhe against each other in this ecstatic duel before uncontrollably applying just the right amount of pressure to Sean's trigger and firing load after load all over Philip's chest and neck. The sight of this seriously hot pairing almost has me blowing my own load without even touching myself.
Cruising To Orgy - Hernan Medina and Niko Tomiar
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Description: Back at the bar Tommy and Heriberto chat as we seem to float into a dream sequence with Niko Tomiar and Hernan Medina. Not being much for talk, they are shirtless before you know it and Niko reminds us that he may well be half donkey as Hernan starts sucking his unbelievable shlong. Hernan backs up on that tree trunk and takes it like a champ. After a good long pounding he falls to his knees to take a load as big as the cock that it drains from all over his smooth chest. The grin on Niko's face after he squirts is nut tightening. I'd love to have taken Hernan's place wrapped around Niko's massive prick.
Bi Curious Kade
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Description: Fresh out of the marines, tribal tattoos, and a faux-hawk to boot, I had a small slice of you*g America ready to bear it all for me. Behind that pretty exterior was a you*g man with a few experiences of his own under his belt. Kade and a jerk-off buddy of his even roped a sailor into coming along and joining in a suck-fest 3-way! Confident Kade knows he has what it takes to be a real man's man. What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom...just like the marine base! All joking falls wayside when Kade gets to work on his cock. He pulls out a nice thick knob with a set of large egg sized nuts and starts stroking it's gentle curve to the left. Neither of us can take our eyes off the throbbing schlong, the poor guy was about to go crosseyed he was concentrating so hard. All that work came to a head when Kade came all over his chest tattoo, gave a sigh of relief, and told me how good it was. I know Kade, I know.
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Description: This fall we begin to release a series of scenes featuring BelAmi superstar Kris Evans bottoming condom free for the first time EVER.The hottest boys in the world plus daily content updates exclusively from!
Taking twink cock in the kitchen
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Description: Even though both of you are in the kitchen and it's full of food, making breakfast may be problematic. If you are there with a hot, toned twink slut, that is! His cock gets engorged so fast you can't keep your hands and mouth off it. And why should you? Check out this eager older lover here get more and more mouthfuls of the boy's erection - before taking it all the way up the ass! First he takes it like a man, on the table, and then rides the boy on the chair. Exhausted, he falls on the floor and opens his mouth for the boy's warm salty stream.
Hottie Tyler Gets Railed!
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Description: The sexual tension in the room mounts as they finally fall silent. Tyler takes the initiative and grabs Jay by the pale skin pole. Jay appreciates his new friend and seems quite willing to give a fellow man in the service a friendly service job. He takes Tyler's erect cock in his mouth and sucks his way to the hilt. Tyler does such a good job returning the favor that Jay can't help but want to hit that ass. Tyler offers up his perky cheeks and points his hole true north. Jay fills Tyler's waiting hairy hallway with spit and a shove. Tyler always takes it like a man and backs his supple butt right into Jay's Marine fueled fire-crotch. Jay takes Tyler through the ranks, fucking him long and deep. The two smearing sweat and intermingling breaths. At his peak Jay straddles Tyler's chest with his hairy legs and spews thick ropes of white jism straight onto Tyler's smooth tanned chest.
$100 Per INCH!!
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Description: Tyler teases my camera shaking his big head at me just begging for me to reach out and grab it. As I wait for him to get his beast to full salute and show his potential, I start looking around the room for things to compare it to. To really put that monster cock into perspective, his dick is almost the size of a paint roller! When it's my turn to touch the hot,straight boy's cock with my trusty tape measure, inch after lovely inch of South American meat falls into my fingers and the verdict is in: over eight inches for my greedy eyes to feast upon! As Tyler finishes the job and blows a hot white load all over one of my painting blankets, I shell out his money, letting it fall to the floor drenching it in college guy cum.
Bareback Frathouse Dungeon
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Description: Ah, fall is here and college fraternity rushing begins. As each year a new group of eager boys are willing to do anything to get into the fraternity of their dreams.
Straight Young Dude with HUGE Cock
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Description: The jeans slide off his long, hairy, lean runner's legs and expose a beautifully unkempt bush. He rocks his thick cock to and fro until the swollen monster is stiff as a board. With my trusty tape, we are both pleased with how Gary measures up and I let him get back to business. Well, of course after my hand indulges in a few lingering moments around his thick cock. Gary gets a little more comfortable and reclines against the pillows with his legs splayed open so I can get just the slightest glimpse of his hairy young ass. Faster and faster he strokes, until Gary falls back and long white straight boy ropes swing out of his fat tip. With his big dick and cum shot like that, Gary is going to go a long, long way.
Airman Vince
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Description: Gripping his cock tight, he pauses momentarily to rub his hand over his taint then back up to the swollen pink head poking out of its foreskin blanket. His cock is at full salute and pointing straight up to the ceiling as he thrusts his hips and clenches his fur covered ass cheeks. He begins moaning and flexing his thighs while his abdomen rises and falls. Finally his cock starts spewing semen shooting him dead-center in the middle of his hair covered chest, and droplets of cum cling to his treasure trail, glistening in the light.
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Description: Our General taught me to „live“ my fetishes. He taught me to even be an asshole sometimes when it comes to enjoy my life. Those boys who call us want money. And they get it. A lot of it. We pay all their debts so it is just fair to get something in return. And as they are straight (at least most of them) he told me to try not to fall in love. „Get what you can get.“ Nothing more. I think I have learned fast. My client today was so cute. It was hard for me not to fall in love. He had a lot of debts. The usual debts a young guy has. Cell phone, rent etc... I was eager to help. And he agreed to be „my slave for one hour.“ And as I am a good student I insisted that he should kiss my feet. But that was just the beginning.
Sebastian Rio & Matt Sizemore
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Description: Standing on scaffolding, Sebastian lets his fat uncut Latino cock fall into the waiting mouth of Matt Sizemore
Timmy Fucks Joshua Bareback
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Description: We join this young duo in the locker room, with Joshua on his knees sucking Timmy's rock hard cock. The two fall into 69 for more oral pleasure. Then Timmy positions himself behind Joshua and eases his raw cock in. He proceeds to plow his young ass, until ready to shoot a nice big load.
Fred Faurtin and Dominik Belko
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Description: Skin pig Fred jogs through the village and his lecherous gaze falls on the sharp groom Dominik. He senses a hearty fuck and lures him immediately into the stable. There, they rip the clothes from their hot bodies. Dominik devours Fred's meat, with which his throat enjoyably ******. Fred spits in Dominic's ass before he pushes his hammer into him. Dominik has trouble to withstand this onslaught. But Fred is a fucking machine shagging him mercilessly before the astonished gaze of horses. They both shoot their hot cream in the stable sky.
Straight Dude Uses a Dildo
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Description: A.C. continues playing with his virgin hole, pumping that toy in and out like he's trying to siphon water out of a flooded boat he's sinking in, continuing to jerk his beautiful thick tool edging towards the precipice, but falling back just short so he can work on his newly found prostate a little more. A.C. flips onto his back and lifts his legs in the air really giving a perfect view of his sweet hole clenching down tightly on the thickly substantive purple dong while he plays with his sensitive scrotum and jerks his way to the outrageous mouth-watering orgasm just on the edge of the horizon. It happened upon him almost all of a sudden like an enemy attack, as the salty white contents of his big balls flood out all over his sculpted stomach and sexy pecs, with eyes clamped tightly shut in a vertigo-like state, not knowing which way is up, or how anything could possibly feel so fucking amazing. One can only imaging a sexier scenario is to see him give this same kind of pleasure to ano
CAUSA 448 Quentin
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Description: The fourth installment of “Scent of a Porn Producer Leaving” sees Quentin slide onto the CAUSA massage table for what will be his last time since he leaves in the fall to begin serving his country. At least for his last time, Quentin sexperienced a first time when I was able to introduce him to an anal orgasm. Enjoy! CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. (c)