Falk & Martin (no condom)
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Added: 21 Jan 14
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Description: Every morning, Falk has a morning erection that needs to calm down. Martin, meanwhile, is already awake and playing naked in the pool. Falk sits in plain view from Martin, his fat cock facing the pool. Martin does not seem to react, then Falk starts to jerk, to see the reaction of Martin.
Falk & Dawyd Flip Fuck
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Added: 23 Jan 14
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Description: We continue our summer series with Dawyd and Falk. We find the two young guys around the pool under an umbrella. They rest naked on their couch, side by side and take advantage of their vacation to relax. Dawyd smiles at Falk, Falk returns his smile and caresses his arm. Falk rises to kiss Dawyd and reveals a nice hard cock. Dawyd got the message and used it extensively.
Viking Rails Navy Stud
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Added: 18 Jun 11
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Description: Danny and Brad meet for the first time,and Brad is about as nervous as I expected him to be with a six foot four viking in the room. However Danny can't wait to get his shirt off and starts eyeballing Brad like a hungry bear after a peanut butter sandwich. It's so true that boys will be boys-they start fantasizing about their favorite celebrities, a sure sign of two straight guys getting themselves pumped up for a good old fashioned fuck-fest. The ball starts rolling, Brad can't keep his hands off Danny's huge chest and shoulders and is definitely enjoying the ride so far. Then to my (and Brad's) glee and surprise Danny gives a little something extra that I have never seen him give before! The action is uncut and uncensored as Danny ******s Brad in every way possible. Brad isn't fooling anyone, behind all of his groans and moans he is clearly enjoying the punishment from our large viking friend. To top off this uber-hot scene, Danny paints Brad's face with a load so big I had to get it
Randy Blue - Foursome!
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Added: 06 Jan 09
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Description: Randy Blue comes in full ****** with our cumsoaked Fucking Foursome. Aiden James, Gabriel Shams, Sean Everett and Kevin Falk make this a video you'll want to watch again and again.
David & Kevin
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Added: 16 Oct 08
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Description: David Chase and Kevin Falk to flip flop blow jobs in this hot video. Each tries to outdo the other until Kevin gives David a steaming hot facial.