Roman's Str8 Hole Gets Stretched
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Description: After Roman's hole begins to acclimate to such a large colonial occupation, he decides it's time to give riding that crazy meat puppet a try. Squatting over Stefan's lap, Roman slides down filling himself up with veiny flesh till his eyes start to bulge out at the same rhythm as his rectal displacement. Not satisfied with this pace, Stefan quickly turns Roman over and lays him out facedown thrusting deeply and quickly into his tattered anus. Roman cries out from p*in and pleasure as Stefan pounds the hell out of him and both of them speed up towards their own earth-shattering orgasms. Roman quickly turns over and catapults steamy ropes of jizz all over his beautifully muscular body while Stefan holds his head in place and dumps a quart of sizzling white protein shake into his hungry open mouth. I'm sure traveling all this distance was well worth it for this overwhelming deluge of spicy spunk.
Cute Jake Gets Fucked
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Description: So how would I summarise this film in just one word? 'Wow!' – pure and simple ;-) First off, it's been well over a year since Terry made his debut on our screens and I thought it was about time he returned for his very first duo film. This is also Jake T's first duo too but that didn't stop these guys hitting it off and having one mother of a horny session! Yep, these youngsters could surely teach some of the older guys a thing or two when it comes to the bedroom... NEVER under-estimate the horniness of two newbies (a lesson I learnt myself in this shoot!). While a few nerves were evident right at the start the guys were undeterred as they settled right in to some amazing action ;-) And have you noticed that it's always the sweet, quiet types that surprise you the most? Take Jake for example – it turns out that he's one very vocal little lad and during the intense foreplay he begins to tell Terry about how he wants to be fucked… and man, does he want to get properly fucked or what!?