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Description: I love when I hear the words, "OK, I'll try to bottom...I guess," and a straight boy flips for his first time on camera. The sexy and tan surfer Mark is FINALLY ready to get his ass railed, with his tight cherry popped by Triston's big uncut cock. Triston hears this and of course is ecstatic to fuck a virgin hole for the first time, especially a stud like Mark. Hot Latino Triston begins with some nice body worship and softly kissing Mark's neck. They quickly become more acquainted with cocks in each others' mouths, sucking and slurping galore. Pulling Triston's throbbing cock out of his mouth, Mark turns around and bends over my couch with his ass in the air, ready for his first ass stretching experience. Triston wastes no time and plows into Mark with his uncut manhood, penetrating deep inside. After a sweaty fuck session, they guys are ready to blow their loads. Mark goes first, while still getting fucked! He gushes out a beautiful stream of white cum all over his washboard abs with
Guy and Jake
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Description: It has been my great pleasure to appear on-camera several times with the very sexy Guy Jones. I have massaged him and serviced him and now, for the first time, we take things a step further and have the kind of give-and-take sexual experience that left me dripping with excitement. Guy has a fabulously beefy body, a beautiful bubble butt and a nice, thick cock. No wonder he is one of the favorites on this site as well as CockSureMen.com. We took things nice and slow, starting off with a hot make-out session before taking turns sucking each other's dick. I love rimming Guy which was the perfect appetizer for the main course of getting lubed up and inside that hot ass. It was such a turn-on watching him shoot his load all over his six-pack before adding my cum to the mix.
Hairy, horny, and rock-fucking-hard
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Description: Hairy, horny, and rock-fucking-hard. Three ways you just have to agree are the best way to have a Marine for his first bj from a guy. Nevin was nervous, too. Or so he said. "For real this time." he said as the cameras were warming up, dismissing the nerves he had before his last shoots. Hard dicks don't lie, though. Nerves or not, Nevin was packing one stiff cock behind his denim. If there was ever some redneck Marine ass that needed to get munched, it was Nevin's. I'll admit that I've waited WAY too long to get my tongue between his furry bubble butt cheeks. And if the look on Nevin's face was any indication, he'd probably been wondering what he'd been waiting for this whole time. It was a chair-gripping, body-shivering, eyes-rolling-in-the-back-of-the-head experience. Nevin didn't mind it either. (wink)
Sexy newbie takes the plunge on camera
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Description: Kieran is in college, and like most people he has done a little experimenting outside of the laboratory. Kieran has not pursued another gay sexual experience yet, but his baby-face sure is willing to do it for me on camera! While he stroked his cock and thought about his study-buddy sessions that turned dirty, his cheeks turned as pink as the head of his dick. His hips started to bump and sway while his breath became short gasps. Throaty moans came forth as he erupted and gushed all over the tip of his cock then distributed his jizz down the shaft with his own hand.
Sucking Strangers Tiny Cock and Swallowing Cum
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Description: This is Video #3 of A Night I spent Away at a hotel and searched for a few strangers cocks to suck online. These were real strangers from the internet who I sucked off. Hope you all Enjoy ! if you Enjoy Watching me Suck Strangers Cocks Email me at BrokeAsaJoke********** if you would like to see me suck more strange cocks. This is just an experiment to see hows guys enjoy watching me suck cock. EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE !! brokeasajoke2014 @ gmail . com
Sucking 2 Strangers Cocks at the Same Time.
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Description: This is Video #2 of A Night I spent Away at a hotel and searched for a few strangers cocks to suck online. These were real strangers from the internet who I sucked off. Hope you all Enjoy ! if you Enjoy Watching me Suck Strangers Cocks Email me at BrokeAsaJoke********** if you would like to see me suck more strange cocks. This is just an experiment to see hows guys enjoy watching me suck cock. EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE !! brokeasajoke2014 @ gmail . com
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John's Hospitality
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Description: Alan shows up at John pad to experience John's hospitality. Gay twinks love sex so things start off with kissing and work their way down to the cocks. Exploring every inch, they soon move to fucking bareback and end things up with an explosion of hot cum.
Niko Basi is Grade-A Hung Beef
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Description: Meet Niko Basi, a hot nineteen year old Latin stud with an appetite to experiment sexually and the body to go with it. He slides his belt off and unbuttons his shorts to start showing off his assets, and right away decides to throw them off so he can show it all. Niko has a good hand full of thick cock that he works to a stiff rod, showing off perfect low hanging balls that are just begging for a tongue. His cock measures in at a full mouth-watering 8" x 5". Once he is fully hard, Niko rolls onto his stomach and shows off his amazing fucking rhythm. His back arches perfectly to frame his ass cheeks as he clenches them, thrusting down hard. Whoever gets Niko's cock is getting a monster of a fuck. His perfectly toned body convulses as he releases the last of his load before laying back in total relief.
Twink Glen Works Over His Cock
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Description: Now, everyone knows I love a cute little blonde twink. And Glen definitely fits that profile to a "T". He's slim, blonde haired, blue-eyed with just a sprinkle of hair going down his young frame. Add to all that the fact that he's smart and fun to talk to, and you've got yourself a hot little boy. The perfect kind to get nice and dirty. Glen's only had sex-sex with two people total his entire life. His first experience was with a guy from high school, and his second with his current girlfriend (who doesn't seem to mind that he's willing to be plowed by guys on camera.) Definitely a cute little freshman. After chatting him up a bit and getting his clothes off, I asked him if he'd be willing to go a little further. Curious and willing to explore, Glen didn't object when I shoved my cock down the back of his throat. This novice didn't need much coaching when it comes to working over a cock. He sucked it with zeal until I couldn't help but paint his face with streams of white stripes.
His Thick Throbbing Cock
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Description: It didn't take long for Mikey to lose control over his thick throbbing pecker. Mikey began shooting streams of thick creamy white ropes all over his furry chest and chiseled abs. To help out his new found friend, Mikey began to vigorously finger Tyler's tight ass. This overwhelmed Tyler with unexpected excitement. He quickly blew his load all over his own washboard abs. Tyler outdid Mikey's cum shot with a thicker load of creamy silk threads that glistened in the lime light. Finally, when they were washed up they both commented on their first time experience. They genuinely put a smile to each other's face, an experience they'll never forget.
Javey's Tickle Moment
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Description: Javey is back for more Asian boy tickling fun in this first of it's kind video. Javey is stretched out and strapped down in tight bondage on our rack while super hot Jesse tickles his smooth sexy Asian twink body with the feathers. He moves down to Javey's sexy Asian boy feet and issues some fantastic feather tickling on the soles of his feet. Then the magic feather comes into play. A big jiggling wiggling animated feather is commanded by Jesse, "Ready! Aim! TICKLE!" and the feather starts it's tickle assault all over Javey's twink body and ticklish feet. Then Ricky steps in for the kill. Ricky puts Javey through his signature tickle torture experience, with a segment dedicated to foot tickling with a close up view. Certainly do not miss this one!
Sexy Boy - Perfect Handjob
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Description: EastBoys.com - EastBoys.com - Watch muscular and ripped Alexander get his first proper handjob by hand of our producer. First on a sofa, then in a hottub. See how Alex enjoys his experience and see him massive dick
Friends With Benefits
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Description: Adrian and Fernando will make you salivate with this scene. Today you get to see the two bros helping each other out by offering some awesome cock sucking experience. Check it out as they strip naked and take turns sucking one anothers' cocks to orgasm before they proceed for some tight ass fucking goodness.
a075: Blake B
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Description: 20-year-old Blake gets off on watching other people have sex and telling them what to do, but today he's the one performing. He jacks his cock for the camera and moans and swears when he shoots his load.
Cy rides Glen's thick shaft
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Added: 04 Oct 14
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Description: It'd been a while since Glen had gotten in touch, so it was surprising not only hear from him, but also what he had called about. Normally, the str8 guys dabble in their guy-guy experiences a little at a time. After his massage scene, though, Glen wanted to dive in and try fucking a guy for the first time. Who better to break him in than Cy? Cy got to work, getting Glen's cock primed with some sucking. Glen watched with enthusiasm until he was ready to bend Cy over ***gy style. After Cy's ass was getting used to Glen's thick shaft, Glen lay back on the bed, letting Cy ride on top while stroking his own cock. Cy seemed to get turned on even more, now that he was setting the pace. Glen stood Cy up and continued fucking him against the headboard. Cy reached back to grab Glen's ass, telling him to fuck him harder.
a074: Damian R
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Description: Damian is totally straight but really confident. He says getting off with another guy wouldn't be a problem, and his gay friends have tried, but nothing's happened yet. At his first audition, he pumps lots of cum from his uncut cock and clearly loves rubbing it all over himself.
Bi Curious Kade
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Description: Fresh out of the marines, tribal tattoos, and a faux-hawk to boot, I had a small slice of you*g America ready to bear it all for me. Behind that pretty exterior was a you*g man with a few experiences of his own under his belt. Kade and a jerk-off buddy of his even roped a sailor into coming along and joining in a suck-fest 3-way! Confident Kade knows he has what it takes to be a real man's man. What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom...just like the marine base! All joking falls wayside when Kade gets to work on his cock. He pulls out a nice thick knob with a set of large egg sized nuts and starts stroking it's gentle curve to the left. Neither of us can take our eyes off the throbbing schlong, the poor guy was about to go crosseyed he was concentrating so hard. All that work came to a head when Kade came all over his chest tattoo, gave a sigh of relief, and told me how good it was. I know Kade, I know.
Fireman's First Gay Blowjob
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Description: Fabian begins to experiment how far he can get Maddock's big dick shoved into his throat. All the while Maddock looks on with a smile plastered on his face. The guys were gettng so into each other that they completely forgot about the naughty schoolgirl porn I had playing in the background, and were more into making their own. Towards the end of this suckfest, Maddock erupted with one of the biggest loads I have ever seen. He painted Fabian's face from cheek to chin, with the load dripping down his chest, shoulder, and onto my carpet. There is no way a brush fire is any match for the hose on this studly fireman!
Hardcore Gay Couple Does Mind Blowing Felching and Cum Swapping
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Description: This Passionate and Aggressive gay couple gets in to some hot anal action followed by an extreme felching and cum swapping experience
All Up for sex
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Description: Argie and Gilbert are two cute Asian boys who decide to experiment with piss fetish. They want to feel the warmth of their clothes getting piss soaked before they strip down for some 69 action and bareback gay sex in their urine saturated bed. Then they head into the bathroom for some more golden showers and gay fucking.