Crush Him Sampler
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Description: Portions of 4 videos from Crush Him... with money shots!
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Description: Hell hath no fury like a **** person scorned. This is Hunter. His boyfriend wouldn't let him get the puppy he wanted and lied about why. Later, that boyfriend made the tragic mistake of getting a cat. Hunter was not pleased. It seems that in all the time they've been dating, Hunter has never blown the guy. Sucks for him! ... Bahahaha. Well, at least he'll get to watch Hunter give head even if he will never feel it. Next time just get your boyfriend the goddamn **** motherfucker.
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Description: I almost hated to film this one. The guy doesn't seem to have done anything wrong AND it is his birthday. Eric agreed that instead of getting his boyfriend Timmy a present this year, he would just bottom for the first time in their relationship. Timmy explained that is all he really wants. As the day approached, Eric started dreading it more and more and resenting his boyfriend for guilting him into doing it for his birthday. Don't worry Timmy, Eric was as good as his word he DID bottom on YOUR birthday. Just not for you... Happy birthday asshole.
chinese boy in dress
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Description: I fuck my ex chinese bf in the garden wearing my Sis in law's dress..