Barebacking Across America Sc 1
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Added: 22 Jun 12
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Description:  Barebacking Across America Sc 1 Description: First up dos latino tipos (that two latin types for those who dont hablar el espanol), both dark haired and super smooth, and slim not emaciated. They both have decent cut cocks but the better looking one just has the most gorgeous thick veiny prick. When you watch him bareback his friend it looks like he mistook a case of viagra for some factory reject blue smarties and ate the lot, really its full to bursting. You couldnt ask for more close ups, and he cums on his mates ass before plunging his cock straight back in. Finally he has spunk served in his mouth. Great scene, and a bit filthy too. Cover boy is to die/kill/stalk for, utterly cute, very fresh faced young looking and a really developed tanned hairless little bod, plus another thick veiny dick. Hes clearly very passive, and gets well in to it when his pale, older looking bigger built friend fucks his smooth bum hole sans condom. Again the close ups and mind blowing, they s