Jovonnie Reloaded
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Added: 18 Jul 12
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Description: Another bonanza from Pitbull! Six scenes featuring everyone's favorite porn star, gorgeous young Jovonnie, with his 10+ inch dick. For this movie he teams up with City Boi, topping and bottoming, Shawn Legend, Exotic, Jazz and Elmo for over two hours that will have you jacking your own dick off right along with him. The ultimate Jovonnie collection available only from Pitbull!
In2Deep: (Pitbull Productions)
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Description: With sunlight streaming through the blinds, Elmo wakes Jovonnie up with a sexy morning session of cock worship. Elmo knows how to tease and tongue Jovonnie's big boner, which rapidly grows even bigger than usual! As the room lightens, we see every vein in J's massive weapon as Elmo gamely tries to deep throat the demon dick. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, Elmo stops the blow job and says he has to go watch his favorite TV show! Jovonnie can't believe this is happening to him. He follows Elmo, his heavy hanging cock still at full size as he urges Elmo to “Finish me off!” Elmo straddles Jovonnie, slowly lowering himself down inch by hard inch on the thug's massive erection. It's a damn tight squeeze, almost too ****ful to watch if it wasn't so incredibly hot. This is what it means to be in2deep! Eventually Elmo is able to take all of Jovonnie's man meat. He leans back and really enjoys the ride, facing front so we can see all the action up close. Not yet satisfied, Jovonnie stands