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Added: 08 Jul 14
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Description: Featuring VenineCub, Phred Black, Smoky McLain, Darrin Hunter, David Marcus, Steve Easton, JBear, J. Maverick, Bourne, ...
Free Fur All
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Added: 11 Apr 14
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Description: Featuring VenineCub, Phred Black, Smoky McLain, Darrin Hunter, David Marcus, Steve Easton, JBear, J. Maverick, Bourne, Jaccoo, Dexter Palmer, Timo, and T. Brandson.
Free Fur All
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Added: 04 Feb 14
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Description: Featuring VenineCub, Phred Black, Smoky McLain, Darrin Hunter, David Marcus, Steve Easton, JBear, J. Maverick, Bourne, Jaccoo, Dexter Palmer, Timo, and T. Brandson, Free Fur All contains some of our hottest , nastiest, most cum-drenched man sex to date! (ENJOY)
Brandon Easton and Ardon Masters
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Added: 18 Jan 14
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Tags: sling muscle breeding boots leather rimming verbal

Description: Hung, handsome, hungry cum whore Ardon sets up a sling in his room during DC leather weekend. Hung muscle top, Brandon Easton, is the first to arrive and use the human cum dump. Brandon rips Ardon a new asshole with his long, fat dick and breeds Ardon's ass while performing some damn hot gymnastics on the sling stand.
Kevin Dean, Kurt Houston & Matthew Easton
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Added: 22 Feb 12
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Tags: Threeway Shower Sucking Fucking Spit Roast

Description: It's shower time for these three dirty seamen. Watch them engage in a fierce spit roast suck and fuck that'll leave them soaked in all manner of the word. Try and keep yourselves dry after watchin this threeway.
Andy Stone, Kristian Winter, Jake Harvey, Mitch Milano. Rick Chester, Ivo Costa & Ty Easton
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Added: 02 Oct 10
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Tags: Orgy Gangbang Australian Sucking Fucking Jock

Description: What was meant to be a threesome quickly ended up as a six-some when all the boys wanted to jump in and fuck with each other in this hot Australian shoot. How could we refuse these perfect examples of young, toned men from banging the hell out of each other on camera?
Ivo Costa & Ty Easton
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Added: 13 Aug 10
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Tags: Australian Sucking Fucking Muscle

Description: Ivo and Ty are two muscled Australian boys, clearly very into each other by the action in this video. They combine those buff bods and roll around the bed like greco Roman wrestlers, except of course there dicks are seeing a bit more action than those Olympians.
Tyler and Easton
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Added: 15 May 10
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Description: Tyler and Easton have spent a fair amount of time at the Lake House and they are definitely two of our member's favorites. I have tried numerous times in the past to get these two to hook up but I have always encountered the same problem. They are both very busy and they are both TOPS and not real anxious to give up their hot tight holes. We have been receiving numerous comments from our members that have taken notice that Tyler has been working hard on his body. Well it seems that our members aren't the only ones admiring Tyler's ripped body; Easton has certainly weighed in with his opinion as well. Easton has been so impressed with our new Tyler that he gave me a call to let me know that he would be willing to give up his hairy hole if Tyler was the one doing the breeding.
Donny and Easton
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Added: 19 Apr 10
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Tags: SouthernStrokes Donny Easton

Description: Easton is as dependable a model as we have ever worked with and he arrived early as usual. He was a little nervous because he had no idea who we had him paired up with for the shoot. When Donny arrived with his friend, I could see a big grin take over Easton's face. Easton was definitely attracted to Donny but I also think he was secretly hoping that he was in for a three-way with Donnie and his friend. Donny had a four hour drive to get to the Lake House so we had in jump in the shower to help him relax a bit. We decided to just keep him in his robe and blindfold him so that Easton could have his way with Donny's ripped body. Take a close look and you can see Easton wet his lips as he peels Donny's robe back to reveal his amazing body. This might have been Donny's first blow job from a guy but he obviously didn't mind. Donny was hard from the second Easton started teasing Donny's body with his tongue. Easton finally took Donny's cock deep inside is throat and worked it over like it
Easton Strokes
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Added: 11 Apr 10
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Description: Well as it turns out, our boy Easton is extremely sexual and likes it any way he can get it. When I told Easton that I was with Southern Strokes, he immediately got excited. (It seems as though Easton has this little crush on our boy Ashton.) Easton was definitely flattered and clearly excited about doing a shoot for us but he is really shy. He took my card and said that he would give me a call and let me know. I didn't hear from Easton for a couple of weeks but he finally called and sheepishly asked if I remembered him. Of course I remembered him, how could I forget that hot southern boy with that embarrassed look on his face? Well Easton said that he was finally ready to do a shoot and he wanted to do it ASAP. Four hours later, Easton pulled up to the Lake House in his country truck. Easton has the gorgeous face and piercing eyes all set on a tight swimmers body. Easton was really nervous at first and when Easton gets nervous, he talks and talks and talks. Once Easton