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Description: Dear me, thank gawd I was home this particular Saturday night! And pretty soon, you'll be expressing your gratitude, as well, because this is one hot, fucking video! I definitely put Mateo's ass through its paces, and as you'll soon see from his facial expressions, I took Mateo to a much higher sexual plain than he's ever been before! This video is 50 minutes long because I decided to provide you both angles from my two cameras. Each gives you a varied point of view and both are equally über erotic!
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Description: Ever since this balding mature man's wife moved out on him, he has been put off women - all he can think about is young cock! Part of the reason that his wife left was his repressed homosexual urges, and when a young stud turns up at his door he finally realises that he is free to express himself however he wants. It is like a fantasy come true as the good-looking, long-haired young guy kneels in front of him, gingerly taking his stiff prick in his mouth. The dad also sucks on that sweet young cock for a while before he bends over, putting his hands on top of the toilet cistern in preparation for a hardcore and deep ass fucking.
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Description: Johnathon, Andrew, and Allan are certainly well equipped down below - I loved watching them pull out their dicks, almost like they were comparing them to each other. What I also noticed was the fact that they have a full table of sex toys - in fact this is the largest amount of sex toys I think I have ever seen in a porn shoot before. If you're more of a vanilla person, they do end up fucking each other later on, but the sex toys keep on popping up in the scene. I love watching the expressions on their face as they try to take the really big ones.
Twink Glen Wood's Gets Pounded
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Description: It doesn't take long before Seth is ramming all the way to Glen's upper intestine at full speed, while Glen belts out earth-shattering moan after moan. Taking even more control, Seth grabs Glen's discarded belt, ties his hands behind him, and pulls him up into ***gy while fucking the living daylights out of such a handsome wiry specimen of bisexual boy. Glen get's pounded so hard he is rendered incapable of articulating a single thought in the English language, while Seth stretches his tattered bunghole as far as it can get. Longing to see Glen's ****ed expressions while rearranging his internal organs, Seth drags him onto his back where he continues to pulverize his wrecked rectum until unable to hold back any longer, he yanks his awesome gut-wrench from an annihilated anus and completely drowns Glen's entire head in a deluge of salty jism. This insanely hot couple had me leaking so much precum I had to change my pants immediately after we were done filming. Way to go Seth and Glen!
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Description: My favorite "Italian Stallion" (from SPP05 Str8 Loads #3) is back for some new sessions and this time I introduce Tony to "Mr. Bill". Remember Tony is 19 years old, 6', 170 lbs., and when he's not in jail for bar brawling he's a laborer. In the first scene Tony is a vision in his "wife-beater" and boxer briefs and after a little "stroke-n-blow" I decide to unzip my pants and take out my cock as I'm kneeling in front of him. Watch his expressions as he sees it for the first time and licks his lips! When I stand up Tony grabs my cock and stroked it then goes right down on it! While Tony's sucking my cock he says "Is that good? I never did this before…" He's completely into it now as I deep throat him and dive between his legs and in no time he's having his most intense orgasm ever! After the last spurt though you can tell he's over it and can't wait to leave. Will Tony deal with what happened and return for more? Duh!
Piss and Cum Shower
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Description: Paula's here today on Boykakke.com to do a sexy show for us. We've already had the privilege of seeing him get fucked by a sweet twink. But today, he's here to use toys as his main “tool” in getting off. In this video “Piss and Cum Shower,” Paula is taking his abilities to an extreme level. Bring a towel, this one gets a little greasy and messy, just the way an Asian twink boy should be. Paula starts to work on himself, rubbing his nice sized dick through his underwear, but it's not long before an assistant comes in to grease Paula up and down, way down. Both boys seem to enjoy the tactual aspects of oil, especially used around the anal area. Paula continues to rub his front, as he is eaten out by the assistant. Spreading his cheeks wide, we get to see Paula's sweet twink hole. Being fingered and sucked, anally, the assistant begins to use a dildo on Paula. As Paula moans and pants, the toy is pumped in and out. Watching his facial expressions, Paula looks like a boy in love, with a “p
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Description: Our sexy little Latin boy Joey Rico needs a little anal prepping for his "up and cumming" scene with Mr. Hung. Joey has bottomed before, but not for the size of the monster he will be facing. It's no secret the boss has a short FAT cock and lends him a mouth along with an assortment of dildos to practice with. Joey learns the best techniques for taking a monster and even the boss. The expressions on Joey's face as he goes bigger and bigger with the dildos are priceless! Watch Joey cowboy before spewing his load onto his hairy chest; giddy up! Download the full video here!
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Description: Jonny Gonzales is a boy, 18, and Cuban. He has been here for a year and contacted me. Apparently, in Cuba, the difficulties of having premarital sex are unreal. Now, let's add to the fact that this Latino is gay. Jonny is understandably a virgin and has never touched another dick in his life; "I live with my family and they are very strict" he laments. For Straight Rent Boys, this "Cubano" is about to go "downtown" for the first time and learn some "mano a mano" skills. With his new phone, Jonny has used an App to contact an escort, who will help "release his inner beast." Jonny wants me to be a go between to make sure everything is safe; I guess I just have one of those faces (hehe). "Remembering when," I know how it is, as most of us do, being young, gay and wanting to express our desires, without the retribution. I have Jonny contact the guy to set up a meeting then he, Eddie and I set off on this "once in a lifetime" rendezvous. Making sure that the boy, Diego Reyes, is okay filmin
Jason & Derrick Round One
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Description: Jason Lee is 22yo, 5"10" and around 165lbs. Jason is here to rent Derrick who he has had his eye on for a while. Derrick isn't new to 'gay for pay' films and has a girlfriend who knows what he does and okay with it. She's 'progressive' as Derrick put it. However, Jason has a couple tricks up his sleeve and catches Derrick off guard in this scene. Jason is one hell of a kisser as Derrick soon finds out. When we asked Derrick if he had ever been kissed by a guy like that before, his reply was "uhm... no, never like that" as he adds "I even got a little chubby" grabbing his crotch. Jason is also a pro at cock sucking it would seem from watching Derrick's expressions and listening to his moans and groans. I gotta say, this promises to be one hot scene between these two boys. We'll let you decide when you see the size of Derrick's load all over Jason. Download the full video here!
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Description: A thick shaft and swollen head looks so good in his straight guy hand as he strokes and glides it to full erection. Andy gets more comfortable and unlaces his boots and kicks off his pants to expose a perfectly round marine ass. He bends over and gives me a view of his hairy hole and strokes his cock down not missing a beat. Andy spits in his hand and and lets his index finger do a little exlporing of its own. After all that anal excitement Andy is about ready to burst. He sits back on the chest and pumps his meat faster and faster intil a white rocket spurts from the head of his cock and onto his taut six-pack. With a sigh and a smile Andy expresses the relief he so richly deserves.
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Description: Although Sesso has not appeared on another site in over a year, when he first contacted me to express his interest in shooting videos for CAUSA, my question for him was what could he do differently for me on video that he's not done before? That's when he said that we could shoot a toy video because his girlfriend uses a strap-on on him, and he loves it! Well, I didn't need any further convincing... Once the shoot began with Sesso, what I soon learned is that a strong breeze past his manhole will send his eyes rolling back into his head. LOL! He rolls his eyes even more than Shayne, and I love it because it's a visual indicator that I'm doing my job right. The other clue that my finger and the toys were doin' him right? Sesso's feet & toes flap like angel's wings. LOL! And I've discovered a new malady. I call it Sex Apnea. Sesso is the first model, to my recollection, when something is feeling really good, he holds his breath for an extended period of time and then let's out a hu
America's Got Talant - Timber Brown Adult Video
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Description: Timber spent a lot of time on the phone with us before he decided to come in and show off his lean, muscular physique for the camera. He's an acrobat and performs regularly at one of the local theme parks. That must be how this hot blond keeps himself in shape. Once we started talking, he made it clear that he's doing this to exercise his freedom of expression. I think you'll like what he has to say.
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Description: Hero or not though, this man needs to get off and when he does it sprays out like a geyser on full blast. His cum shoots everywhere, watering his abs in every area with creamy white jizz. Jacob is extremely vocal, too. When he cums, he lets every one know through his loud ************ moans. He truly expresses his orgasm in the most genuine way known to man. Which man would not like to get off and have a mind blowing experience like Jacob? Just look at how he felt shooting his steamy load that trickles down as white rivers, rushing to the edge of a beautiful, creamy, cum-filled waterfall.
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Description: Tanner dove straight into the furry lap and swallowed Maddock whole. Certainly the combination of Tanner stroking the thick, long shaft and his tongue muscle caressing the tender head, would make Maddock blow his load right away all over Tanner's pretty face. He held back and stuck through that blow job like a man. The facial expressions of Maddock certainly makes it known that he is thoroughly enjoying every second of this suck-fest. Maddock begins to moan and groan, letting Tanner know that he was about to be well awarded for his efforts. Maddock's cum came spraying out over Tanner's head and rained down onto his back and face. It mostly poured onto Tanner's flushed cheeks, leaving globs of cream streaming down his face and a thick, white puddle on the sheets.
Getting Caught Excites Jay
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Description: Jay says that his favourite place to jerk off is any place where he could possibly get caught. It was this exhibitionist streak that made him want to be filmed this way in the first place. Since he was living with a gay flatmate, he decided to take the jackoff action into his flatmate's room, right on his own bed! Excited even further by the prospect of getting caught by his friend, he continues wanking his uncut cock. The pace of his stroking gets more and more frenetic as his other hand goes down even lower and engages in some hot ass play. Thinking about his flatmate joining him makes him more and more aroused. Grunting with every stroke, he soon releases his load right onto his own abs. With all the heat he generated, he tries to cool off by taking a shower, gives thanks for getting filmed today, and expresses his desire to do this again...
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Description: A.C. lays back as Tanner climbs over and drools down on his big cock as he slurps every last inch into the depths of his sweet soft throat. A.C.'s face makes priceless expression after priceless expression as his sensitive sword is swallowed to the hilt and a pair of nimble knowledgeable hands works together in unison to caress two pendulous furry nuts and jerk the remaining dick that is too voluminous to fit in his gluttonous face. A.C. then moves to sit on the edge of the cot as Tanner repeatedly throws his lips down around that fat dick like a piston about to blow itself up. A.C. can't keep himself from screaming out with pleasure as Tanner pulls him closer and closer to firing off an arsenal of a billion trigger happy nerve endings with his endlessly pleasurable suction device. Finally A.C. stands at attention and violently lurches, pulling his cock from the insane sensory overload Tanner is giving it, launching an uncontrolled airborne sperm attack making an epic cleanup...
His Exploding 8 inch Cock
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Description: His cock starts to grow into a sturdy 8 inches. As he gets more interested in the scene he's watching, he decides to get completely naked. His smooth swimmer's build evidences his hours spent in the pool. Pulling and stretching his meat, he deices to lay down and really enjoy himself. As he whacks his harden, his balls bounce happily against the hairless taint and pucker hole. He stands for awhile and continues jerking, a cocky expression on his face. Laying back down, he's ready to let loos his load. He grunts a few times, then white jism pops out of the head of his stuffy. As he convulses with pleasure, more thick semen oozes from his spasming cock. His chest heaves heavily as he continues to stroke, milking the last thick goodness from his pulsating member.
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Description: One look at Paul and you have to know that he's a personal trainer. His body is killer! When he told us at Amateurs Do It that he wanted to do a solo jerk off session we were literally beside ourselves with sheer lust and exhilaration. Tall, very lean and muscled in the all the right places, this man is something to behold. And he's got a very attractive uncut cock on him too. Paul likes to masturbate in a rather interesting way, preferring to have his hand over his shaft while stroking it. His blissful expressions are second to nothing too. What a hot hunk! Paul didn't want to pay attention the cameras while jerking off. He prefers to feel like he's his own world as he masturbates. With every muscle in his gorgeous frame flexing with each stroke of his man meat, Paul is awesome to watch. It's like he's going to cum at any second and you never know when a huge load of jizz will be leaving his great looking dick. Paul really gets off edging himself too, which makes for an even hotter
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Description: I was recently in San Francisco and ran into Ruckus one afternoon. The tatts on his neck and chin caught my eye and I wanted to see more. I invited him back to my place and he gave me a viewing of the rest of his ink. As we talked, he professed his bisexuality to me. He says he prefers to be the "generous one" when it comes to having sex. He likes to use his hands and mouth as much as possible to please the other person. Being a fan of good head, I offered him the opportunity to show me his talents. He begins by gently pressing his baby face into my crotch through my pants. Unbuttoning my pants, he looks up to see the expression my face and he eases my cock into his pink lips. The velvety interior of his mouth engulfs my cock and he swallows the whole thing. Kneeling before me, he slobbers generously on my cock, stroking and caressing my balls as he works his oral magic. Every so often, he gazes up at me to make sure I'm enjoying his efforts. Then he goes back to pleasuring my penis...
American Slams Justin's Eager Hole
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Description: Civilian America comes out to Southern California once again to fuck our lifeguard Justin. Sexy, muscular America meets the tan, lean Justin and realizes they both have something in common: wrestling. The boys talk about their wrestling experiences when they were younger and how much they enjoyed throwing around other guys. After reminiscing, they are ready for some fun and the action begins... Before long, the lifeguard pulls off America's pants and Justin gets down to working on the stud's beautiful uncut cock. Even though America is straight, you can tell by his facial expressions that he's REALLY enjoying getting a good blow job from the experienced cocksucker. He moans softly as Justin slurps away happily on his raging boner. Ready to test out Justin's eager hole, America slams his huge manpole into that tight ass. America knows just what to do by pounding his throbbing meat into the awaiting ass before him. Justin grunts and moans, but takes that dick like a champion, lett
Vincent First Gay Sex
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Description: Vincent is a fantastically built young man that has never had sexual contact with another man. Spending a lot of time working out has given him an immaculate chiselled physique. As his cock is expertly sucked and he grows a big fat erection he has a 'What the fuck have I got myself into?' expression on his face. In The Casting Room this straight boy takes a stiff dick in his mouth for the first time though he's barely able to get past the knob end without gagging. He bends over to present his hetero man's asshole for a long session of tongue loving. Now that his bum has been lubed up with spit and warmed up with some fingering a hard cock is slid up his rectum for the first time. He steels his hulking muscular body taking it up the ass while grunting and moaning.
Hot Steamy Jock Cum
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Description: Vinny Hawke has had an interest in porn since being a tender young twink. It has always been a dream of his to get down and dirty on the silver screen. His rocking body is still in shape from his high school football days and he has not lost his interest in competitive sports. This straight hunk is a real ass man and has no qualms expressing his love of a tight round bubble butt in his face. Vinny sports a deep tan and a load of dark tribal tattoos splashing across his burly chest and massive arms. Vinny is proud of his rock hard body and loves to show it off. He has no problem showing off his hard cock either. Eager as can be, he can't wait to pull his thick rod from his denim cage. Vinny gets a little more comfortable at my request and stretches out on the couch, splaying his legs as wide as he can with his pants pushed down around his ankles. His strong clippered chest starts heaving a little faster as Vinny's cock strokes get more intense. My trusty tape measure (and my lucky hand)
Butch College Boy Jai
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Description: Dark haired and boyishly handsome Jai is a 21 year old amateur bisexual top who has come in to experience something new. He massages his bulging cock under his boxer briefs as his other hand roams all over his body. He gives off a very horny and seductive expression when he finally decides to take off his underwear. His naked body is toned and beautifully built. His muscles are nicely shaped and his skin is smooth. His pubes are trimmed really short. But what really grabs attention is his erect cock. Long, thick and hard, it is one beautiful and mouth-watering piece of male flesh. He strokes it, concentrating on the sensitive head, keeping him hard. When he is given a fleshlight he takes it eagerly and starts to fuck it with deep and long strokes. He takes his time with it, alternating between slow and fast strokes. After having his way with the sex toy, he goes back to wanking off manually, stroking mostly the head of his cock. A few moments later, as he approaches the peak of
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Description: Aden is a horny, versatile gay amateur guy who is 26 years old with handsome, boy-next-door looks. He absolutely loves jerking himself off and putting on a show, and is totally into getting a video put on AmateursDoIt. His exposed body is hot and sexy, with toned, beautiful muscles. He starts to put his hands all over his body and continues to play with the bulging package underneath his briefs, while giving off a very horny and seductive expression on his face. He goes over to the couch and finally stops teasing by whipping out the part that he's been hiding all this time – his uncut cock. Now almost fully erect, he strokes it with his hand, concentrating on the highly sensitive pinkish head. It peeks out from under his foreskin, getting moist from precum. He peels off his briefs. Now, completely naked, he looks hotter and hornier than ever. He takes some lube and slathers it onto his cock, and resumes jacking off with gusto. His other hand roams over his chest and lingers on
Spasming Cock Oozing Cum
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Description: Lifeguard Jacob has been working at the local city pool keeping an eye on the ***s and grownups to make sure everybody is safe. Once a couple of girls got in over their heads and he had to jump in to save them from drowning. He even had to administer CPR to one of them to revive her. This slim blue-eyed guy says he's straight. But he's not afraid to get naked an jerk off today. He pulls off his jeans and underwear and starts massaging his fuck stick while he stares at the porn across the room. His cock starts to grow into a sturdy 8 inches. As he gets more interested in the scene he's watching, he decides to get completely naked. His smooth swimmer's build evidences his hours spent in the pool. Pulling and stretching his meat, he deices to lay down and really enjoy himself. As he whacks his harden, his balls bounce happily against the hairless taint and pucker hole. He stands for awhile and continues jerking, a cocky expression on his face. Laying back down, he's ready to let loos his
Virote Deng
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Description: AsianboyNation.com has Virote Deng and Pravat Thongchal expressing their love for one another on camera. These two are very affectionate and share a sensual and intimate time; lucky for us they’re not camera shy. Once these two lock lips, suck tips and fuck with their hips, I don’t think they even remember we’re here. Nipple play and fondling are also in these two’s repertoire. Eager for a fuck, Virote munches on his man. The pair rub, grind and caress everywhere, sexy. Pravat works his dick up as he then massages it against his partner’s thigh. By the time they fuck, the temperature in the room is sweltering and the scent is musky. Squirming at just the touch of his boyfriend, Virote is more than ready, as are we. Sliding first his tongue, then his dick into the bottom’s hole, Pravat is a great top, strong and rhythmic. Check out Virote’s nice 6-pack abs as he is pleasured. The bottom then helps his partner cum, repositioning themselves several times. Always embracing an
21yo Cruze Jerks Off
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Description: It's a boring day and young amateur Cruze is lazily going about his chores in the kitchen. This brown haired, handsome 21 year old finishes tidying up, and then he lounges around figuring out what to do next. His mind, like any other hot–*****ed stud, eventually drifts to thoughts of sex. He takes off his shorts and soon loses his underwear too. He is shaved and smooth all over, with USA tattooed around his navel, and his round, tight butt is totally sexy, but it is his cock that draws the most attention. His thick meat hangs impressively while he starts to caress and massage it, urging it to get even bigger and harder. He settles down on the countertop, playing with his hot tool; his lusty eyes concentrating and expressing the pleasure he is giving himself. He gets down to the floor, continuing to slowly stroke his tool. Now fully erect, it stands like a big snake ready to strike. His other hand is playing with his balls, caressing and tugging gently... Stream or Download the fu
Amateur Bi Sexual College Dude
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Description: Dark haired and boyishly handsome Jai is a 21 year old amateur bisexual top who has come in to AmateursDoIt to experience something new. He gives off a very horny and seductive expression when he finally decides to take off his underwear. His naked body is toned and beautifully built. His muscles are nicely shaped and his skin is smooth. His pubes are trimmed really short. But what really grabs our attention is his erect cock. Long, thick and hard, it is one beautiful and mouth-watering piece of male flesh. He strokes it, concentrating on the sensitive head, keeping him hard.