Poolside Heat – Leon, Pero and Rafael
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Description: Beginning with a view of a heavenly statue atop Rio de Janeiro?s Corcovado peak, we are then treated to a heavenly poolside hotel where veteran porn star Ramon Mendez -- a human god -- hovers near the statues of other beautiful figures. When three young hotties arrive to have sex nearby, our Brazilian adonis lurks and stares like a horny voyeur. Brazilian big-muscled blatino Pero Beteino exposes his giant cock and the suckfest begins. A three-man train of dark smooth flesh continues when super-bottom Rafael Lucio gets rammed by Pero?s baseball bat-sized cock. Latin cute-boy newcomer Leon Pavia tops Rafael?s boy-bottom during the pool-side sex scene. Finally, all three beauties explode their load like mayonaise splattered on dark rye bread.
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Description: I have had a great luck today. Met absolutely amazing young man in a subway. Took a ride with him, he didn't mind me to tag along. We talked about modelling and part time jobs, about a need for cash… All the conversation was going right direction. By the time we got off a subway I knew he is game. Took a bus to his place, during the ride he already jerked me off, which was amazing until we got interrupted. But soon enough we have been at his place, to put it right, in his garage where he had a sofa. So in there I felt cozy and been getting horny as hell. Just had to find the right prize to offer him. He was very talkative so it wasn't very difficult job. I wish all the straight boys would be this open minded and cool about our little project. He sucked me like a pro and I couldn't wait longer to fuck him and cum all over his beautiful face.
AlexBoys Soren 2
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Description: Soren is all happy to renovate his new room. During his work he thinks about all the guests he will invite once it's ready. It will be his love nest. All those ideas drive him rather horny so he has to have a jerk off before it's finished... more on alexboys.com
Ardon, Markus and Nathan
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Description: Cum whore Ardon sets up his sling in his room during DC Leather Weekend. Red headed, big dicked Nathan Steel is the first to show up and dump a hot load in his hole.
Tickle Fun With Jesse
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Description: Everybody's favorite hot Asian tickle boy twink Jesse Rivera is back again by popular demand. This tickle video request has the incredibly hot Jesse in bondage with his wrists tied above his head while Ricky tickles his sexy smooth body with feathers. Then he starts poking and tickling with his fingers. Then we strapped him to the tickle rack for a while. During a break, we take you behind the scenes with a bit of conversation and messing around in between. But then it's right back to the tickle fun. Daddy Mike has his shot a tickling cute Jesse, then we end up with an endurance test. Jesse must voluntarily hold his arms up while Ricky tickles his armpits and smooth sides and ass making Jesse squirm like a ticklish worm. What an incredibly tickle-erotic scene!
Hard sexual punishment for attempted prison break
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Description: Looks like this skinny little boy doing time in the pen is in a whole lot of trouble – the muscled prison guard hits his cell with an extra check and guess what he finds hidden under the poor convict's clothes? A yummy little ass, yeah, and a nice tempting dink – but also a thin file that the guy was apparently going to use during attempted prison break! Shit, this deserves the worse punishment a person in this jail can think of – the boy's gonna get a big fat stinky cock in his tight asshole!
Tickled With A Boner
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Description: This cute Asian boy was made for Laughing Asians. Not only does he have some of the softest, most ticklish boy soles, he gets turned on by tickling! He sports a rock-hard boner nearly the whole time we tickled him. Not to mention after fits of ticklish laughter while Ricky was tickling his feet, during a pause, he catches his breath and says, "MORE!". Well Ricky was more than happy to fill that tickle request, and oils up the other sole and starts tickling the hell out of his foot. The conclusion of this video is the clencher. We release him from bondage, while me and Ricky each have one of his feet in our laps, we tickle his feet, while he laughs and strokes his boner. SUPER HOT!
Cock-hungry amateur twink milks his mate POV style
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Description: Nothing is hotter than twink amateur video. There's no script, no actors, no directors, these young boys just love having fun and film it all on cam while they're at it. You'll see these cock-hungry youngsters hook up with each other during their tea time and jumping out of their trunks to munch on some fat bulging meat. What is more tasty, a banana or a hard cock? Surely, that twink will choose the latter. Watch this cutie pie sucking off his gay boyfriend POV style and going for a big swallow!
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Description: Hi guys! I am back after few months. Last time you saw me during football World Cup. I've had an accident and had to recover fully. But I'm back in full strength and with the dick, harder then ever before. Such a shame that summer is over, but what can one do. As I switched on the camera, I felt the thrill immediately. Out on the hunt. Didn't have much luck with the first dude I've talked too, but I knew that the right one will come around. And I was right, I've stopped one young pal as he was leaving a post office. He kept smiling and answering all of my questions. After I did my Qs&As, I went straight for him and gave him my special offer. Something for something, in my case money for pleasure. On my big surprise he agreed and we went for it. Small hotel room was just fine for me to release all energy I gathered during my recovery.
BelAmi Legends
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Description: Every Saturday during November we have a special update in a series called 'BelAmi Legends'.Nobody does it like BelAmiOnline.com
Brandon and Ardon
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Description: Hung, handsome, hungry cum whore Ardon sets up a sling in his room during DC leather weekend. Hung muscle top, Brandon Easton, is the first to arrive and use the human cum dump.
hot 3-way fuckfest
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Description: What do you get when you stick two horny straight guys in a room with a hairy twink? Some hot and heavy fucking, and one very happy twink! America and Paul were fresh off of a plane, and really excited to be in sunny California during the dead of winter. Even more exciting was the prospect of their first threesome. America is ready to get balls deep in some California ass, and Paul was just happy to be out of the snow. I already knew how big America's uncut cock was, and I wanted to be sure to find someone that could handle it. Seth was just the man for the job. Dick sucking, ass slapping, hard fucking, and cum shot after cum shot, I really, really like these boys!
Bad Boy with Massive Meat
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Description: During the interview Justice was pulling at his baggy pants and I assumed he was just nervous. Then he whipped his pants off and released the huge delinquent cock hiding under all that fabric. There was nine inches of eager cock trying to escape its denim prison! Justice wasn't kidding when he said he liked it rough. He tugged at his shaft so hard I could have sworn he was punishing it for something. Justice's feet curled up into fists, his muscular hips rocked to and fro, and his upper lip came up into a slight curl. Then the frenzied tugging came to an end when his huge load shot straight up into the air and man-ropes found their home all over his rock hard lap.
Florian & Evan
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Description: Cocktoberfest continues with Flavian & Evan who, during military maneuvers, become distracted by the pistol in Florian's pocket that is… er… cocked & loaded. Enjoy!
Navy Boy Sucking Cock
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Description: More fun from the good old days. Eager beaver Brad was so high spirited and fun during his initial interview, I had him come back to show off just how much fun he really could be. He told me he was bi-sexual and loved to suck dick. From the way his eyes twinkled and how he licked his lips everytime he looked at my cock, I knew Brad was offering me more than just another wild sex story. The way this Navy boy sucks cock, he must have been very, very popular on his ship. He wrapped his lips around my hard cock and dove head first into my man-scape like a good little sailor. Aaaah, the good old days!
Palm Springs Bear Thaw
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Description: These hairy, hot bears find warmth from the winter cold by visiting Palm Springs, California where their hungry mouths and rock hard cocks find every hole imaginable during this furry getaway.
Prison Session 8
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Description: Our two prisoners find themselves with a little downtime between scenes and despite plenty of play during their visit they can't keep their hands (and mouths) off each other.