Pump Some Ass
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Added: 21 Nov 14
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Duration: 0:06:00
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Description: Throw in a couple of duo scenes and a couple of hot 3-ways and you get a hot bareback movie that Pumps Some serious Ass!
Dhul and Yussef in Arabian Prison
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 10 Nov 14
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Description: another window we go to find another sexy duo passing the time with a JO show. Dhul Fiqar is working on his semi in front of Yussef who reveals that he's fully boned by the show. As Yussef slides closer, his eyes seem to beg Dhul for that prick. His pleas are answered as he slides his lips over that massive cock head and strips down so that he can play with his own bone while getting an afternoon snack. When it comes time for the fucking, Yussef's face seems to make it clear that he's had some cock up his ass before. He takes it like a champ and beats his own prick the whole time Dhul's climbing up inside him. He's hunched over and taking it like it's the only way he could imagine being. He's a great bottom and Dhul takes full advantage of his shithole. He nuts with Dhul still inside him only moments before getting his ass crack whitewashed with Dhul's sperm. It's a great load that runs all the way down his crack.
Prison Session 8
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 12 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:02:06
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Description: Our two prisoners find themselves with a little downtime between scenes and despite plenty of play during their visit they can't keep their hands (and mouths) off each other.
Fuck Duo Anutin and Pinyo
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Added: 02 Oct 14
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Description: Here's the two cute Asian who always ready for a fuck. You didn't have to give to much effort to invite them for a fuck session.They surely accepts it with some cash ofcourse.
Category: Asian
Added: 16 Sep 14
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Description: The twinks start out in the shower with some oral lessons, then over to the bed for some more sucking and ass licking. Kaew was the first to be pentrated, he had a hard time taking Off's big hard cock, so when it was his turn he gave Off a much harder and deeper fucking in reward. Guess who's asshole was wide open and soaked with cum afterwards.