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Description: When you get a call you never know how the boys will look like. Usually they look quite good. If they don't or if they are too old I usually leave. But I always get nervous when they are muscle-boys. Because I never know how they will react? So far I have never had a bad experience. But somehow I still expect to get beaten up one day if the boy is offended and stronger^^. To make it short - this time a muscle boy called me. And he seemed to be already a bit *****. So I decided to just tell him my conditions and if he wouldn't accept at the first place I would just leave. But he accepted. And I enjoyed it so much. He had to strip and to show me some of his exercises. And believe me: much, much more :-)
ML with my boyfriend while his sleeping
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Description: Fucking my boyfriend when he is ***** more ******** fuck video pls contact for exchanging
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Description: Actually I was planning to just have a few drinks together with a friend of mine. I was sitting already at one of my favorite restaurants next to the river. It was pure luck that I had the cam with me this day as I just came back from Jiri who had the cam before. My friend knows about my special hobby and he wasn't even pissed when I told him that one of those two guys sitting close to us attracted my attention. And he was even curious to see me in „action.“ Well, I was a bit worried because both guys appeared already a bit *****. I could say that from their „special“ way of speaking. First I thought that I would maybe have to convince both to join me but then again I was happy that the other one left for home. And me all alone with his friend ;-)
Marek and Travis fuck in mountains
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Description: In this scene, Marek and Travis meet at a village festival in Austria. The boys enjoy the party to get ***** and make a boat tour. After a few hours, they decided to move away from the crowd to switch to something more hot!
Jonathan Darko, David Lorka and Justin Dylan
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Description: Justin Dylan and David Lorka have been freinds since *********. It's not uncommon for them to hang out together and get *****. It's also not uncommon for them get naked together when they do get *****. Speaking of getting naked, look at the size of those low hangers David has! Well, this particular night not unlike others, David and Justin are getting ***** and one thing leads to another and we see them exchanging blowjobs. Then Jonathan Darko comes over and joins in the fun. Now Justin finds himself faced with 2 cocks... we don't hear any complaints :) Justin tries a little double dipping action and puts both cocks in his mouth before David gets bent over the couch by Jonathan. While Jonathan fills one hole, Justin swings around front to fill the other hole. The cameraman gives us a great shot from behind Jonathan and we can see those big balls and cock of David's rocking back and forth as Jonathan pounds and slaps his ass. Then the cameraman moves around front and we see David's face
Stany Falcone Fucks Enzo Milano
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Description: Stany Falcone is known in Belgium to be a big partygoer and not hide it! He loves to dance, drink, and have fun. Unfortunately for Stany, unlike some of you "party peeps," he wakes up with one of those hangovers that leaves you asking "did anyone get the license of that truck than ran me over." His friend Enzo Milano tries to reason "Stany stop drinking, and he may very well have fun without the *******." Well, Stany tends to get annoyed when someone gives him that "you don't need to drink so much" lecture. Not in the mood to listen, Stany decides in order to silence his friend, he'll shove his cock in Enzo's the mouth. I get the impression watching this video that Stany is still ***** because he must have got confused on which end does the "verbal" talking!
JP Dubois and Niall Roberts
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Description: It's the evening and strip poker is on the cards, with top *** Kayden getting more and more ***** and involving the sexy French boy in their games! Getting more and more outrageous, Kayden causes the game to end abruptly but all the while, Niall's ex JP is out for a cigarette and Niall, who's totally hung up on his man that was is out for some ‘fresh air' with him. Fresh air with a smoker is never a good idea, and Niall thinks he's being subtle, but JP is on to him even if Lucas, his current boyfriend is oblivious. Taking a break on the bench, it's seconds before dicks are out and Niall bends over JP like a favorite lap-*** almost choking on his thick shaft! Right there in the open, they strip butt naked and Niall gives himself up to JP totally, again! With Lucas inside and not realizing what's going on, his boyfriend is fucked royally by our red-headed stud, his ass stretched wide by his huge dick, Niall moaning so loud it's a miracle they're not discovered! As they roll around
Jayce Asher
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Description: Meet 24 year old Jayce "Nice Ass" Asher. Jayce loves to get the straight boys ***** and work his way into their pants or shall we say "work them out of their pants?" Jayce wanted to try something a little different and came to us here on StraightRentBoys in search of a straight guy he could have his way with that wasn't under the influence... ******* that is. He has every intention of "influencing" them himself (wink). First things first though, we gotta see what Jayce has to offer. Jayce tells us his cock is 8/8.5 inches when hard and he's versatile. When he takes off his pants, I really like those skivvies he's wearing with the butt cut out... and what a nice ass. I couldn't resist and just had to touch it as Jayce wiggles it for us. I couldn't help but think of the Charmin commercial "Don't Squeeze the Charmin" :) Jayce gets undressed and sits back on the couch and starts playing with his cock getting himself in the mood. When I asked how often he jerks off, Jayce tells us 3 or 4 ti
Straight Stud Gets Dirty
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Description: New to California, Rocco is 26 and ready for porn. This eager beaver is chasing the American dream; fucking and money. He hangs out in gay clubs to pick up on ***** chicks and ends up getting his dick grabbed by guys. Duh. He's no rocket scientist, but he sure is pretty. I just happen to have a soft spot for a guy that wants into the business so bad. He's willing to do anything. Anything. I like the sound of that! This straight guy gets a little more comfortable once I sweeten the deal with a little extra cash. His pasty-white fire-crotch is a nice contrast to the darkness that ends up next to it.
Dayton O'Connor Fucks Paul Stacks
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Description: Paul Stack is one sexy red head from Sin City. He works security at some of the hottest and roughest clubs and bars on the strip and is busy every night. Dayton gets hired to lend a hand working the door and has come for a lesson on the ins and outs from the head of security. Paul takes his job very seriously and does not joke around when it comes to physical contact. He shows Dayton some of his favorite moves to subdue an unwieldy ***** and break up a fight. Dayton tries to concentrate on the lesson but gets a little distracted as soon as he puts his mitts on Paul. Dayton squares off behind Paul to practice a couple of holds and lets his hands linger on his tight six-pack just a little longer than necessary. Paul puts up no resistance to the advances and Dayton moves in for the kill. Dayton pulls off Paul's shirt exposing his ripped chest and bad boy tattoos. He sinks to the couch bringing Paul's face in close to the crotch of his jeans. Paul grabs Dayton's cock and practically...