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Description: Gary and Dominic have no problems chatting away and remembering some of their bonding experiences in college. Dominic talks about his strategy on picking up girls at the bar. He likes to play hard to get. But if the chick is a ten, he will be all up on her buying her drinks and as he says, "Whatever else she needs!" Gary then shares how he enjoys a nice fat ass and a nice chest. He even tells us how when he is doing ***gy and gives a slap on the ass, that will get him really going. They take it to the next step and decide to pop in a porn and start playing with themselves. They both grasp onto their rods through their jeans and massage them gently. Dominic is first to unbuckle his belt and whip out his throbbing hard dick. He starts stroking it from tip to base and glances over at Gary as he starts to pull his out from the depths of his pants. The boys casually talk while they are ch*king their chickens and commenting on the stars in the porn they are watching.
Human Urinal Cump Dumpster
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Description: filmed this scene back in January when I was at MAL with my boyfriend. Prior to arriving this cute 18 year old fan had reached out to me on Tumblr and said he was going to MAL and was down to do a video. Normally I'm not into guys much younger than me, but he had a handsome face, a fat uncut cock, and claimed to be a cum slut so I was down. After having a few drinks I gave my boyfriend the camera and started going to town. I wasn't intending on having this be a threeway, but when my boyfriend sees a big uncut cock he can't really help himself so I let him jump in on some of the fun. After a couple of hours we collectively pumped and dumped 5 loads into this guy. Some dudes are cum hungry, but this guy was cum starving. At the end of the weekend I asked how many loads he had taken and his response was, "not sure, but I think I got fucked by at least 15 dudes." So glad that I had him first
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Description: My Water (in glass) video -- I add my cum, then I drink it all down.
Casting Couch - Morgan
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Description: For how wholesome Morgan appears to be, this guy is one kinky S.O.B. He once used an icicle as a dildo. And, he loves to get pissed on and drink it, even. I would expect to meet a guy like this in church, not at some dungeon party. Who cares? He's got a great body and cums a ton! He shoots so far it lands on his chin and a good wad splats right over his shoulder.
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Description: Evengy invites Roman, the younger guy, over for some servicing. Today is all about Roman's “stud piece,” and getting him off. These two models go hot and heavy as the cock worship begins. From the start, Evengy is all over Roman, who enjoys the oral attention. As Evengy undresses Roman, the two caress. Pulling out Roman's cock, Evengy immediately latches on and is face fucked; the youngster knows how to treat this daddy. Pulling on Roman's hairy ball sack, Evengy welcomes every inch and tuft of this boy's body. Both stand naked and watch one another tug, but Evengy can't keep his mouth off of Roman's cock. He has Roman stand, then sit as he licks, sucks, and tugs his way to a happy end. Close, Roman stands over Evengy, who drops to his knees to catch the cream. Evengy greedily laps at the boy's balls and drinks in all that Roman offers; true cock worship at its finest.
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Description: Two young men do their first gay anal and cum drinking, before two horny lads spunk in each other's faces after bareback fucking! Great action!
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Description: Raunchy Randy has a big uncut dick and he likes nothing more than drinking piss and filling up his foreskin with recycled piss.
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Description: This super wet hook up starts with Joey and Jacob on their knees gettin piss covered by Jayden's hot stream. After they are good and wet, Joey starts sucking Jayden's wet cock and Jacob sucks Joey's at the same time! The boys switch it up and continue sucking cock and Jayden drinks down a couple loads of piss during the blow jobs too, even his own!. Later on, Joey bends horny Jacob over the edge of the bed and stuffs his hole with his BIG hard cock and fucks Jacob deep! The best is yet to come. Jayden joins in and fucks Joey while Joey fucks Jacob! SO HOT! After a nice long fuck, Jayden pisses right into Joey's freshly fucked ass! In the end, Joey gets a facial and all three hose each other down again! Download the entire extreme video now and more hardcore piss soaked gay porn now at - cum get wet now!
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Description: Rodz is really loving the way Jesse is pounding his gay asian ass. Jesse stays nice and hard and pounds Rodz ass for a good long time in several positions. Rodz's ass is drinking up Jesse's asian cock until finally he pulls out and they both jerk themselves, Jesse shooting his wad on Rodz face and Rodz blowing his load all over himself.
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Description: After loosening up with a drink, this horny twink gets a hot blowjob from his tanned, hairy stud mate with the boyish face before he's pressed flat on his stomach to take the top's stiff tool from behind. Shunting up against the kitchen table, the fucker buries his pole deep and raw in his slutty sub's fuzzy hole.
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Description: Get ready for Lucas Raunch's filthiest and sleaziest porn stars having some soaked and `Drenched` fun in streams of hot, yellow piss! Once the fucking is over the piss fest begins.
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Description: Breathing heavily, the soldier tugs ferociously at his meat; which is still sticking out of the fly of his camo pants. He pulls off his shirt, revealing a slim, muscular build. His bright blue eyes are focused on the video and his red lips are slightly parted as he pants. The tall drink of water lays back and relaxes a bit more while he continues jerking at a furious pace, his biceps flexing with each stroke. He lifts his leg slightly and reaches down to his ass, where he begins fingering the pink, hair-lined pucker. Sliding his long finger into his anal cavity, he winces slightly. As he eases his finger back out of his tender hole, he begins jerking even quicker. The giant flesh-colored snake begins spitting droplets of white glue, landing on the faint happy trail and blonde bush as he works to catch his breath.
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Description: Angel and George visit Boys BarBCN for a drink, however when inside they got more than they bargained for. They met Andrea who closed the bar so they could make their own party. This is one threesome you do not want to miss.
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Description: Trembling with fear and pleasure, the guy had to take every inch of the cop's beef club into his horny hole.
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Description: It's just another Saturday night at the frat. Lots of drinks and lots of ass trashing. Cowboy ********** with his shoes on! Party foul - assume the position bitch. Face down ass up - that's the way we like to fuck!
Face Down Ass Up
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Description: It's just another Saturday night at the frat. Lots of drinks and lots of ass trashing. Cowboy ********** with his shoes on! Party foul - assume the position bitch. Face down ass up - that's the way we like to fuck!
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Description: Buzz stops by the house on his way home after a night of drinking and chasing girls. After his 'manly bragging', he is all horned up so I drop to my knees and suck him off as he watches a favorite porn video.
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Description: Barman Cyril Big Dick has a hairy bush and a mighty dong that he knows how to work an ass with. When skater boy Brian Elliot comes in for a drink Cyril soon has his sportsgear down and is rubbing his moustache in deep for some pre-fuck rimming.
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Description: Seven hot horny men are in a bar after hours. They have been drinking and cruising for cock all night.