Cooking for the lover
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Description: The old man gets a double surprise when he saw his fuck buddy wearing nothing but an apron in the kitchen
Twink Double Fucked Bareback Pt. 6
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Description: To view the full length hi-resolution version visit Mount Equinox at Walking by the pool table Jon dropped some papers and was surprised by a smack on the ass from Joshua who was giving him a shit eating grin. Taking the cue Jon drops to his knees and starts servicing Joshua's hard cock. Kyle standing near by and wanting in on the action moves in and feeds Jon his cock while he services Joshua who is now laying back on the pool table. Later Joshua and Kyle finish stripping the clothes off our young stud Jon. Joshua then pushes the two of them to the floor ******** them to suck his hard cock at the same time. Joshua being in control moves Jon over to the pool table so he can gain access to his eager hole. He gives Jon a nice ass eating as Jon is simultaneously sucking on Kyle's cock. Jon decides he wants in on some of that ass eating action so he moves in and has his way with Joshua's hole while Kyle sucks his cock. Joshua gets up and bends our boy Jon over the pool ta
Twink Bareback Penetration Pt. 6
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Description: To view the full length hi-resolution version visit Mount Equinox at Our boys Jon, Carl and Sean where hanging out in the break room where Jon was explaining that he feels a little cold and wondered if maybe Sean could help warm him up. Sean obliges and begins sucking our handsome young studs cock. Not wanting to miss out on the action Carl joins in. We now have three naked twinks with rock hard cocks enjoying each others smooth lean bodies. Carl is sucking Jon while Sean is sucking on Carl's cock making for a nice three way twink cock sucking. Later Jon and Carl team up on Sean's cock and ass. These boys all take turns on each others asses while sucking each others cocks in this twink three-some. Carl is the first of our boys to be on his back as Jon fucks his ass bareback. Jon has a nice sized cock on him as well as you can see his bare cock slide in and out of our young twinks ass. No condoms here in this hot twink three-some. All three of the boys take their turns
Deep Throat Boy!
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Description: Watch this hunky guy give hot deep throat blowjobs now! Plus you will also see him get loads of facial cumshots! This nasty bukkake orgy will satisfy your hardcore fantasies!
Sage Daniels, Kamrun & Drew Vergas
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Added: 22 Jul 14
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Description: Two black cocks and one white hole. Not quite what you think. Kamrun and Drew Vergas paired with Sage Daniels for a hot 3 way action.
Energetic threesome!
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Description: The scene is featured as a double update with Vadim fucking Kevin in the first part and Kris taking his turn on the insatiable Kevin in part 2. As with any scene featuring Kris Evans, expect to see some explosive cumshots, especially in part 1.Nobody does it like BelAmi!
Kane Rider, Chad Brock, Rowdy McBeal
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 15 Jul 14
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Description: Chad Brock, Kane Rider and Rowdy Mcbeal. Two sluts and a boy. Get the picture? Rowdy Mcbeal had his holes worked over with Chad Brock's hairy daddy cock and Kane Riders huge black fucker
A 3 Way "Re-Release" Part 2
Category: Bareback
Added: 12 Jul 14
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Description: “Doubling down” on those in the back room, Antole services Talon and Aarron. With the “cocksucker” doing so well, the other two take some time to “return the flavor.” Talen then, sandwiches himself between the two blondes, as he is fingered by Aarron, before Aarron gets fucked. Spit-roasted, the bottom boy enjoys both Talen and Antole for a while, as the “hole” just keeps on sucking and moaning. From below, there's hardly room for the camera, but we manage to squeeze in to get every inch of the top's pounding. The bottom boy then takes a ride and enjoys the thrusting from below, as well as the cock in his mouth. Antole quips, “I want to see you get fucked on your back” as Talan positions himself behind Aarron, who is ready to accommodate. Watching the fuck-fun, Aarron blows right between Talon's dick and Aarron's hole, adding to the “lube.” The bottom boy then blows his load; Antole is nice enough to “give back” into Aarron's hole. Talen takes a bit to jerk, but
CJ Comes Back
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 08 Jul 14
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Description: Marc did double duty in Fort Lauderdale when one model didn't show and we went right from one chocolate dick to the other.
Neighborly Twink Fuck Part 1
Category: Blowjob
Added: 08 Jul 14
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Description: A couple has a neighborhood twink over for some fun. The daddies have been together for years, but they're adding Toraemon to get some fresh meat in the mix. shows just what two elders can do with a sweet boy. We know Toraemon is super sensitive, and with all these hands on him, he'll be flopping around like a fish in no time. As the men fondle and finger the boy, Toraemon happily “sucks on some wisdom.” Teaching a “new” boy some tricks, the men undress, then disrobe the twink; good thing they're not at the airport, the alarms would all be going off by now. Servicing the daddies, Toraemon licks and tugs at every inch, the twink even does a double-duty-header on the guys. Grinding the boy between them, these daddies are about to “in-part” some knowledge into Toraemon; got to love those “neighborly visits.”
Two Cocks in One Hole
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 04 Jul 14
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Description: Three hot scenes. Each scene has two tops and a bottom who takes both cocks up his ass. No condoms. ALL BAREBACK.
Derek Parker Gets Doubled Stuffed
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Added: 29 Jun 14
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Description: Paul slides in first, then Timo plunges his cock into the same hole. As they split his boy hole wide open, Derek moans at the top of his voice, begging to be ripped apart. Timo pulls out and shoots a river of jizz onto Derek's beard while Paul continues to rail his ass. Cum begins to ooze, then squirt from Derek's cock onto his fur covered abs. Finally Paul pulls out and paints the other side of Derek's face, cum dripping down his neck and onto his tattooed hairy chest.
Plowing Jordan's Hole
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Added: 29 Jun 14
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Description: Cameron's dick is getting good and stiff while he's giving Jordan the rim job of his life. He squares his hips right behind Jordan and slides his huge dick into the tight hole. Seeing the dildo laying on the couch out of the corner of his eye, he grabs it and shoves it into the hole next to his meat. Jordan is really moaning now, as his hole is stretched wide by the double penetration. He's ready to ride Cameron and sits right down on the massive tor****. When he's worn out from squatting on Cameron's dick, Cameron takes control by picking Jordan up and laying him on his back. The plowing continues while Jordan moans happily. The stuffing he's getting makes his balls boil and jizz begins to spray out onto his rippled, tan abs. Cameron continues thrusting until he's ready to burst. He jumps to his feet in time to feed Jordan an enormous load. Jordan is pleased with the new game he's just learned.
Antonio, Luca, Nick, Derrick and Patrick
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 26 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:05:10
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Description: Bottom boy Patrick O'Connor is the envy of every bottom when he gets his ass banged by four of the hottest and hung studs this club has to offer.
Taking Spencer's Pole
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 24 Jun 14
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Description: Am I seeing double? Two dark, handsome, and sexy studs are alike in more ways than one. Big muscles, chiseled jaw lines, rock hard abs, and huge dicks! Coincidentally, they even came in dressed the same. Spencer's return is even bigger and badder than before, he gained about thirty pounds of muscle, and grew out most of his lovely man coat. Now, Spencer is no stranger to my couch, and sexy co-ed Luke is about to become very intimate friends with Spencer's monster-cock. Huge chests, massive arms, hairy thighs, washboard stomachs, giant schlongs, and tight bubble butts, I just can't say enough about these two! When it comes to ass-fucking, there is some real chemistry in the room. Luke finally gets man-handled just the way he likes it, and Spencer basically gets to fuck himself. If I was that hot, I would fuck the shit out of me too.
Subtitle: Gag Fest
Category: Bareback
Added: 23 Jun 14
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Duration: 0:01:44
Tags: Blowjob Leather Orgy / 3some Bareback Featured

Description: This is the third scene from Cum-O-Holics starring Champ Robinson, Mason Garet and Chad Brock. In this first half, we chose to name it "Subtitle: Gag Fest" and invite you to watch and see why. The true fuckmasters have arrived, and the play is underway. Only at can you get this much sweat and cock, raw. Choking on a big piece of meat, one guy "fucking takes it," while serving his ass up for some hot rimming. If sloppy scenes are what feeds you, belly up to the trough and get some. These three rotate "in and out" as they suck and rim each other. No need for a napkin here, just let the spit fall where it may. "Oh fuck yeah," becomes the common anthem in this "oral-athon." As the three fuckers trade out, suck and eat, all are getting their fill, choking it all down. Up on the lift, two guys have the third do "double duty" as he jerks and "hoovers." This scene just goes on and on; don't worry, you'll have enough time to blow and reload. Showing you that a
Bareback 8
Category: Bear / Hairy
Added: 18 Jun 14
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Description: Jackson Reid, Nick Roberts, Jake Wetmore and David Edge take turns fucking hot Boy Fillmore in the backyard sling.
Horny Studs In Oral Threesome
Category: Monster Cock (10in+)
Added: 17 Jun 14
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Description: All of these good-looking dudes has a ripped, beefy body and a cock to make any mouth water. One guy gets all the attention in the middle to start with, his two randy mates giving him a double blowjob with their hungry tongues before he's spitroasted and fucked raw, with a 3-way jack to empty the cum.
Double Fuck Punishment
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Added: 22 Jun 14
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Description: Once their firm military asses are offered up, he probes their holes with his fingers. He orders them to use both hands to spread their cheeks, giving him better access to double finger their holes. He tells them to get on their knees so they can pleasure him. Next Slate orders Axel onto his back, where the Sergeant sits on his stiff cock. Slate orders Jayden to suck his cock while he rides Axel, grunting and groaning each time he sits down firmly on the stiffy. Now Jayden spins around and sits on Slate's cock, while he's still impaled by Axel's wood. Finally, both privates are ordered to their feet. Slate kneels in front of them, ready to take their loads. Axel explodes a stream of white cum into his Sergeant's mouth and onto his bulging, muscular chest. A few seconds later, Jayden's giant cock finishes the job, covering Slate's tongue and cheek with another river of jizz.
Officer Christian, Staff Sergeant John & Private Eric
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 21 Jun 14
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Description: Christian is the lucky guy in the middle and grabs both cocks on either side of him and gives the marines a helping hand. Then Christian leans over and starts to suck greedily on Private Eric's privates. The cop slurps and sucks and soon he's joined by John, who begins to suck Christian's dick—daisy chain style. After a good long blow session, it's time for Eric to give Christian a taste of his own medicine. He bends the cop over and starts to fuck him ***gie style. Then it's John's turn to take the cop's ass. He fucks him hard while Christian sucks Eric's dick—taking it from both ends at the same time. He's barely able to handle all of the action as he the muffled moans let us know his ****. Finally, John and Eric have had enough fucking and they're ready to cum. They give the cop a double facial that leaves Christian's face coated and dripping with marine jiz from forehead to neck.
Lance Gets His Hole Plowed
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 10 Jun 14
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Description: Lance proceeds to suck all the cares in the world out of lucky Mikey's great pink cock. Mikey moans with glee and strokes his lovely hairy chest until he can't restrain himself any longer, and slams that straight, hard cock right into Lance's waiting hole. Lance can't get enough of that hot hairy action on top of him and begs for more. Good old Mikey is more than happy to fulfill his sexy bottom's request and keeps pounding away. I think you all know how this ends, double cum-shot, and all around smiles, another good day at Tony's.
3 Boys Butt Play
Category: Asian
Added: 07 Jun 14
Views: 2124
Duration: 0:00:41
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Description: You know what to do, face down and ass up; seems like our 'private room' is about to get more crowded. Sitting in the back, taking a load off, this boy will be used like a toy. After jerking and blowing his essence, in walks a couple of masked guys 'cumming' for their own type of fun. With the moans and whimpers our twink is about to make, I hope that room is sound proof or whomever overhears the play, will be leaving the office, after staining on the carpet. Complete with anal stimulators, lube and a keen sense of adventure, both begin to work on the boy. Inserting an anal toy, one guy already has dibs on the hole; the other gives 'good vibrations.' Double teaming, it's not long before the dildo is removed and the toy is presented, for our close examination. Like I said before, the boy didn't know the two masked guys were going to join him, or I'm sure he would have held back his load.
Double Up My Ass
Category: Leather
Added: 06 Jun 14
Views: 1936
Duration: 0:05:10
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Description: Chief Pig Matthias von Fistenberg gets slowly spread, finger-by-finger, then wrist-to-wrist getting his hungry hole fed by sexyboy Matthieu Leon's double fists.
Vadim Farrell,Paul Mekas and Sascha Chaykin
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 06 Jun 14
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Description: Today we have two of our favorite tops paired with a model who just loves to bottom and we end up with three very satisfied guys! Paul Mekas and Vadim Farrell are fucking Sascha Chaykin in this double day feature that will have you doing a double take! Both are more than happy to feed Sascha and fuck his sweet hole, TWICE! Hot boys, big dicks and daily content updates exclusively from!