Derek Parker, Jesse Santana and Ty Roderick
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Added: 02 Oct 12
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Duration: 0:05:06
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Description: Evermore muscular Jesse Santana's exceptional cock has been released from his jock strap's pouch, and handsome, lean Ty Roderick devours the long, thick bone. Jesse wraps his fist around his balls and thrusts the nut sack into Ty's mouth for a good tonguing before getting back to giving Ty a raunchy face-fuck. Jesse's returning the favor, when tattooed, pierced-nipple and bearded tough guy Derek Parker arrives. The sweaty action shifts into an ever higher gear as Derek and Jesse double up on Ty's hot, veiny cock. Jesse takes a time out on Ty's cock to savor Derek's hot hole. But Jesse's ass needs action bad, and he lies back to let the Ty's stiff pole in where it's tight and warm. Jesse takes Ty's pile driving like a champ while sucking on Derek's tool, but Derek wants to switch spots with Jesse to feel the high TPM's (thrusts per minutes) that Ty's delivering. Ty and Jesse are a revved up tag team, and Derek is soon at the receiving end of Jesse's backdoor mastery as well. The double-
Double anal fisting for hot ass
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Description: After a cocksucking warmup, the leather-clad studs engage in one of the nastiest fisting scenes you can ever hope to see. With the once tight manhole all lubed up and engorged, the arm goes literally elbow-deep in there!
PUNCHDRUNK - By Studfist
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Description: Wilfried Knight & Dyn0 go at it hard core Fist punches, arm fucks, double fists... and a hot load at the end!
Butt Busters
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Added: 28 Jul 12
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Description: Two leathered up men hungry for some grease. In “Butt Busters #1,” we've got a piggy, Red Right, with a hole that craves an arm. Tony Ryder is here to fill and fuck Red's “lips.” While Tony preps the hole with lots of thick white grease, Red says, “go all the way up there;” fuck yeah Tony and I think we should all feed this piggy. Both men talk dirty and tease each other; Tony says, “I'm going to take you somewhere” as he double duck bills Red's hole. Red replies, “it wants you bad,” as he pulls on his cock and eats Tony's arm. Telling Red to take deep breathes, Tony feeds that pig to his elbow, “oh yeah” moans Red. “My little piggy likes that?” Tony asks, going past the elbow; “chew it up” he suggests to Red. The piggy moans, “nice elbow, right on in there;” Tony's past the elbow and going for his bicep. Hand balling Red, Tony tells him to “chew it up, take it.” “Fuck yeah, look at those lips stretch,” Tony says, looking at Red's ravenous hole. “Fucking hungry, boy, charge you by the
Jackson is fucked hard out of this world
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Added: 04 Jul 12
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Description: They drain him dry of his semen. He endures the horrific anal probe and fisting. They take turns fucking him and give him a double penetration
Double Ass Fuck and Fist Extreme
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Description: Love sucking a big cock and swallow it all even from a pissing cock, but can take alot more and bigger penis in my ass... even two at a time. Double fuck with my fist and giant dildos.
Deep Wide and Hard in the Ass
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Description: Anal and deep, wide and hard in my ass... and alot more with fists, bare cocks, and giant toys... ass takes it all.
fist boys trailer1 .flv
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Added: 30 Apr 12
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Description: Twink double fisting Alex Rocco and Ryan O conner do the business of fisting this guys hard ass!!!
Deep German Penetration - Scene 1
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 26 Apr 12
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Description: Deep in an underground sex club, a gang bang orgy is underway and the fuck frenzy is at full momentum. There's one in a sling getting ass-plundered while another is on the table getting the same treatment. They switch around and the fucking, fisting, and cum eating goes on for an incredible 50 minutes! What an incredible raunch rampage!
Double-Fisting Lollipops (Don't Be a Cheryl!)
Category: Blowjob
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Description: When Dylan Chambers catches Dean Holland double-fisting lollipops, he warns him he's going to turn into a,
Oliver Mercure And Pedro
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Description: The German Cum Pigs are elbow deep in each other's asses as this unbelievable 6 part fisting party series will have you wincing in anal penetration pleasure! Marc Coleman, the hot, tanned, smooth, and tall blondie gets together with Erik Stark for some sucking and fucking German cum pigz style!
Hogan Wade Fists
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Description: Hogan Wade finally gets some worthy hole. Dyn0 gets a big arm fuckin!
Deep, Wide, And Hard in the Ass
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Description: Ass gets fucked, fisted, and stretched by huge toys and more fun with some in the mouth watersports and shaved penis piss play
Huge Anus and the Walrus Cock
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Description: Like them huge, and sometimes bareback with more than a guy's penis. My ass takes them all deep and wide... Big anus stretches for the giant walrus cock dildo and much more.
Double Anal and Fist Fuck
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Description: Two in the ass and love it with huge bare cocks, but enjoy it with more than a penis too with two fists hard and deep.
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Description: Everyone thought Cristian would take a fist one day, most probably during his career...It was inevitable wasn't it? However, it is only NOW & for his own production company that Cristian took the leap & joined the fist pack... To initiate him into this new world, Ale Tedesco masterfully takes Cristian on his journey into the realm of fist fucking, one that Cristian will surely want more of... So beginning with a dominant Cristian sucked & muscle worshipped, Ale takes back control & turns the tables & makes Cristian to suck his long cock, then by surprise, Ale pushes Cristian into the sling, rough fucks him, shoves a ribbed dildo into his hot hole & as if that wasn't humiliating enough, Ale sends in his long dick alongside the dildo for good measure, double fucking Cristian as he loudly complains, but to no avail. Ale then imposes his will further & suddenly, Ale's fist is in Cristian's muscle butt. Where is all this flip-flopping going we ask!.. Watch & enjoy this 100% total acti
Double Anal and Fucking Two at a Time
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Description: Two at a time and the bigger the better with cocks, fists, or dildos, ass stretces wide for giant dildos
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Description: This Boy Toy is ready to show you how sexy and intimate a fist session can be!
Big dildos and fists make these gay studs cum
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Description: When the boys got their anal fantasies buzzing in their heads, it's time to take action. We told you already this is the anal play fest you'd love to be a part of, and here's just more proof of that. Check out this handsome guy on the sofa, he's just asking for more with his entire look. And more he gets! First it's this ball, getting his hole all wet and worked up, then there's his lover's fist, then there's this huge dildo, and then there's something special. Check out these two hotties impaled on a double dildo, woah!