Hetero Face Fucked
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Description: At BreederFuckers Aiden is on his back he is less confident than before. He is completely spread eagled wearing pants and his mouth is taped. The tops lie either side of him groping and fondling his young body before ripping his pants off and handling his privates as he moans. They attach chops sticks to his balls and his cock. He cries and is angry. They attach clothes pegs to his nipples. The tops order him to rim and suck Dave. Dave backs onto Aiden's face as Adrian rips the tape off his mouth, shoving Dave's thick cock into Aiden's mouth and down his throat until Aiden's face is red, eyes bulging and tears cascading down his face. He has to lick more ass too. Dave turns around and face fucks him. Adrian has a go too as Dave pulls Ed's legs in the air and fucks his ass. Then its a free for all with the ruined straight boy. Both tops cum into and over his holes. Aiden swears and curses. To no avail.
Garrotting Rugby Thug
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Description: After finishing a rough, hard game on the rugby field Master Mike enters the locker room to discover a lowly sub tied to the wall with his eyes blinded by thick dark tape. The sadistic top gets off on viciously taunting and abusing the naked captive man. Confident and full of cum he face fucks the sub. Master then makes him rim his sweaty muscular ass. The big angry man canes and flogs his sub. Master Mike gets out all his manly aggression by using the whimpering tied man for his own selfish pleasure. Master Lee enters soon after and both dominant men demand to have their big hard cocks sucked. Horny new BDSM videos at ******Tops!
Gagged & Fucked
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Description: Imagine two muscular, demanding and confident masters humiliating and fucking you all day long. At ******Tops this is what Master Dave and Master Chris do with their lucky sub. The randy dominant men cage their sub and unleash a string of the nastiest verbal ****** he's ever heard. The sub is ******* to rim army man Dave's perfect asshole. Pushed to the floor the sub is fucked relentlessly at both ends by the merciless tops. Find the most shockingly ruthless gay BDSM videos at ******Tops.com!