dolan wolf and brock hatcher
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Description: Dolan Wolf IS the perkiest guy in the ButchDixon stable, he's pretty much the director of his own shoots with the Butch Dixon guys just following his kinky ideas and this twisted perv has some really twisted ideas. This time he's canvassing for the conservative party when he knocks on THE WRONG door to find, horny, hung, oversexed Dutch guy Brock Hatcher on the look out for cock and arse. Brock ties Dolan to a chair, shaves his head, humiliates him, then fingers his juicy hole, getting it ready to be totally ruined. Brock open him up with fingers, tongue fist and baseball bat before fucking his soppy, smashed hole and cumming all over the horny sub. FACT - Dolan Wolf is the only guy we know who so extreme he actually shoots a massive load WHILE he's being fisted!! Its on the site now in all its arse stretching uncut cock glory.
Dany Dolan
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Description: With a stellar body & washboard stomach, as well as, a thick, veiny, uncut cock, at 23 years of age, Dany Dolan is one of the hottest numbers from the Czech Republic that we've seen in a long time. Enjoy!
Dolan Wolf Solo
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Description: There's time for one more man to give the machine a go, and hairy hunk Dolan is the man to call! This super-bottom is always good for a call, and even when he's fucking some trade, he picks up the phone, finishes himself off and heads over to Ashley's kitted out in a damn fine leather harness. Greeted by Ashley and his machine, Dolan doesn't need any introduction and grabs the nearest thick dildo and squats right on it, presenting his hairy ass to the camera so we can see just how much he can take and what a great bottom he is! With the lube dripping down, he pushes the dildo all the way in and all the way out, leaving his hole more than ready for a fucking by our new favorite toy! Twisting and turning and bouncing along in motion, Dolan takes the thickest dildo as if it were just a pinkie! Watching him and hearing the machine purr, you'll be stroking in rhythm without even realizing and shooting your load in sync with super stud Dolan!
Lyle Boyce and Dolan Wolf
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Description: Hitting the ground running with hairy muscle man Dolan Wolf getting off on the slim, pale and very twinky Lyle Boyce, we're treated instantly to Lyle eager to unbutton Dolan's suit shirt. Exposing his hairy chest and hard abs, Lyle doesn't stop there, desperate to get into his daddy's pants. Fumbling with anticipation at the belt, Daddy Dolan helps him out, just as horny to get his boy naked, he pulls his shirt off him and drags him to his face, kissing him hard as he half caresses, half gropes Lyle's ass, as if telling the boy where he's going to go next. Tossing Lyle all over the place, his hairless milky white body is there solely for the pleasure of Dolan, even his impressively large dick is used to get him off as he slurps on the boy stick before moving to his favourite place, that smooth virgin ass! Giving us the best views of the hot ass fucking, down Dolan's buff body and seeing his dick slide into Lyle ***gy style is just the beginning of a damn hot tryst and the shared cumsho
Harley Everett and Dolan Wolf
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Description: Harley Everett seems to be getting off on Dolan's totally hairy bubble butt. Soon these two rough Gods are into each other in a big way. Wrench, as Harley is sometimes called because...well, have you seen the size of his cock?...slams his huge uncut dick into Dolan's waiting mouth before moving onto his ass to eat him out with gusto! Not content with just his tongue in that pink hole, Harley takes out his frustrations by working each finger into the groaning Dolan until he's up to his wrist in pumping ass action! Dolan shoots his cum all over his belly then deep-throats Harley to a mouth filling climax!
Dolan Wolf and Marc Angelo
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Description: Nasty, hairy and totally piggy, and that's just Marc Angelo, when you add Dolan Wolf to the mix there's always going to be a twisted, perverted edge, especially as he's brought his violet wand. Poor Marc Angelo doesn't know whats hit him, Dolan tortures his nipples, teases his hairy hole open and plunges his fat, uncut cock right up the balls in Marc's ravenous fuck-hole. Big daddy Marc isn't so cocky with hairy Dolan bucking his hole.
Antonio Garcia and Dolan Wolf
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Description: On the other site Dolan is enjoying a little me time when Antonio arrives and turns the "me" into "us." He goes straight for Dolan's mouth and cock. Dolan is happy to let the Italian man take charge. After taking Dolan's t-shirt off and playing with his nipples, Antonio guides the man's mouth to his throbbing meat. Dolan likes to be gagged, Antonio likes to gag. Who can argue there? Antonio reaches for Dolan's ass while his cock is still deep in his throat. He bends over and licks the hairy hole from above but before he can impale the man, Dolan turns on his back, Antonio sits on his face and gets his balls serviced and decides to return the favour by sucking Dolan's cock until he pulls his legs up, frees him from his clothes, slaps his cock on his hole and then power-drills him from all sides before Dolan is pushed against the wall and fucked hard till he shoots a massive load. Antonio shoots right after and showers Dolan's hairy ass in hot cum.
Hard Play 5
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Description: Muscle pig Christian and dark and hairy Dolan are practiced in ass acrobatics. They need them large and they need them deep. They can each take half of a long, thick double dildo. Christian pumps his fists into Dolan‘s asshole. And Dolan shoves his arm inside Christian, all the way to the elbow.
Dolan Wolf and Tiko
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Description: Tiko knows Trojan well... he has worked for him before! So who else would he call to arrange for a foot massage? Trojan books Dolan for the job. A perfect choice as the man is partial to feet. And is a perfect match for the Latino, hot *****ed stud! Tiko arrives and is taken care of by Dolan, he frees his feet and gets to work. Tiko knows very well where this is gonna go (after all that's WHY he called Trojan). Dolan works his feet with pleasure, with fingers and tongue. Tiko soon gets excited and his hand slips down inside his trousers. It doesn't go unnoticed by Dolan who soon replaces Tiko's hand with his own mouth. He sucks Tiko laying on the sofa and then on his knees. Tiko swaps positions and tastes Dolan's cock but soon starts playing with his ass and gives it a very good fingering. Dolan turns around and bends over to better offer the warm hole to his customer. Tiko Laps it up and fingers it more until he pushes himself (or at least his hard cock) deep inside Dolan in one seaml
Dolan Wolf
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Description: We find Dolan playing with his nipples in a corner of the studio and waiting for Trojan to visit him. Trojan does not show up so Dolan decides to start without him and put on a show for us. He takes the cups off his nipples and starts playing with them. His nipples are really hardwired to his cock and soon he has to free it from his overalls and not happy with just stroking his cock he takes one of his boots off and starts hitting his cock and his balls with it. He alternates kicking his balls with sniffing his boot. Until he comes on the sole and licks it clean.