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Description: Since June 2003 when I first ventured into this industry over at ASG, I've connected on an emotional & personal level with only a handful of models... One of the lessons I learned during my first year in this business, was to not get too personally involved in the lives of the guys -- that's just inviting insanity into your own life. And for the most part, I've held true to that given that Jaxon (Big Josh) is the only one (out of, literally, hundreds of guys) with whom I have developed a deep & lasting friendship. That, of course, is not to in any way discount the countless hours that I've spent with each of them. All of this is to say that from the moment Javier walked into my front door, I felt that connection - for whatever reason. We instantaneously hit it off and just began talking with each other like we had known each other for years. Fortunately for me (maybe not so much for anyone who may have to listen to us), Javier & I shared much of the same p
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Can you give me a discount?
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Description: Greg Diesel wants to start his new photography website and for this he uses a specialized commercial in webmastering. Dressed in suits and ties, the webmaster, very serious and very professional, he announces he wants a site like costs at least $ 1500 ... Greg is depressed and said that he would never be able to put as much money in his passion. The salesperson then proposes an arrangement unofficial .... but will be sized
Sucking Hot Stinky Mechanics
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Description: At ******Tops Derek's car needs fixing so he drops it in at Master Guy's Auto Shop. To get a discount he volunteers his sub peter to be Guy's personal oil rag, detailing the stinky Top's body of the grimy dirt and oil matted into his chest and body hair. Guy is not at all impressed with the speed or service he's getting; A good kicking will teach this dickhead sub to be more attentive in future to his Master's orders... Coating their ass cracks in more thick oil for the sub to lick and devour, Guy and Derek set about getting their pricks serviced in peter's slutty wet mouth; he sucks each Top hard and proves he might just have some use, not that either Top is interested, using him as doormat they trample the cunt.
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Description: New at FirstAuditions Chris is a straight cockney who considers himself to be a tough lad from the street. He likes to brag about cornering women in discount supermarket toilets and fucking them. He roams the street in his tracksuit bottoms hanging over his ass and his oversized cap. Everything about his look and attitude shouts untouchable hetero yet in the audition room the casting director gets a close view of him stark naked including a detailed exam of his precious asshole which he won't ever let anyone touch.
Andrew Blue and Dante Escobar
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Description: Andrew's friend, Dante, owns a tattoo shop and wants to talk about a new tattoo. Dante thinks he should get a dragon on his shoulder. Andrew takes a few minutes to think about it and with some encouragement and a great discount Dante convinces him to get the dragon.
Rugged Masculine Type
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Description: 28 year old tough-guy Alex is someone who recently crossed over from that cute boyish stage to a rugged masculine type. With his hairy hard body, tattoos, piercing blue eyes and straight-talking attitude he's a ****** to be reckoned with. He enters the First Audition room with a demanding attitude and will only make straight sex videos. The casting director strongly advises him that such limitations will almost certainly discount him from working in this industry before he's even started. For now, we get to examine his sexy manly body more than any man has done before and watch him shoot his spunk.
David Chase and Ethan Ayers
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Description: While David's wife is away with her girlfriends he wants to surprise her with some updated landscaping. He calls for a quote from Ethan but finds the price to be too high. Wanting to work something out, Ethan suggests a way for David to get a discount.