Hunky Bottom Takes 9 Inches
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Description:  Both Seth and Lance have been working out hard. And it shows, with all that muscle on top of sexy slim twink bodies. Seth's pecs look great with his hairy chest and treasure trail. These two muscle twinks have been doing adult films for awhile. But never together! Seth loves a big sausage more than anybody. And Lance's is a solid 8 uncut! Seth swallows it all and slurps his tongue around the foreskin. Lance gets on top first and fucks Seth hard until he moans with pleasure. Then, Seth flips Lance and deep dicks him with his massive 8.5 inches. The chemistry between these two is unreal. They finish with 2 enormous loads of jiz. Seth is so turned on by cumming in Lance's mouth, one squirt misses and shoots clear over his shoulder!
Wall to Wall Muscle Fucking
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Description: When Robert met Devin all they could talk about was chicks. How hot the girls in Arizona were, how much they out-numbered the guys in Chicago, and how much they wanted to fuck a female porn star. Both of these guys knew exactly why they were here and Robert couldn't be happier. Robert started smiling the moment he met the mountain of man we call Devin. Robert boosted up the machismo as soon as he heard Devin's low and powerful voice, but could not keep his eyes off of the muscle bound dude next to him. For a straight guy, Devin sure does suck a good dick (not that yours truly would know), and the way Robert started to moan, I'm sure that meant he agrees. Robert has been on the bottom so many times, he will jump at the chance to climb on top. And climb he did to mount broad-shouldered Devin. Wall-to-wall muscle, two big loads, and two smiling boys; it was a good day in San Diego, a very good day.
Giant Cock on Hot Straight Boy
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Description: In my line of work I have seen a lot of dicks, I mean A LOT of dicks. Short ones, fat ones, long ones, skinny ones, some that point north, south, east, or west. And well, some were just not memorable at all. This is NOT the case for Justin. Standing tall at five foot seven inches and not even weighing in at a buck fifty, I would not have taken a second look at Justin walking down the street. Well maybe a second look, he is pretty cute and has a hairy chest. But Justin has a secret. A big ten inch secret hiding under that dark denim of his. I was very skeptical when this skinny straight guy brought it up in casual conversation. That's a line I've heard before. He said he's had this burden since he was a skinny awkward [banned word] with a third leg. Justin has been trying to find balance in his life and determine whether his anaconda sized cock is a curse or compliment. Justin is a realist by nature, an actor at heart, and a porn star waiting to happen. He realized that he would be was
Hairy Chested Big Dick Stud Drills Boy
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Description: Neither of my guests today are strangers to my famous casting couch. Sexy otter, Seth Fisher and twinkie blonde, Glen Woods return today for a meating that really gets my ****** flowing like an incoming tide. The two begin discussing romance languages before moving on to chat about dance music and their individual feelings on appreciating the female body. This conversation quickly leads to Glen reaching over to grab onto Seth's instantly hard and gigantic dick, still in his jeans. Seth reciprocates by gently rubbing his crotch until Glen springs up and pulls his shirt off revealing a light dusting of hair on his chest and firm stomach. After giving a nice glimpse of his slender frame, Glen crouches down to unbuckle Seth and pull out that big old hateful notorious club that is about to ******** bash his guts in. Seth smirks at Glen's obvious awe of such a huge and veiny monster, as he starts dick-slapping Glen in his pretty mouth, finally jamming the swollen head into his tight throat a