Anton and Calvin
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Description: Hung UK fucker Anton Dickson touches down at the club and shows off an impressive uncut 9-inch cock
Anton and Calvin Raw
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Description: Hung UK fucker Anton Dickson touches down at the club and shows off an impressive uncut 9-inch cock before tattooed and pierced eager bottom Calvin greedily devours every inch with his mouth and ass.
Frank's Bareback Gangbang
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Description: Watch a free preview and the full movie at TIMfuck. Frank is the center of attention in this British bareback movie for ... To put him to the test, in come thick-dicked tops Kevin, Nikos and Anton, sporting major hard-ons.
Anton Dickson and Andy O'Neill
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Added: 11 Aug 13
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Description: Anton fucks Andy in the first heat of our porn contest and they have to use a rope in the dirtiest ways they can!
Punk Bitch Gets Fucked and Fisted
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Description: Fisting bottom Boyhous is slinged-up and waiting when big-dicked Anton Dickson gives him a nice fucking and fisting session. The session continues when rugged fister Calvin steps up to get a chance at Boyhous' eager ass.
Brant Dickson
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Description: 31 year old Brant Dickson is a hot stud from Indianapolis, Indiana. He was raised on a crop ***** and loves the outdoors. Brant is a Restaurant Manager and enjoys hanging out with his friends in his off time. He is horny and here to jack off for you! He begins by rubbing his fit body all over; his chest, abs and crotch! His shirt comes off and blue jeans come down! He looks mighty fine in his tight briefs! Brant exposes his cut cock and turns around, sharing his cute ass with us. He kneels on the couch, while facing the back side and begins rubbing his ass and hairy hole, while tugging his cock. Brant sits back on the couch and takes his tool in hand and gives his cock some tight griping, fast stroking action, as he flips his cock back and forth, delivering a thick and creamy cum shot, across his entire torso.
Brant Dickson and Dylan Roberts
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Description: 23 year old veteran Dylan Roberts is back to show 31 year old newcomer Brant Dickson how to ride a stud. They start off with a long passionate kiss before they start to undress each other, returning to passionate kissing between each article of clothing. It's not long before Dylan finds Brant's meat sauage and stuffs it in his hungry mouth. Dylan isn't satisfied with playing the skin flute for too long and decides to look for a dirty penny. Brant takes his turn at smoking the pole before Dylan encourages Brant to clean his back door with his tongue. Dylan is in heat and needs to find a way to cool off, so he decide he needs a ride on the hershey highway. The boys salad toss in several positions before blowing their loads all over Brant's waiting abs.
Oh Mr. Brant
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Added: 20 Apr 12
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Description: Brant Dickson is here with us! Brant is 30 and originally from California and we're happy to have him. We've decided to pair him up with another California native, Connor Maguire. Connor is 20 and already a fan favorite on our sites.
KUK 1 - the bus boy
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Description: " KUK 1 " I met Dave in the bus into work a few month's ago, he kept glancing over in my direction across the crowded bus, he looked shy, but still with a very naughty look about himself, it turned out he was only 19. He left the bus two stops before my stop, but a week later I was in the bus sitting at the back upstairs, and he came and sat opposite me, it was a very quiet day, and I couldn't help starring at his bulge in his track suit bottom, he noticed, and smiled and squeezed his cock through the pants. I smiled back, he did a sucking motion with his mouth and pointed at me than his cock, i nodded, over excited hehe. We left the bus, he walking in front of me, and i followed him around the corner into a back alley behind some bins, classy I know lol… where I gave him a blowjob that he seemed to enjoy very much. A week later i invited him back to my place after work, and asked if I could film me sucking him for this little art project of mine, and he agreed as long as no face. Al
Category: Blowjob
Added: 13 Apr 12
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Description: " KUK 2 " Steven is a friend of a friend that i had been eyeing up for a while, and when he popped over one evening to watch a DVD I thought i might as well approach him and ask if he was up for doing something naughty and quite exciting, so I showed him my KUK1 episode, and he really liked it, and I didnt even have to ask him if he wanted to do an episode, his top was already off before I even got my camera ready for it. He was getting very excited by the concept of people watching him but not knowing who he was, i.e no face. He liked the whole anonaminity around the project, and with such a lovely cock one can understand he wants to show it off a bit. A very brittish boy indeed, loved it. I have to admit he got me very hard and horny myself, and I couldn't help playing a bit with him and showing my cock too…
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Description: At this point I thought it was suitable to do a self portrait one of the KUK-series, as it's only fair if i'm to ask guys to get naked for my camera, so this is me, Anton Dickson, international porn star since many years, I also work as an architect and photographer / film maker as well as being a retired classical ballet dancer. I'm a very horny man, and always tend to inspire hornyness around me, which is always fun. I'm Swedish mix Croatian. And I love cookies, especially shortbread and Swedish cinamon buns hehe.
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Description: This is James, the 5th episode in the KUK series, where Anton Dickson celebrates the glory of the male member
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Description: Garry is relaxing in his home spa when he is joined two masked burglars, played by Anton & Marcus, who decide to have their wicked way with Garry. This horny trio move from the wet room through to the lounge & continue the hot sweaty action through to mega climaxes.
No Security Deposit, S02
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Added: 08 Feb 12
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Description: presents scene two from Ty Lattimore Entertainment's "No Security Deposit". The south's hottest porn company is back with their third release called “No Security Deposit”! Featuring fan favorites and Ty Lattimore Entertainment exclusives Tankk, Ryan Dickson, and the superstar himself, Ty Lattimore, “No Security Deposit” is about finding hot sex when your looking for an apartment. This film features an amazing group of hot men getting their freak on.
Huge Dick Dickson
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Description: Sparring practice between uber fit, Kung-Fu Master, LUCIAN DICKSON and young, ribbed rookie STEVE HUNT quicky turns into a very nasty lesson indeed. Eye watering. Lucian KO's Steve with a head kick, then body worships his hairy hardbod. Steve sure is packing and Lucian greedily takes the best of him (which is huge and sweaty). Cocky musclehunk rookie thought he was in heaven until Lucian showed him who was the real master. Steve's hugmonously thick, 12-inch monster has to be seen. Steve gasped in shock and awe, then begged for mercy, as his eyes watered more. But to no avail. Master's work is never done