Return of the Night Stick - MEN.COM
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Added: 06 May 14
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Description: Johnny Rapid shoots his mouth off to the wrong muscle daddy and gets his twink ass fucked. Not only does he get pounded by Robert Van Damme's huge cock, but it's a DP with a night stick made famous in a scene called Prison Shower!
Gavin Waters Goes Deep
Category: Massage
Added: 06 May 13
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Description: Gavin was feeling a bit sore...he called us over for a quick relief. He was pretty damm hot I couldn't help myself but to fuck his tight asshole!
Hot Buff Guy Massage Fuck
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Added: 30 Apr 13
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Description: Gavin is pretty damm hot, fit, and in shape. I couldn't help myself but to fuck him deep and hard in his tight asshole. I rubbed his chest with massage oil I was instantly hard...
Robert and Tyler
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Added: 25 Sep 12
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Description: Robert Van Damme is shaving on a sunny morning while poolboy Tyler Sweet nets the leaves out. But Tyler isn't interested in Robert's pool. He's interested in Robert's tool. Tyler jumps in the pool and yells for help, pretending he can't swim. Robert hears the yells, runs out and jumps in to rescue young Tyler. He carries the limp boy out of the pool and into the living room where he begins mouth to mouth. Tyler, already hard in his swim trunks, "wakes up" and grabs the back of Robert's neck. Robert Van Damme kisses Tyler Sweet long and passionately before stripping off Tyler's swimsuit and sucking on his hard cock. Robert kneels on the couch and fucks Tyler's eager mouth. Tyler works Robert's huge, stiff prick sucking it hard and deep. Robert sucks Tyler then eats his young ass out, loving his sweet pink hole. Tyler wants Robert's big cock and gets it big time. Robert plows the lad's ass hard and Tyler loves every thrust. Tyler shoots a big load onto his abs with Robert's cock pummelin
Show Me Some Initiative
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Added: 29 Jul 12
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Description: presents Big Dicks At School's "Show Me Some Initiative". Robert Van Damme has his eye on Mitchell Rock for the new team captain. The only trouble is he's not sure that Mitchell wants it badly enough. When Robert tells him what's on his mind, Mitchell doesn't hesistate to use every hole he has to close the deal!
Robert and Marcus
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 10 Jul 12
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Duration: 0:02:00
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Description: It's a battle of the bi-ceps with Robert Van Damme and Marcus Ruhl. Each flex and pose, trying to out-do one another. The guys get turned on watching each other, they kiss, and the clothes start to come off. Marcus gets down on his knees to suck Robert's uncut cock. Robert slowly grows bigger and bigger inside Marcus's warm mouth. Marcus is also uncut and the two rub and play with their foreskins before Robert swallows Marcus down to his balls. After Robert has his fill Marcus goes down on Robert to get him hard and ready to fuck. Robert sits back and Marcus hops up on the couch then on Robert's thick dick. His bubble-butt bobs up and down on Robert, taking every inch deep inside his ass. The action gets steamier as Robert slams Marcus from behind, his muscles flexing with every thrust and pump. Stroking all the way in and all the way out…Robert has Marcus in pure ecstasy. Marcus begs for Roberts cum in his mouth and Robert doesn't disappoint; blasting a huge load all over Marcus' face
How to Kiss
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Added: 28 Jun 12
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Duration: 0:00:56
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Description: presents Str8 to Gay's "How to Kiss". Robert Van Damme and Boston Miles get together to hang out but things don't get interesting until Robert admits he could use some tips on how to kiss. When Boston leans in to give a quick lesson, Robert gets hard and fucks him on his bed!
Matthew Rush & Robert van Damme bottoms here!
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 13 May 12
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Duration: 0:02:20
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Description: Private Party 3 - The Mystery Revealed is the best piece of Private Party series.This is the only movie where Robert van damme bottoms.Including Arpad Miklos,Tim Kelly,Tyler Saint and more Muscle Gods!
Robert van Damme-Doublepenetration at Porn Casting!
Category: Monster Cock (10in+)
Added: 11 May 12
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Duration: 0:01:50
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Description: As a porn star as well as a producer-director, Robert Van Damme is surrounded by sexy studs. They know he's casting a movie and into hot sex, so they advance on him - for steamy encounters - for a job in porn - for whatever.Nine horny studs have a great time doing what they do best - sizzling sex.
Matthew Rush & Robert van Damme
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 11 May 12
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Duration: 0:02:36
Tags: Bodybuilders Muscle

Description: Hand in hand, porn stars Robert Van Damme and Matthew Rush knock on the front door of the Coral Reef Guest House, located somewhere in the gay mecca of beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They have reservations at the guest house, but none about what they're there for – sex!. The host leads them to their room, telling them that the Coral Reef is a clothing optional resort where sex is encouraged. Hot sex is what they - and the other eight studs who are guests there - want. And in five sizzling scenes, it's what they all get
Matthew Rush,Robert van Damme - Gagbang - Nasty - Kinky -Dirty
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 11 May 12
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Duration: 0:03:51
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Description: Repair shop full of nasty and horny mechanics made pay one customer trough his ass in unbelieveble Gangbang scene!
Robert van Damme & Coby Mitchell
Category: Interracial
Added: 11 May 12
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Duration: 0:01:10
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Description: Someone invited group of guys on Unlimited Sex Party and watching...
Tyler Saint,Robert van Damme,Rick Hammersmith
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 11 May 12
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Duration: 0:01:30
Tags: Muscle group sex sex

Description: Party of invited strangers what fuck each other continue and they still dont know who is watching
Tipping Off The Hacker
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Added: 09 May 12
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Duration: 0:00:59
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Description: presents Big Dicks At School's "Tipping Off The Hacker". Alexander Greene is an internet scam artist working out of his college dorm by night while he attends class by day. Robert Van Damme is head of security at the college and is tipped off about Alexander's shady dealings while using the school network. Van Damme surprises Greene before he can destroy all the evidence, Greene resorts to hiding a USB stick in his ass. This isn't Roberts first day in the park and unfortunately/fortunately for Alexander the ass is ALWAYS the first place Robert likes to search. Robert finds the USB stick and decides to show Greene what else can be put in his tight hole!
Crush On My Coach
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Added: 05 May 12
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Duration: 0:00:51
Tags: mencom men mennetwork bigdicksatschool BDAS school university college student

Description: presents Big Dicks At School's "Crush On My Coach". Student athlete Riley Price pretends to hurt his ankle so that his crush, the school team coach Robert Van Damme will pay a little extra attention to him. The coach tends to Riley and suggestively asks him if there is anything else he needs....
Greek History 101
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 27 Mar 12
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Duration: 0:01:11
Tags: mencom men mennetwork bigdicksatschool BDAS school university college student

Description: presents Big Dicks At Schoo's "Greek History 101". Sebastien Keys has a couple of questions for his Greek history professor Robert Van Damme and decides to visit him in class after hours. Sebastien would like the professor to expand on his lesson involving relationships between ancient Greek professors and their students, were they sexual and could the professor demonstrate....
Robert Van Damme & Cameron Adams
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 29 Nov 11
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Duration: 0:01:10
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Description: In this scorching hot scene, favorite muscle stud Robert Van Damme fucks Cameron Adams every which way. Robert has a big cock, and you could tell that while Cameron was certainly enjoying it, he was a little surprised at the start at how think it was!
Logan Stevens Rides Businessman Robert Van Damme's Cock
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Added: 24 Nov 11
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Description: A toast to business partners: beefcake executive Robert Van Damme and slender, blond wunderkind Logan Stevens seal a business deal the only way two hot guys should: with hard, intense gay sex! There's some kissing, but it's mouth-to-cock contact these to hunks are truly after. It's Robert's turn first -- he pulls his pants down and reveals the thick, uncut cock hanging between his legs, which Logan gobbles right up. He swallows all of Robert's dick, going right down to his balls -- Robert even hold Logan's head to ****** his bottom's throat! The pair flips and Robert dives onto Logan's cock, which stands erect and tall. But it's not oral sex that's going to totally seal this deal: Robert is a power top, and he demands further payment from Logan. The blond cutie bends over and offers his hole to Robert, who doesn't hesitate in taking it. Logan is on his stomach, his knees, and his back as he submits to Robert's girth and gets fucked -- all he can do is take it, moaning and wincing with
Robert Van Damme and Skye Woods
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 22 Nov 11
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Duration: 0:02:16
Tags: Anal Blow Job European Full HD Jock Muscular

Description: In this 25-minute video, RVD gets to fuck the muscle-bound Skye Woods. Skye's body is a muscle-worshipper's dream. Amazingly, he can do the splits even though his legs are bigger than my entire body.
Powerhouse TOP Fucks Pig-BOTTOM
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 10 Sep 11
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Duration: 0:00:36
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Description: No one in porn was built for the industry quite like Jessie Colter: he's a hot power-bottom with a killer body only matched by his passion for sex. That's a lesson he teaches to Robert Van Damme, a steamy top stud with a looming, rock-hard physique. These two have intense chemistry from the beginning: they worship each other's cocks long and hard, swallowing deep. Robert, whose meat is thick and uncut, at one point has to lean against the wall just so Jessie can swallow him! Robert then flips the power-bottom over and licks his hole into an excited frenzy that can only be fulfilled by a hard, intense fucking. Robert hammers Jessie as hard as he can, and Jessie takes every slam until the top is ready to drop his seed all over Jessie's face and in his wide-open mouth!
Pretty Damm Anal
Category: Black
Added: 05 Sep 11
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Duration: 0:06:10
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Description: I went out for a dip in the pool when this fragile little thing showed up and once I saw that narrow ass I knew
Gavin Waters Goes Deep 8
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 04 Jun 11
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Duration: 0:06:04
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Description: Gavin was feeling a bit sore...he called us over for a quick relief. He was pretty damm hot I couldn't help myself