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Description: It was a cold but sunny autumn-day. I went to one of the biggest bus-stops in Prague to look for some hot catch. Many boys come here from Moravia, a region in the South-east of the Czech Republic. And many of them come here to find a better life. I bet they wouldn't expect me to wait for them. And what can I say – already the second boy I approached was interested in my dirty money-offers. A young guy from Slovakia even. They have such a sexy accent that they are very attractive in general. This one even especially as he had a magic smile. And a great body even as I found out once he joined me in my hotel room. He was not as shy as he pretended. And how he was moaning when I fucked him. It was a game of Sweat and Fire.
Casting - First Handjob
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Description: - See what can happen on streets of Prague in middle of the meet a boy, he will show you few things, you take him home, oil him up, give him a handjob and discover he has nice big dick waiting to shoot a load all over your sofa!
Handjob in Prague - Cumshot!
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Description: - Watch Michael Berry get a helping hand jerking off his hard like a rock dick. Watch him in agony of pleasure when his dick explodes in a splendid cumshot!
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Description: I have had a great luck today. Met absolutely amazing young man in a subway. Took a ride with him, he didn't mind me to tag along. We talked about modelling and part time jobs, about a need for cash… All the conversation was going right direction. By the time we got off a subway I knew he is game. Took a bus to his place, during the ride he already jerked me off, which was amazing until we got interrupted. But soon enough we have been at his place, to put it right, in his garage where he had a sofa. So in there I felt cozy and been getting horny as hell. Just had to find the right prize to offer him. He was very talkative so it wasn't very difficult job. I wish all the straight boys would be this open minded and cool about our little project. He sucked me like a pro and I couldn't wait longer to fuck him and cum all over his beautiful face.
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Description: After long time I ended up in the very city centre of Prague, close to Wencheslav square. It was never too difficult for me to find a cute lad here. And I was once again more than successful. My first pick was the right one. I was a bit afraid once he told me that he has pretty high salary, but his attitude was very YES, man!. Within few minutes I got him into a nice and spacey hotel room with a jacuzzi where we could start with things I love the most. A blow job in the jacuzzi is my personal favourite and this young fella was so talented that he really fulfilled all my desires. I really wished I could stop the time and have him there all naked for the rest of the time. Even tough is not possible, I really did enjoy every single moment with him, as he was sucking and humping me.
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Description: Hi guys! I am back after few months. Last time you saw me during football World Cup. I've had an accident and had to recover fully. But I'm back in full strength and with the dick, harder then ever before. Such a shame that summer is over, but what can one do. As I switched on the camera, I felt the thrill immediately. Out on the hunt. Didn't have much luck with the first dude I've talked too, but I knew that the right one will come around. And I was right, I've stopped one young pal as he was leaving a post office. He kept smiling and answering all of my questions. After I did my Qs&As, I went straight for him and gave him my special offer. Something for something, in my case money for pleasure. On my big surprise he agreed and we went for it. Small hotel room was just fine for me to release all energy I gathered during my recovery.
18 Boy - WebCam
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Description: - Watch athletic Adam Kreyson beat his thick cock mercilessly on a sofa until splendid cumshot! Not much of a story but great video to watch! Also nice detailed asshole shots for those who asked for it.
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Description: As much as I hate shopping malls today I've had a business meeting there. So I've decided to mix the business with pleasure and take my camera with me. Accidentally I switched the cam on just close to the gym. In a few seconds I've spotted a young dude leaving the gym. I knew this one will be a real catch, if I persuade him successfully. Smiling and talkative pal from Slovakia who lived in Poland for his whole life. Came to Prague to find a job and he was still without one. I knew he is gonna need cash. Didn't take too long and he showed me his penis, just there while people been passing by. Such a courage he had. I didn't just offered him tidy sum of money but as well a new experience. Cause I guessed and been right that he was an adventurous one. So Gents please join me and enjoy the fun I've had with him in a small and dark hotel room.
18 Boy - Handjob in the Bath
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Description: - Our latest model - Adam Kreyson, just barely turned 18, cute, nice body and nice big dick as well! Watch him in a hot tub, getting a handjob and bit of a body worship, followed by nice jerking off action on a sofa! Do not miss this one!
Young Skater Boy - Exclusive Casting
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Description: - David Brown is our latest boy-next-door, nice smooth slim body, with thick uncut cock to finish the package. Have a look at David lifting weights, then jerking off to a nice cumshot, and little pissing bonus at the end!
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Description: I hate this transition. Some call it fall, I call it “ from summer to winter “. I feel lazy and without any energy. But of course I won't let you down Gents. Gathered some energy, switched on my Cam and went out to hunt. I was just walking down the streets of Prague, waiting for someone special. I've met the special one close to Ujezd, nice part of Prague, just down the Petrin tower. Cute and scared young man he was. But he didn't have any problems talking to a stranger like me. He lived with his mother and work in a bistro, for just 7,000 CZK per month. This low salary I couldn't even imagine. Well that's a reality and this reality helps me a lot to persuade this young fellows to accept my dirty offer all the time. Well, almost… This one was no exception, for 2,000 I saw his dick and then it was very easy to get him into the hotel room where I could play with him as much as I wanted to. This time there was some cucumber involved. Don't miss this one out.
Hugo Antonin & Radan Flex
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Description: Hugo Antonin is practicing his Irish flute while on a hike through a nature trail when Radan Flex happens upon him & demonstrates to Hugo how to play a Czech skin flute. Enjoy!
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Description: After a series of luck with the threesome I had a craving for something more off the street. Just next to my favourite gym I switched on the cam and started to do what I do best. To interview young lads. The very first one I've talked to was the catch. Young, tiny, scared and very talkative. Just a perfect combo to fullfil my fantasy. He was a little bit of a trouble maker. Just got fired from his job, living with his ******. I knew he won't say no to money. Once I saw his dick, I was amazed. He was so small and his dick longer than mine. Wuaaaaw! Just the way from the square to the random land of no one, as I call the places where I usually enjoy their young asses was taking ages. Not time wise but I was to horny to handle it. I couldn't wait to see his dick again, such a nice veins and the curve to the right was something I didn't see for a very long time.