Big, Bigger, Biggest 2 - Scene 3
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Added: 07 Dec 12
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Description: Enrique Currero and Roman Ragazzi are already getting down and when this video begins. Enrique is filling his mouth with Roman's fat cock, milking the head and then going back to swallowing the whole thing. When Roman takes his turn sucking dick he works Enrique's foreskin and preps his dick for some fucking. With Roman bent over a bench Enrique has full access to Roman's butt hole. Enrique spears Roman's hairy ass with his big cock and fucks him eagerly. Roman strokes while Enrique pounds away. When Roman flips over for more dick we finally get to see his massive pecs and hairy chest with the sweat dripping from his chin to his dick. Enrique fucks him hard and deep until he can't hold back, Roman blows a load with Enrique still fucking him and Enrique follows with a huge load of his own.
Braxton Bond and Enrique Currero
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Added: 09 Aug 10
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Description: Enrique has a sprained ankle and needs his ********'s hot friend, Braxton, to help him with his groceries. Braxton\'s happy to help because he's hot for Enrique and sees this as a perfect opportunity to make his move. After all, Enrique's not really going anywhere.
Dexter and Enrique Currero
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Added: 09 May 09
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Description: Dexter and Enrique share one thing in common. They re both passionate kissers. When Enrique gets his first look at Dexter s cut body, he knows he s in for a spectacular time. Much cock sucking ensues as both guys get their thick tools nice and hard. When Dexter s good and ready, he starts pumping away at Enrique, who loves it when Dexter thrusts harder and faster. Enrique soon shoots his load with Dexter still working away inside him. And Dexter doesn t let a cum shot stop him. He keeps poking away at a very willing Enrique until he s on the verge of cumming. And cum he does - straight up in the air, sort of like fireworks, but white and creamy. With both guys satisfied, the scene fades out with more hot kissing.
Jonny Magnum and Enrique Currero
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Added: 25 Mar 09
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Description: Enrique Currero has the gift of gab and Jonny Magnum has the gift of schlong,