Classic CAUSA 103 Jaxon & Hydro
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Added: 13 Sep 14
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Description: Jaxon & Hydro originally aired as a two-parter in May & July 2005. For today's Classic CAUSA, I've combined the two videos into one. Below are the two original storyboards. So, the last evening that the boys were in Scottsdale for their Spring Break, I sent Aaron & Kyle off to Fashion Square to cruise the high school chicks (LOL!), and I threw Jaxon & Hydro onto my bed and said, “go at it boys!” Well, we got a little criss-cross handjob action, a little self-penetration, and little CB penetration, and lots of laughing and joking around. We were able to get down to business, and Jaxon & I definitely showed Hydro a good time. With almost two hours of footage to this video, I decided to break it up into two parts. In part one, the focus is definitely on Hydro's pleasure. And part two: So, we pick up Part 2 with the focus shifting to Jaxon… As we left off in Part 1, Jaxon and I had successfully brought Hydro to his first orgasm. That's right his first… After a short break for us to
Jerry and Rowdy Finally Fuck
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Added: 10 Jul 14
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Description: When we booked these two we didn't realize they had known each other for years. Apparently the thought of fucking had crossed both of their minds and nothing ever happened, but once they got in front of our cameras they made up for lost time!
Straight Beefy Stud
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Added: 27 Jun 14
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Description: I was surprised to find out all the things Dexter has not had a chance to try yet. Believe me, I have a laundry list of things I would like to have him try. He loves his big butt and seven**** inch pythons, I can't wait to see what else Dexter will let me measure. He has a huge dick and no problem popping a thick veiny hard-on as soon as I asked him. Hips start rocking and his six-pack tenses up into a perfect tan canvas to catch his thick white load. Panting and laughing Dexter crosses one more thing off of his "To-Do List".
Rio Blatinos - Martino Paiva and Emilio Frates
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Description: Martino Paiva and Emilio Frates show up as yet another pair of great bodies and beautiful cocks. After some head swapping and some 69 action that got Martino's ass wet and ready, these boys go to work. Emilio's face says everything as Martino works himself up and down on that fat Blatino prick. Emilio has fucked before, it's clear, and Martino expresses the sounds of that ****/pleasure barrier being crossed over and over. These guys shift positions again and again to make sure every angle has been covered. It is an impressive fuck to say the least. It is very evident that they really needed to finish it when they finally let their nuts go. If you loved watching Martion take cock like I did, check out Black Topped Pizza Boy from Alexander Pictures. It's five scenes of him getting pounded by big black dick!
Cross-Eyed in a Sling
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Description: Uber-sexy slut Christian Hezzog straps his hung hooker Danny Fox, to a door and blows him.
Near Monster Cock
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Description: This week on Dirty Tony, cums a video from Tony's secret vault. The hunky Carson shows off his massive 9.5 monster cock in his own home! This studly man has a ripped torso, sculpted arms, and beautifully designed tattoos, which only enhances his muscular body. Carson works at a gay bar, despite being straight, however, he says the thought of hooking up with a guy has crossed his mind once or twice. But fear not, he is still looking for the right guy to try it with...if he ever does. He definitely has the makings for a rough, dominant top and hopefully he will make his debut one day. Carson sits on his chair in the living room, rubbing himself down, slowly making that gigantic dick grow into its full size. He works it up and down, stroking his long, hard shaft making it more eager to bust his awaiting load. Carson finally pushes himself over the edge blowing out a great stream of hot, white jizz over his gigantic manrod.
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Description: Stag Homme brings you a second awaited episode of one of our most popular scenes: "CALLEJEROS" (STREET THUGS). Shot at night on the streets of Madrid Maykel Cash and for the first time on bodybuilder Robin Sanchez go at it hiding behind cars and street corners. You can't get more public that this. They move the action on a roof top terrace. Rimming, multiple fuck positions and a nasty oral cumshot brought to you in night vision from the twisted mind of director Damien Crosse lover of exhibitionism and public sex. Directed by Damien Crosse.
Gag on my piss-soaked cock, bitch!
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Description: There's no shortage of hot and horny guys with hungry asses ready to take cock and Ride It Wet from some of Lucas Raunch's filthiest hung tops.
Hunger Bang
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Added: 13 May 14
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Description: Hunger Bang stars Damien Crosse and 4 Hung and Uncut studs in an amazing gangbang/bukkake scene. Watch as each of the boys fucks and shoots his load in Damien's mouth!
Dato Foland and Antonio Aguilera
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Added: 17 Apr 14
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Description: Damien Crosse directs the latest scene on Featuring sexy Antonio Aguilera and Russian adonis Dato Foland this scene gets straight down to business and explodes with sweat and cum.
Francesco and Nicolas
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Description: Damien Crosse directs the latest scene on Featuring sexy Antonio Aguilera and Russian adonis Dato Foland this scene gets straight down to business and explodes with sweat and cum.
Big and Dew
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Description: They cross a suspension bridge and find an empty vacation house. In no time they are exploring each other for treasure. Big is tall and lean for an Asian and is packing 'big” meat. Dew is short and slim with a swimmers body. Big pulls down Dew's rainbow shorts while he sits on an end table and sucks that purple pole. Soon its Dew's turn to suck on that Big rod and worship those dangling ox balls. Big moves on to probe Dew's hairless hole while caressing his balls and stroking his cock.
Fingering Dean to completion
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Description: It'd been so long since I'd heard from Dean that I figured his happy-ending massage had crossed the line so far beyond his comfort zone that we might not ever see him again. Little did I know! He got in touch not too long ago saying he was ready for something more. And when he said "ready" he definitely wasn't kidding. Dean showed up with a week's worth of cum stored up and was already pitching a tent in his shorts when he walked in the door.