Keep Em Cumming
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Description: There is no bigger rush, than having a strangers massive cock dump a big warm load in your ass. In this vid, some dude from Craigslist, dropped it deep in me, as the cum oozed out, dripping down my hole and onto the carpet, and his big balls slapped against my ass cheeks, suddenly the doorbell rang and my next big dick was at the door.
Closeted Big Dick
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Added: 21 Feb 14
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Description: Some closet case married dude with a ten inch cock posted on craigslist and Eli invited him over. This guy had beautiful big dick and Eli couldn't get enough of it - he took so many loads dude!
Fuck It Back In
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Added: 14 Mar 14
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Description: Posted an ad on craigslist and this big dick dude with tatts shows up. He's drilling my hole when one of my roomies hookups walks in. This dude had a big ten inch cock, and both guys tag teamed my ass. As I rode one cock, the other guy dropped his load in my mouth. The dick in my ass busts a load too. I hopped off, and laid on my back, pushed the cum out. I told him to 'fuck it back into me'. My dick exploded as he pounded his cum deeper inside of me. Then he pulled out, threw me against the wall, and held my head against it, face fucking me really hard. Busting his final load in my mouth.
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Description: Tall... Lanky... and HUNG! When Lenny responded to my ad on CraigsList, my mouth hit the floor when I opened one the images that he forwarded and saw the whopper of a cock hanging between his legs! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a veeeery special affinity for skinny, well-endowed, African American guys. So, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to capture Lenny on video. To top it all off, he is absolutely curious to explore his sexuality, and as you'll soon see, I gave him one of the most mind-blowing orgasms of his 21 years. He couldn't stop talking about it even after the cameras stopped rolling and he'd finished showering. So, if you like 'em hung, horny, and looking to explore, Lenny's your guy. He & I, both, are looking forward to additional shoots! Enjoy!
g099: Coach Eric
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Description: Married muscular Eric coaches a high school soccer team that's in town for a competition. He finds this gloryhole on Craigslist and stops by for a blowjob. Coach makes lots of noise when he shoots his huge load all over Franco's face.
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Added: 27 May 13
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Description: Back in late August, I was perusing the personals on Craigslist to look for potential models when I surfed across this ad: "broke straight guy - 21 - Straight broke guy looking to do whatever is necessary to make 2000 by the end of the month so text me with yalls idea" The accompany pix looked promising, so I filed it away for future exploration. As this past weekend rolled around, and it had been a week of cancellations
Beefy college stud jerks off
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Description: A friend of mine saw Tom on Craigslist. He had posted an ad saying that he was looking for money and was open to suggestions. Not knowing what he'd say I asked if he'd be up to doing a video and he jumped at the chance. Tom identifies as straight, but something about him told me that he had probably fooled around with guys before. We only shot a solo, but he really seemed to have fun and blew a nice load of jizz.
Craigslist Fuck
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Description: I got fucked on new years eve by a guy on craigslist. He keeps calling me a slut and tells me when to taste my ass.
Straight Broke and Gay For Pay
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Description: Back in late August, I was perusing the personals on Craigslist to look for potential models when I surfed across this ad: "broke straight guy - 21 - Straight broke guy looking to do whatever is necessary to make 2000 by the end of the month so text me with yalls idea", so here we are...
Young Craigslist Cocksucker
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Description: Another guy I met off Craiglist. Loved licking and sucking his balls and sucking his thick cock!! Mmmm I loved it!
20yr old sucking cock
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Description: This is my first video ever of sucking off a guy I met on Craigslist. I must say I enjoyed every drop!
Bareback Business
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Description: I met this out of town businessman through a Craigslist ad. He was staying in a nearby hotel literally less than 5 minutes away from my house. I responded and in no time was over his hotel room where he was just laying naked in bed playing with himself. He had a nice cock, not long like I am used to but damn did he have the width to fill me up! I sucked on it for awhile and you see what happens next!
******* bi
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Description: i didn't think i could have sex with a man unless i tied my self up for him before meeting him. if anyone else want to do this in the san antonio area just send me a email at ******bitexan**********
craigslist trick sucking me
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Description: getting sucked by a trick who answered to my craigs list ad
Anon bareback fuck
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Description: met this dude off craigslist. he was horny & needed to unload. I was the luck guy that got it.