Aymeric Deville and Craig Farell
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Added: 24 Jan 14
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Description: What are two horny ripped studs to do on a summer holiday, when it starts to rain? Craig Farell has been admiring Aymeric Deville's muscular body and the impressive bulge in his trunks, so when the rain comes it's a perfect chance to get the boy indoors and peel off the trunks and slurp on his mushroom-headed, uncut cock. Aymeric can't wait to arch his back and offer up his arse to Craig's probing fingers, hot tongue and stiff uncut tool. Just watch Aymeric's mighty, weighty dice swinging as Craig bangs his muscle butt!
Craig Farrel and Delta Kobra
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Added: 16 Jan 14
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Description: Aymeric sees the way his partner Craig drools over the new pool boy. He can't blame him, the guy's as hot as hell, but he's a jealous lover and doesn't want to share Craig with anyone. Craig wants Delta, the pool boy, so much, he can't help himself. Thinking his lover is ********, Craig makes his move and the poolboy wastes no time in taking what's on offer. Delta's fat, uncut cock is soon down Craig's throat and deep into his arse, being massaged by the tightness of Craig's ring as he rides the rigid tool. Delta's hairy muscled body is glistening with sweat as he fucks his boss's prized pretty-boy right there on the grass, then it's Craig's body that glistens with a hosing of cum from the rough top, quickly followed by his own sweet load. Laying there, exhausted and satisfied, he's surprised to feel yet another load hitting his body... Aymeric has been watching all the time...
Brett & Robert
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Added: 27 Jan 14
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Description: Have you ever dated someone who just will not stop looking at their phone? Twitter, Grindr, Facebook. Sometimes we forget that there is a hot stud sitting right in front of us. Robert Craig understands this dilemma. No matter what activity he and boy toy,
Chub Barebacked by Chaser
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Description: In one of our longest anal videos to date cute chaser Thumper Reed pounds big boy chub Craig Cruz. Thumper fuck Craig totally raw from multiple angles and finishes off with a thick white load that gets pushed up Craig's hole. Lots of ass eating, cock sucking, and plenty of penetration! All in high definition.
The Manager's Big Sausage for Dinner
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Description: Hot sex with the hotel manager, who was called to fix some defect in Craig's hotel room. But what does he do instead? Fat cocks sucked deepthroat, arse widening fucking with two hot muscle boys and of course, cum, cum, cum!
Two monster cocks in action
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Description: Well-trained and well-hung: Jordan and Craig in a night fuck session by the pool. Two hard XL-cocks on athletic bodies are sucked deepthroat before Jordan takes his mate's arse and hammers his fuck tool into it.
Live Porn Shooting
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Description: I'm sure you've always wanted to know what really goes on during a porn movie shooting. Here's your chance to find out! We've filmed Justin and Craig Farell on set. See how they get turned on by the camera, how they get hard and ready to fuck. It's funny and super hot!
Flip Flop Suck Off
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Description: Aaron French & Craig Spade take turns sucking each other ans swapping cum loads. Watch the entire video only at SUCKoffGUYS.com.
Live Go-Go Fuck Show
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Description: Ivan, an athletic, hairless, bottom, and Craig, top, with a permanent hard-on, are on a private go-go fuck show. Hot bodies, club music, bulging dicks and a sweat-inducing fuck!
Craig gets closer and closer to Damien
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Added: 08 Mar 13
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Description: Twinks Damien Belle Vie and Craig Ashton are doing their homework and can hardly focus on the task at hand. Craig gets closer and closer to Damien, who promptly asks him why he's being such a homo. Thankfully for Craig, Damien is absolutely homo too so he knows it's a matter of time before he gets to dive in his sweet butt. They start kissing and sucking passionately, before showing us how bareback sex is done! Finally, they share a sperm covered kiss that is sure to make you shoot your load!
Cody and Craig
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Description: Beefy former football player and Army guy Craig answered an ad looking for straight guys who wanted to make some money. Today he gets his first BJ from another guy.
Superb Twink Duo Goes Bareback
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Added: 17 Dec 12
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Description: Twinks Damien Belle Vie and Craig Ashton are doing their homework and can hardly focus on the task at hand. Craig gets closer and closer to Damien, who promptly asks him why he's being such a homo.
Mitch Taylor, Craig Hoffman
Category: Jock / Athlete
Added: 02 Dec 12
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Description: Craig uses his dick as a giant battering ram, fucking Mitch!
Chip Daniels, Craig Hoffman
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Added: 23 Nov 12
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Description: Thrusting his humongous rod deep into his buddy's rosebud !
Craig Hoffman, Todd Fuller
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Added: 22 Nov 12
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Description: Craig pummels Todd's open hole In the bed of a pick-up truck
Drew, Andre, Nelson, Craig & Eric
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Added: 03 Nov 12
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Description: Drew Peters, Andre Barclay, Nelson Troy, Erik and Craig get all into one another for this non-stop bareback orgy. Want to know what the most enticing part of it is though? Drew and Andre both get deliciously double fucked in this group video. Don't miss this ass-spliting action.
Major Asshole
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Description: Starring Hot House exclusives Kyle King and Craig Reynolds. Featuring Brandon Bangs, Adam Know, Alexsander Freitas, Heath Jordan, Kennedy Carter and Jackson Lawless.
Str8 bouncer blown
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Added: 08 Jul 12
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Description: For some guys, the leap from getting a handjob to getting their dick sucked by a guy is a huge one. Craig was sort of in the middle; he wasn't totally opposed, but it wasn't at the top of his list, either. But emails from a handful of members made Craig decide to go for it. (I'm sure the wad of cash didn't hurt...) Like a lot of the straight guys, Craig wasn't exactly sure how to react to letting another dude take charge of things. There were a few awkward moments early on as he loosened up. After Craig stood up, he seemed more in his element. He grabbed my head, shut his eyes, and thrusted his cock into my mouth, letting out a few groans. I couldn't resist spreading Craig's ass to lick his virgin hole. Something tells me that was a first for him with either guys or girls. He got quiet, but with a hardon that told the truth-- he liked it. Craig sat back on the chair to finish things off. His dick was so sensitive, he was practically on the edge of busting. He writhed aroun
Demetris Gets Fucked
Category: Straight
Added: 13 May 12
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Description: Two new Bi dudes this time around. Demetris loves to get his hole worked over and Craig is in to get it done. Both guys are hairy and uncut and get into some finger and toe sucking, never mind the cum tasting at the end. Demetri ends the show with an enormous cum shot that hits him in the chin and then both Craig and Demetri taste his handywork! Yum!
Str8 footballer gets a handjob
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Added: 08 Apr 12
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Description: Craig seemed excited about taking the next step in his porn experience and getting jerked off by a guy. Having spent a good part of his life playing football and surrounded by such a hyper-straight group of friends, he was surprisingly open to the idea. That's not to say he wasn't nervous, though! Like a lot of the guys, Craig wasn't sure if he'd be able to get the job done. He certainly didn't have anything to worry about. Craig was a little slow out of the gate, but, as things progressed, he quickly lost any nervousness and there were 2 or 3 times we had to stop because was going to cum <i>too soon</i>. The telling moment that Craig was getting into it was bending him over to play with his ass. His dick got rock hard as I stroked it while massaging his furry hole. When he flipped back over, Craig warned me that he was getting close. Within seconds, his eyes shut and he gasped while a stream of cum flowed down the side of my hand.