Muscle Bear: The Best of Beefy, Hairy TitanMen
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Added: 14 Jan 14
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Description: What's a Muscle Bear you may ask? In the world of TitanMen it equals big, beefy, burly, hairy, horny and hung! Come along for the journey as some of the hottest and horniest Muscle Bears suck, fuck, sweat, grunt and pop their loads! The name TitanMen is synonymous with Muscle Bears and you'll find 6 of the hottest Muscle Bear scenes we've ever filmed waiting for you! Starring TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, Alex Baresi, Eduardo, Dean Coulter, Mike Roberts, Tober Brandt, beloved superstar Arpad Miklos and many more. If you are into hot, hung and hairy Muscle Bears doing incredibly nasty things you can't afford to miss this one!
Army Hazing Wank
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Added: 08 Sep 12
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Description: In the CMNM army barracks Private Coulter's hazing is taken to the most extreme level. The staff sergeant is determined to prove what a pervy bastard he is by sexually teasing him to the point where he grows an erection and spills his semen. The invasive touch of other men fills this proud army lad with shame. It's going to be difficult for this harassed fella to get back to bed with his tongue and furry chest coated in spunk.
Army Medical Exam
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Added: 18 Aug 12
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Description: Staff Sergeant Walker has found a gap in Private Russell Coulter's medical records. Wanting to clear up the matter as quickly as possible he conducts the medical right in the barracks and uses the squaddies to help him strip and examine Russell's body. The soldiers must get up close and personal with their naked friend acquainting themselves with the smell under his foreskin and his anus.