Carioca and Axel Ryder
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Description: he challenge is given as the two Gladiator cops Carioca and Axel battle over who can climb who. Carioca WINS and Axel must endure the fat horse cock of Carioca in the throat and then in his tight ass. It bucks him without mercy, and faster and faster and deeper he thrusts his cock into that man-pussy. Axel holds but good and both enjoy this breathtaking ride. In the Home Stretch, Carioca again increases the speed of his shock and the charge makes it rain cum on Alex: huge!
Slamming His Cock from Behind
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Description: When Trent's had enough of a blowjob, he takes the slim sailor by the legs and flips him on his back. Tanner willingly accepts the police officer's throbbing member. He moans and grimaces as the full length and thickness of the monster cock penetrates his thin frame. That's not enough for Trent. He pushes the young military man down ***gy style and slams him from behind. He shoves it in hard and makes him grunt with p*in and pleasure at the same time. Trent pulls out and shoves his cock in Tanner's face readying himself for the gushing cum. He sprays rope after rope of thick white man spunk all over the sailor's waiting face. When he stops cumming, Tanner is coated from chin to eyebrow with pools of the cop's hot cum.
Prague Sex Express Scene 1
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Description: Prague Sex Express Scene 1 Lucas Entertainment All aboard the Prague Sex Express! Lucas International proudly presents a sexy romp on the rails of Prague, where soldiers, officers, and passengers get frisked by - and frisky with - each other. Seven hardcore scenes featuring some of the hottest studs the Czech Republic has to offer. So buy your ticket, pack your bags, and get ready for one steamy ride you'll never forget. Minding his own business on a train heading out of town, young soldier Andrej Matyas suddenly finds himself getting harassed by a couple of hot officers. Tattooed Martin Polak and blond Jan Muzicka strip search the young twink and start sucking each other off in the process. The threesome then moves indoors for some hardcore ass-munching and butt-fucking. These scenes include some of the hottest action out of eastern europe.. Guaranteed!
Delta Scout's First Guy Blowjob
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Description: When both guys are boned up good, we get Trent to lean over and start to suck. David's dick is super hard and about 8 inches long. Trent has a hard time going all the way down. His gag reflex is still totally in tact. He feathers the end of David's dick for a little while, then he tries go a little further down. His cheeks are getting sore from sucking so he works on David's dick with his hand for awhile. Then he starts to suck some more. This time, he works on it with a little more expertise. He uses his hand to stroke the shaft while he works the head of the soldier's cock with his mouth. David is ready to cum, so he starts to moan and tense up. He feels the cum start to rush to the head of his dick. Trent is right there next to the action while David is working up a good load. He finally starts to spew his cum. It lands on Trent's cheek, then starts to drip down, covering the cop's chin. Trent's face is coated with Marine cum from one end to the other.
Shoving His Hard Thick Meat
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Description: Not long after, he has popped a full blown chubby. Chris starts massaging the outline of his schlonger, while he cops a peek over at his buddy's. They both take their man tools out for some fresh air and some fresh sucking! Chris grabs ahold of Timo's long beautiful dick and strokes it lightly. Timo tells him that it actually feels really good. Chris then starts sucking on it all the way down to the base and then back to the tip. Timo orders him to stand up so he can return some of the glorious oral. After he gets his fill, he pushes Chris down onto all fours and spits on his hole before he shoves his hard thick meat into him.
Marcelo Mastro and Gustavo Henry
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Description: Marcelo Mastro has an insatiable hunger for ass. Its intensity is matched by the size of his big fat cock and Gustavo is the latest piece of ass lining up to be pummelled by the thick beast. They trade blow jobs before getting down to the fucking - its hard an intense as you would expect. Gustavo cops a load of Marcelo's cum in his eye - a nice present at the end of a satisfying fuck.
Latin Uniformed Toilet Orgy
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Description: After buying a sex toys, Hernan goes in the restroom to check them out. Cristo walks in wearing his cop uniform to take a piss and fellow cop Miguel comes in behind him. The two cops are checking out each other's fat dicks when they hear sounds coming from the stall. They drag Hernan out and handcuff him to the urinals. Miguel's nightstick goes straight up Hernan's ass with nothing but spit for lube. He reams him good before stripping down and getting some head from the boy. Then Cristo bends over for Miguel's fat cock. Then all three blow their cum loads.
Wild Cops 3 Scene 1
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Description: Wild Cops 3 Scene 1 Iron Horse These cops are wild on the street and just crazy in bed.. and maybe a little illegal, but.. who's complaining?