Uncut Cock Pool Party Scene 5
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Added: 01 Oct 14
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Description: Uncut Cock Pool Party Scene 5 Lucas Entertainment Handsome Ted Colunga is busy in his office when Buck Monroe enters. Ted whips out his huge uncut cock to suck on, and Buck happily throws lips to it. Following a lengthy session of licking Ted's ass, Buck gets fucked and then fucks Ted in return. Every workday should start in this way!
Julian Vincenzo and Ted Colunga
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Added: 08 Aug 12
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Duration: 0:04:58
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Description:  Kickboxing beauties Julian and Ted hit the gym and show they're just as skilled with their tongues as they are with their legs and fists. Their rimming action will have you misting up your screens. This is followed by an energetic fuck not to be missed.
ted colunga and andro de luca (butch dixon)
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Added: 30 Oct 11
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Description: Lithe and sexy, young Andro didn't know what hit him when he was taking on Ted Colunga, the most massive, thick shafted, big headed tool, we've ever clapped eyes on.
Ted Colunga and ****** John
Category: Monster Cock (10in+)
Added: 04 Oct 11
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Description: ****** John's a seasoned pro, but even he struggled to take on the mighty body building champ Ted Colunga. Ted's a big burly bastard with a massive dick with a bloated head and a creamy load to shoot.
Ted Colunga
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Added: 15 May 09
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Description: One of the best-loved dicks on the planet. It s 8 inches long, super fat with a mushroom head, and loads of foreskin. Start licking your lips! Hairy muscle hunk Ted Colunga is jacking off!
Men At Play - Your Move
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Added: 24 Mar 09
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Duration: 0:00:30
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Description: It may be the MAP gentlemens club but not all members behave like gentlemen as is proved by Ted Colunga who takes advantage of Eric s ignorance of chess to control the game, and trash his novice oponent. But when Eric realises this and leaves upbruptly,
Shoe Shine
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Added: 06 Feb 09
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Description: When you re a longstanding member of the MAP Gentlemens Club anything and everything is a mere click of the fingers away. Refreshments, food, a massage or even a shoe shine whilst you read the evening paper. Nothing is too good for our best customers lik
Men At Play - The Master 2
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Added: 01 Jan 09
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Duration: 0:00:35
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Description: This week we see the long awaited return of Ted Colunga to MenatPlay, ready to give the Master of the house a big taste of his own medicine. Whilst normally Marco would get what and WHO he wants, this time the tables are turned as Ted takes charge and put