Cody Cummings Solo
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Description: You might know him as the all too famous, Cody Cummings. We first got a glimpse of him when he was behind bars... cage bars that is. He was dancing his beautiful ass off at one of the clubs in Southern California. His body is rock hard, his long cock and round bubble butt are shear perfection. Needless to say, his place of employment became our new favorite hangout. Cody is rather shy... that is until he goes on stage. Then he becomes one hell of an erotic entertainer. Did someone say "lap dance?" It took months of persuading, but we got it! Sit back, enjoy and watch Cody jerk off in the time when having a cock to play with, meant only his own.
Cody Cummings & Mia
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Description: Cody came by the office the other day to speak with the boss. Little did he know, the new secretary was super sexy. Caught off guard, Cody stumbles his words and is caught eyeing her large breasts. After realizing the boss was going to be on a conference call for 30 minutes before he'd get a chance to speak with Cody, our favorite hunk decides to take matters, and the secretary's tits, into his own hands. Of course there's more than boob fondling. Mia, the secretary, takes his cock into her mouth, licks his ass, and lets him fuck the silly out of her. All this and a massive cumshot to complete another action packed Cody Cummings scene. Enjoy the full clip at codycummings dot com!
Cody Cummings & Shane Erickson
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Description: What is there to say? Cody loves blowjobs. Obviously, he prefers it from beautiful women, but, since he does happen to be a semi-bi sexual amateur porn star, there's plenty of room for some man-mouth on his mammoth cock. This week, the 6'4”, 180 pound, 23 year old Shane Erickson is the beautiful boy that'll be swallowing Cody's fat cock. So sit back and join in on Cody's orgasmic explosion Enjoy the full version at codycummings dot com!
Cody Cummings at the Gym
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Description: This week, Cody's going to do something a bit different. We get quite a few emails from his fans wanting to know what his workout routine is, so Cody decided to give you a taste of his iron pumping. But don't worry, there's still an orgasmic ending when the hunk kicks back on the chest machine and milks his Italian sausage. Enjoy the full clip at!
Cody Cummings, Jessie & Jonny T.
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Description: They pound the fuck out of this tiny woman. Cody is fierce and isn t shy when he chokes her while she is being slammed by JonnyT. The pounding gets so relentless that Jessie can barely handle these two massive cocks coming at her. She loves to talk dirty while being roughly fucked by the thick and long dicks of these two studs. You have to check this scene out and we promise by the end, there will be cum dripping all over the place. Enjoy!
CodyCummings & Christian Wilde
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Description: After stroking themselves to the flesh fest being played on the large flat screen in the living room, Cody finds Christian s hand on his cock. No worries there though, since Cody is down for a helping hand.
CodyCummings & Philippe Delvaux
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Description: Cody loves to play pool, but as he says, he likes to break balls more than stack them. That s where the 19 year old Philippe Delvaux comes in. This young gay boy loves anything to do with balls, especially the balls on Cody Cummings.
CodyCummings & Billy The ****
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Description: On a recent weekend, Cody was really horny and looking to get his cock to be played with.Being in a remote part of California at the time, the only person available to come to his aid was Billy the ****, a local stripper and hirable 'helping hand
Cody Cummings & Taylor Aims
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Description: After working in the hot sun, Cody didn t think that would be to fun for Taylor, but who is he to second guess someone who wants a cock in their mouths. What do you think happened next? Well, Cody s stiff dick ends up in Taylors mouth, and to our surprise, Cody lets his friend cum on his feet. Now that s something new for him! Enjoy!
Cody Cummings - Solo
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Description: Cody flips through some pages while warming up his shaft to become rock hard. He loves stroking his dick through his shorts but decides to slide them up one leg to reveal his throbbing cock resting on his smooth calf muscle.
CodyCummings & Sebastian Taylor
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Description: Looks like Cody Cummings has a new buddy to play with and his name is Sebastian Taylor. Sebastian has Cody blindfolded and Cody has no idea what Sebastian will do. Cody stands firm while Sebastian lets his hands wander all over Cody's tanned fit body. Sebastian takes his time before removing Cody's clothes but once Cody's underwear drop, the monster of a cock pops right out into Sebastian's waiting mouth. Sebastian loves to deep throat Cody's hard shaft. Sebastian never takes the blindfold off because it's so much more fun to tease Cody's aching cock. Come on inside and watch as Cody pumps his hot load deep into Sebastian's willing mouth. Enjoy
NextDoorPass - CodyCummings & Jonny T
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Description: Sit back, unzip and enjoy yourself as Cody puts on a show, then is serviced by the Canadian hunk JonnyT.
Cody Cummings and Miguel Prange
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Description: After stroking, sucking and rimming Cody, Miguel gets his new buddy off right as he gets himself off. Great timing from two hung studs!