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Description: Well, with Coltons shoot, I discovered that I have the patience of Job since this will go down in the ClubAmateurUSA record books as the longest filming session that I have experienced. After four... uhm... erection-filled hours, Colton finally orgasmed. Glad that I scheduled him in the mid Saturday afternoon in Dallas and that Gavin was scheduled after midnight. Overall, his video turned out pretty dayum good since he maintained an erection the entire four hours. You see, it was not that he was not turned on; it was the fact that the glands just below his cockhead are *highly* sensitive, and my light sports-blend massage oil with the essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, camphor, geranium, fennel, and orange *highly* irritated the glands on Coltons cock. Notice the swelling in the final close-up of his junk. Now, before you get all “CB is a slave driver; making the poor guy go for four hours,” let me clarify that is was not my choice. I explained to Colton that he cou