Brad Gives a Cream Filled Facial
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Description: Tanner was giving Brad the blowjob of his life that anyone could tell that he was near climax. Tanner positioned himself under Brad, anticipating on catching every drop of cum that would fly out of his new friend. When Brad did coum, no one in the entire world could expect such a load. Tanner gave a first class blowjob, that Brad had dumped pump after pump of steamy, white man-juice all over Tanner's pretty face. Creamy cum shot out of Brad's dick and rushed down Tanner's flushed cheeks like a waterfall rushing down after the snow melts. At that instant, Brad had just given his first hot, steamy, white, creamed-filled facial to a man.
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Description: The gradually building climax is almost too much to handle as these rough and tough men of the Armed makes release their full pipes and blast that delicious jizz all over eagerly awaiting mouths. Load after load canons from beautiful cocks of many colors and sizes, all for your pleasure. Try to pick your favorite and you may be up all night only to greet the dawn's early light STILL indecisive and with a sore wrist. This seed-soaked video is saturated with everyone's favorite part of every scene... the sweaty, grunting, primal unloading of the hot, sexy men who keep this country safe. God bless America!
Thrusting His Cock into His Furry Hole
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Description: B*shing deep into his inner workings with the vigor of a demolition crew, Matthew looks lost in ecstasy as America pulls his thick fuck stick all the way out and turns him around to break back into his snug anal fortress on all fours. After a nice long session of ramming Matthew's guts and stretching his anus to the max, America throws him onto the nearby chair and mounts him from behind, passionately pushing his way to a *****-vessel bursting climax that causes thick rope after rope of steaming jism to coat Matthew's face and the chair's fabric. This is the final straw for Matthew, as the last few tugs on his giant dick sets off a massive eruption of gooey man-juice that makes sure the few spots of his body which were still dry are now submerged in little white swimmers. Ah, the joy of having a front row seat to such passionate action is almost too much to be told.
Fucking Back onto Timo's Tower
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Description: Marco takes the dick like a champ and fucks back, his supple cheeks bouncing with every thrust. With Timo on top of him and his hole full of cock, Marco loses control and launches a geyser of cum all over his chest while Timo continues the anal punishing. Timo pounces up and straddles Marcos face to deposit his load onto those big full lips that are still panting from his own climax.
Ashley Rider Colby Keller Solo Scene 1
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Description: Ashley Rider Colby Keller Solo Scene 1 Naked Sword Ashley Ryder might not be too well known on this side of the pond, but we guarantee you'll be a lifelong fan after watching the young British stud whack his tallywhacker to an explosive climax. Next up, brawny, well-hung Colby Keller wastes no time exploring his beefy, lightly hairy body, soon making his way down to his plump, cum-filled cock for a solo jerk off session that will leave you just as exhausted as it did him! But as we all know Colby, he'll be ready to go again sooner than you think!