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Navy Studs Strokes Uncut Cock
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Description: ***ner's Mate Tom is taking a break from his strenuous anti-piracy tactic exercises to kick back and rub an impressively milky load from his sweaty uncut cock. The tension of many hours on the battlefield shows on this studly sailor's face. Hours of working and bodybuilding show in his impressive physique. A small, but sexy patch of hair adorning his massive pecs. Decked out in the Navy's latest version of blue and grey digi-cammies, he looks ready for battle. Tom starts off by sitting pensively on the trunk while tenderly stroking his camouflaged crotch. As the bulge in his pants expands, he just has to whip his big uncircumcised sausage out and whack it around. Like the enemy retreating from a heavy fire-fight, Tom's clothes begin to peel away; revealing more skin and muscles. He leans back smirking while squeezing that swollen chubby into a tremendous and intimidating soldier, Visibly working up a sweat. Tom cools things down for a bit by bending over - the crack of his juicy ass cl
Cumshot on monitor
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Description: A guy on CL said he wanted me to creampie his wife and let him suck out the cum. He ask for proof that I can shoot big loads and sent me some photo's of his wife's pussy. This is what I filmed for him. Like most CL users he flaked out and never tasted my cum.
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Description: Mike is a 21 y/o straight dude who said he's been thinking about trying his hand in porn. In case the tattoos and ****-tags didn't already give it away, he's in the military. There seemed to be some fuzzy lines around his definition of "straight." He told a story about 7 of his military buddies whacking off together around a porno mag when things went a little further. "We started jacking each other off," he said with a laugh. "You know, it's like help a buddy out." I saw that as an opportunity to help my new buddy out. When I reached out to start stroking Mike's thick cock he didn't flinch at all and even let out a little gasp. Mike flipped over giving me access to his furry ass. I could feel his cock swell up in my hand when his hole was getting rubbed so I knew it was time to finish him off. Mike's cumshot was SO intense. It took a minute to get him to the edge, and with all that built up pressure he shot squirt after squirt of cum that covered his chest and landed cl
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Description: While browsing a sporting goods store, Jonathan Agassi isn't so much interested in buying jockstraps as he is getting his hands all over the young and burly beefcake Marko Lebeau. They don't waste time -- Jonathan is a passionate guy, and he takes Marko into a booth, pulls the young man's dress pants down, and slips his cock into his mouth. Marko loves every moment of Jonathan's acrobatic lips and tongue -- he moans and breathes heavy, all the while looking around to see if the couple's sexual deed will be discovered. Before long, Marko is down on his knees with Jonathan's dick in his mouth, and Jonathan being the hedonist he is, aggressively makes Marko to choke on his meat. But pumping mouth is not enough -- it's Marko's meaty ass that Jonathan craves most, and on the open floor of the store they're using as a personal playground, Jonathan fucks Marko hard and fast in various positions before Jonathan cums on his own chest and sucks a load out of Marko as the grand finale to their cl
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Description: Mi correo para los pajeros como yo es Estaba mas caliente que la cresta!! Viva el 18!!
Rica culeada
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Description: Nos dan una cláse de como culear rico y disfrutar de una buena verga... Chicos aprendan!!! Que rico gime el cabrón!
Sexo Oral en el Mall 01 (Chile)
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Description: En un clásico mall del Gran Stgo...adivinan cual es???.. No hay duda, CHILE ES CALIENTE!!!! xDDD Este tipo que no conozco y que por casualidad iba pasando por ese mall lo pille chanchito chupandosela a un wn, este es el primer video...ojala lo siga pillando mas veces xDDDD
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