Big Dick Billy
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Description: You gotta love this little redneck fucker. He makes his living travelling the country building Circuit City stores. Typical trailer trash, Billy loves to play with that big dick of his, and have his ass fucked. He'll make someone a great partner when he decides to settle down.
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Description: Thomas is definitely one of those guys who doth protest too much. Originally from the South Beach area (uhm, HELLO!), Thomas is a former circuit guy who considers himself "mostly straight" because he only hooks up with "extremely hot guys." No seriously... he said that! I'm sorry, but I have yet to hear a scientist or psychologist refer to sexual orientation in terms of the hotness factor of the participating sexual partner. ROFLMAO! And speaking of... Thomas is HOT! Thomas' dick is HUGE! And I worked Thomas over like the master cock manipulator that I am! Enjoy!
Pony Training
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Description: Master Shamus is in the ******Top's stable, waiting for a pony ride around the exercise area. He doesn't like to be kept waiting. New pony boy james isn't ready, quickly undressing when ordered to do so by Shamus, getting down on all fours. This ride had better be excellent or the thick leather belt in the Top's hand will be getting plenty of use today. The strong, muscular looking pony soon tires, attempts by Shamus to get it to move faster by beating it are futile as it becomes more exhausted with every circuit. The pony's rump glows red from the severe beating Master Shamus is giving it; It's clear the Top is going to ride this useless little fucker into the ground.
Straight Naked Cowboys
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Description: Ty Frost has been away touring on the Rodeo Circuit. He wasn't happy when he returned to find other cowboys on StraightNakedThugs. Ty had broken ground on SNT by proving that even though he wasn't a thug, he was just as much of a badass as any of the guys in the crew. "Some of these other guys might be real OG's (original gangstas) but I'm the OC (original cowboy) on SNT and I'm gonna keep it that way! Fuck those other ****hand, fake-ass cowhands!" This video starts out with Ty talking right to you but then he gets interrupted by his best friend and fellow cowboy, Lee Barstow. Both guys are fired up by the other cowboys on SNT and they are out to prove that they should be your favorite naked cowboys - so they start playing with their cocks and begin to strip. Ty has thickened up a little over the past year and Lee's naked body is in better shape than ever. These two naked cowboys masturbate as their bodies flex, tighten and twitch. Lee sits down and leans back, showing off his naked, f
T-Porn, ThugZilla, Casanova 26G, Melsogifted, Phoenix & 			Prettyboi
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Description: The boys have really gone hard with their workout in this new gangbang video. They've lined themselves up for a gym circuit of oral sex - and they're going to be as tough as personal trainers on the boys sucking hard on their tools.
Carey Lexes, Colin Reeves and Ruslan Brodovich
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Description:  If there's the Tour de France, then this video has got to be a part of the Tour de Fuck. Three hot Euro cyclists stop off from their circuit to engage in an outdoor threeway that'll have at least one of them too sore to hope back on that bike seat.
L.A. Zombie, Dark Alley Media
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Description: A lone hulking creature (international adult star and model, Francois Sagat) emerges from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Possessing the ability to reanimate the dead through depraved acts of man-sex, our creature prowls the streets of Los Angeles looking for corpses to gorge his sexual thirst. A critically acclaimed movie on the festival circuit, L.A. Zombie is cinematic, erotic, and pushes the envelope of art, porn, and the zombie-horror genre.
Ripped Straight Lifeguard
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Description: Darren is a 22 year old bright eyed boy who is addicted the warm tropical weather found on our Island. He is extremely active and experienced in Parkour - a type of athletic circuit training which includes running, jumping and climbing on both urban walls and jungle environments. Check out his RIPPED upper body and muscle butt! This is one solid sportsman! Originally from Pennsylvania, Darren is a lifeguard at a swanky Waikiki resort hotel. I actually spotted him on his tower, peacefully overlooking a group of Japanese tourists enjoying the hotel swimming pool. With his cute face, radiant smile and polite charm he is a stand out in any crowd! At first I could not determine his ethnic background, but once he dropped his board shorts his strong Polish / Italian heritage was evident by the big Euro sausage between his legs. Darren has a massive member which he loves touching and jerking. Like Jesse, Darren is a "switch hitter" - he comfortably swaps jerking his heavy meat with both ha
autobahn wanking and happy end
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Description: Horny boy driving and wanking same time and ofcourse happy end with his favorite song Sonny j - Cabaret Short Circuit I hope you enjoy my first self wanking video from Turkey
ClubAmateurUSA Straight & Open Minded Thomas
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Description: Thomas is definitely one of those guys who doth protest too much. Originally from the South Beach area (uhm, HELLOOOOOOOOOOO!), Thomas is a former circuit guy who considers himself