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Description: Mario is a cool dude I met in Texas. He was short on cash and wanted to make some quick money so I stripped him down to his undies and let him stroke his thick uncut cock for my camera.
Chubby Cyruz On The Rack
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Description: Cyruz returns for his first tickle torture session on the tickle rack. Hunter and Idol are the ticklers who put this chubby Asian boy through a laughter filled tickle fetish adventure!
Twink earns a fuck
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Description: Chubby old guy sucks and fucks a smooth young boy
Robson Gives Head Under the Office Desk
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Description: Watch this fat chubby boss welcoming to his office a husky hairy working class daddy-bear.
Twink Boy Jerkers
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Description: Let's play dress-up with this Japanboyz.com twink; he'll start by adding a little “sock” to his cock. Wanting to show off his latest fashion design, the boy models just how to keep warm during these cold winter months in Japan. If you're ever in Japan, this “Twink Boy Jerkers,” would be more than happy to help keep you warm, “sock” optional. The rest of this video is all about the flirtations of the director and model; I hope you enjoy the smell of pheromones. He is a cutie and has a real sexy aura around him; this is evident by the reactions of the director, who also videotaped this scene. As he converses with the director, check out the twink's flirtatious answers and the voice of the videographer; I can almost smell the excretions as the boy is “interviewed.” The director even starts answering his own questions so that the boy can just sit there and smile, coyly.
Corporal Ryder Licks His Precum
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Description: James leans back against the bed and squeezes glistening clear fluid from his perfect chubby before dabbing it off with his finger and slowly licking it, getting deeper into his mission. Getting on his knees, James continues to fuck his firm grasp while staring off and fantasizing about all the girl's holes he's plugged up with his fat cock sliding in and out of them. He bends over allowing the camera to peer down into the furry crevice of his ass while he jerks harder before getting back up and reclining on the cot to finish what he started. Jacking faster and faster, he roars towards the finish line, building up momentum until catapulting a gigantic glob of little white solders all the way onto his neck. He follows the impressive explosion up with laying a few more long ropes of jism draped across his brilliant smooth abs. Finally at the end James scoops up a heap of his cum and wipes it across his tongue, as he swallows his load and smiles looking completely at peace.
Navy Studs Strokes Uncut Cock
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Description: Tom starts off by sitting pensively on the trunk while tenderly stroking his camouflaged crotch. As the bulge in his pants expands, he just has to whip his big uncircumcised sausage out and whack it around. Like the enemy retreating from a heavy fire-fight, Tom's clothes begin to peel away; revealing more skin and muscles. He leans back smirking while squeezing that swollen chubby into a tremendous and intimidating soldier, Visibly working up a sweat. Tom cools things down for a bit by bending over - the crack of his juicy ass close and fresh. With his cock at full salute, he gets back up to begin jerking even harder. Finally hovering over the trunk, Tom cant take it any more as he launches grenades of semen all over the room which explode everywhere upon impact.
Badpuppy Vilem
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Description: During his workout, 21 year-old Vilem gets a little distracted by the chubby that he's popping in his shorts & has to take a pause for the cause. Enjoy!
Badminton Boy starring Yuta
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Description: In our exclusive Japanboyz interview, we find out that Yuta loves Badminton. That's a perfectly fitting sport for this sexy bad boy. Here we catch him performing in other favorite sport...masturbation! But this kinky boy loves to think about badminton players while he's jacking off, which is why you can find him rubbing his cock against his tennis racket and using it to play with his sexy butt. Yes, Yuta is a sport fan indeed, but we're more of a fan of watching this sweet and hot Japanese stud score with his own big money shot!