Bear Fever
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Added: 25 Sep 13
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Description: Something hot is going on in here! First Chase catches sight of his hot furry lover bear Xenos's butt cleavage, and their ordinary evening plans get consumed in the fire of their passion. Next tall, dark, handsome Ali warms up horny blond Brian, before sending his temperature higher than either of them imagined. Finally, CowBear and Titen take their lovemaking to the boiling point, exploring each other in more ways than you can shake a thermometer at. It's bear fever, and you're about to catch it.
Down to Business
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Description: Real Men Volume 16 - Sometimes a businessman needs to take a break from the office to loosen up his tie, unzip his pants and get some relief from another man. Watch these eight men as they get off in and out of their suits.
Bears of Paris
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Description: It's a normal day in Paris, but an indiscreet camera wanders around and peeks in places where bears are fucking.
Bottom Slut Rough Fucked
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Description: After filming Vinny's first bareback scene with Angel North he was still horned up and wanted to get fucked even more. Vinny asked Brandon if he wanted to step out from behind the camera and give him a good hard drilling. Brandon knows that Vinny likes it rough and rarely gets it as rough as he likes it. Brandon slaps Vinny's hand away when he gets too eager for cock and then once Vinny's underwear are off he wraps it around his neck. The fucking got so intense that Brandon busts his load deep in Vinny's ass and just keeps on pounding.
Chub Barebacked by Chaser
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California Bears
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Description: From the Lone Star Saloon in San Francisco to other cubbie holes in the city, we follow the adventures of these wild and wooly bears!
Chubbybears multiple analorgasm
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Cummy Bears
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Description: These 10 hairy, sexy Bears cum and jizz all over each other...they are sweet enough to eat!
Big Daddies Big Load
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Big Ben and his British Bears
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Description: Ten of the hottest nastiest bears and cubs strip down and show that upper lips aren't the only thing the Brits keep stiff! Shot entirely on location in the UK, Big Ben and the British Bears may be the wildest, most hard-pounding bear video ever. Join us in London's wildest hot spots as we go underground in search of bear adventure.
Angel takes Vinny's Bareback Cherry
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My first online jerk
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Description: My first jerk video, was in the mood and felt like filming it. Was a little nervous but I enjoyed myself.
Panties and Lace Stockings
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 Horny Cocksucker Gets Dirty
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Description: Charlie Stone is the son of an 80s porn star and he's here to follow in his ******'s footsteps. Dad did straight porn. But Dirty Tony has different plans for this apple not falling far from the proverbial tree. Charlie's got a very innocent boyish face. But his sexual pedigree tells a different story, and so does the massive, colorful tattoo on his chest. He's been in orgies, gotten finger fucked, and even sucked off a guy during a 3-way with his girlfriend. After discovering that his g-spot is in his asshole, he's experimented a few times with "objects". So, once this sexy auburn-haired second generation porn star starts to whack his meat in front of me, I start to develop a little chub in my jeans. He notices and asks me to help him out with his audition. I move closer and he eagerly unbuttons my fly and immediately starts to devour my purple-hued sausage. For a guy that hasn't done much with other guys before, he knows how to use his mouth. He uses his tongue ring to to tickle the
Cub Between
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Description: A chubby cub gets it from both ends in this hot Chub on Chub on Chub video!