Mates Part 3 - Men of UK - Paddy O'Brian, Paul Walker & Darius Ferdynand
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Description: After ******** with his *********'s hot fiancé (Rocco Reed) on his wedding day, Landon Conrad wants a taste of that dick after it's married. Rocco is happy to oblige and more than willing to double down on the scandal by inviting the towel boy (Micah Brandt) to join in for dick sucking, ass smacking, hole pounding threesome!
Take Me Instead - Drill My Hole - Mike De Marko & Topher Di Maggio
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Description: Poor Landon Conrad just found out his wife has been two-timing him and heads to a hotel bar to drown his sorrows. Brett Carter lends a sympathetic ear that quickly turns into a sympathetic mouth to suck his dick right before he gets plowed in his tight ass!
Hot For Twinks Threesome
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Description: Chaz Kramer is suspicious his boyfriend Kyle Baglie is cheating on him, especially when Axel Johnson, the gay guy next door enters abruptly. After a dramatic confrontation, horny Axel decides to take the path of least resistance and starts kissing his two buddies. All three twinks swap dicks, but deep-throating Axel’s 10” dick is a major challenge! Chaz and Kyle pressure Axel into submission. Axel bends and spreads for Kyle’s dick and soon begins riding it! Chaz moves in and fucks Axel while Axel sucks Kyle off! You are gong to love the triple-decker sandwich, served up with some dick-tingling double-penetration! The temperature gets ****** when Kyle and Chaz give jizz-dripping facials to Axel, while he strokes his 10” to completion!
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Description: Things done in the dark will always come to light. Meet Spikey headed William. Pictured next to him is his current boyfriend's ex boyfriend. He has been hanging out at the house regularly since William moved in. At first he was coming over to re-kindle things with his ex but as time went by, William is the one he started to care about and began hooking up with. They even fucked when the poor bastard was ****** and *********** in the bed next to them! They decided it was time to come clean, break his heart, and move on.
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Description: Gingivitis: No. Hepatitis: eh, let's just choose to assume they rim each other anyway. This is Chad. His boyfriend, whom he lived with, decided that things just weren't working out anymore. He replaced chad with a new, muscly, black guy and told Chad to move his shit out. Probably should have put the new guy's toothbrush in a safe place or at least monitored your angry ex as he packs his things. The toothbrush is first used to scrub down the bathroom and then it gets a good "white-washing" of its own.
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Description: Hell hath no fury like a **** person scorned. This is Hunter. His boyfriend wouldn't let him get the puppy he wanted and lied about why. Later, that boyfriend made the tragic mistake of getting a cat. Hunter was not pleased. It seems that in all the time they've been dating, Hunter has never blown the guy. Sucks for him! ... Bahahaha. Well, at least he'll get to watch Hunter give head even if he will never feel it. Next time just get your boyfriend the goddamn **** motherfucker.
Horny Student Cheats with the Teacher
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Description: Dean Holland is so horny, he can't stop cheating on his boyfriend. His teacher Danny Brooks suggests he try using a sex toy but Dean insists he needs help figuring out how! Danny sticks the glass dildo up Dean's ass, letting him suck his dick while he does.
Twink is Coerced into Cheating on Boyfriend
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Description: Adam Scott and Preston Andrews have an erotic forbidden fuck when Adam seduces Preston into cheating on his boyfriend. It takes some convincing but soon Preston is shoving his cock deeper into Adam's mouth, demanding an ultra deepthroat blowjob.
Walking in on a hot boy
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Description: The boy was clearly having a boring night. Alone in the kitchen, away from his lover, he thought he'd chat up some hot dude on the interwebs. Soon he was ready to whip his thing out and let the guy on the other end see his cock! The twink's older lover spent some time watching the whole thing secretly and got the meanest boner ever. Well, the boy had to make up for something which looked quite a bit like cheating! He got fucked by his older lover right there and then - and check this out, the webcam was on the whole time!
Straight Dude Cheats on GF Sucking and Fucking
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Description: Check this hot scene of a dude cheating on his gf by sucking and fucking some guy.