2Bottoms for 1Tops....Jim Kerouac,Phillipe Gaudin & Colin Hewitt
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Added: 16 Oct 14
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Description: It is a lucky top who gets the change to fuck both Colin and Phillipe at one time, and today is Jim's lucky day.Nobody does it like BelAmiOnline.com!
Fingering Trevor's Tight Hole
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Description: Seth jumps on Trevor, slamming every inch into his hungry hole. With his raging hard-on slapping against Trevor, Seth changes it up and starts plowing Trevor's puckered hole. After a few more rounds of fucking, Trevor rams his throbbing member back into his lucky bottom. The hairy otter can take it no longer and blows rivers of hot, creamy jizz all over his furry stomach, while still getting fucked. Trevor, eager to show his own load, pulls out, and busts wads of white pearly juices into Seth's awaiting mouth. Seth feeling the hot man gravy in his mouth, gets turned on again and shoots one more hot load all over Trevor's face. Two huge dicks have never looked so good fucking each other!
Marco Bill & Marcel Gassion
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Description: This is actually Marcel's very first scene that he did on camera for us, so it is very interesting to note how he has changed physically, and also as a performer since this time. The lucky guy who got to claim Marcel's on camera cherry is Marco Bill.Nobody does it like BelAmiOnline.com
Golden Gate Season 1 Scene 3
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Description: Golden Gate Season 1 Scene 3 Naked Sword Episode 3: "Self Service" A chance encounter at a gas station reconnects old friends Steven (Rusty Stevens) and Adam (Dayton O'Connor). They haven't seen each other since high school and a lot has changed. But then again, a lot hasn't. After a hot oral session in a sleazy gas station bathroom, they go back to Adam's flat where the two fuck and suck each other's brains out in an explosive flip-flop session that will leave you breathless.
Wipe That Pole Clean
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Added: 25 Sep 14
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Description: Paul Fresh doesn't mind "moving a rod" for Joshua X, as long as there is "a hole" in it for him. These two sweaty workers take some time to get hard and off. Joshua gives it up, tied to the post, and Paul gets top honors for "work done with a tool." For these two, sucking, spitting and gagging is just the foreplay. After the blow jobs, Paul bends the bottom over to "salivate" in the beefcake's hole. Slapping and "tenderizing the meat," Paul then goes in and fucks the hell out of the bottom. We get some great close-up and "tight" angles. Don't worry about Joshua's groans; it just helps Paul keep pace. Changing into various positions, these laborers stay hard throughout; Joshua enjoys "scratching" Paul's abs with his cock, before he turns around and "wags his ***." Holding the bottom's hips down, Paul starts to thrust from below and both are on the edge. With a "fuck me baby," the bottom squeezes out every last drop of jizz. The top shoots up from below, back into Joshua's hole and then
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Added: 05 Sep 14
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Description: Please let me introduce Jan, our new colleague. He recently joined our team and is eager to proof his „counseling abilities“. He has a funny attitude towards his job. He doesn't consider sex as sinful at all. Not even the fact that most of the clients are straight would ever change his mind. So he is exactly that kind of guy which fits our team perfectly. Today he had his first appointment. The guy who called lived in some sort of social housing. This is a place where you can go when you have lost your apartment already. It is not a nice place but it's really cheap. Jan had a different approach towards this guy. He wrote down all his debts and offered to pay them one by one. For an adequate reward of course.
Getting a street twink to pound yo ass
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Added: 29 Aug 14
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Description: Fooling around with this boy was so enjoyable the older guy decided to change things a bit. Guess what he did? Of course, he demanded the twink's pulsing pecker in his horny ass right away! Bottoming with a random boy he had just picked up in the streets turned the guy on like crazy. He took this delicious Latino dick from all angles and pushed his face under the stroking boy's sack willing to get every drop of his yummy seed. Well, not bad for a random hookup in town!
Solo Old Brett Jerks off
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Description: Handsome, rugged, mountain man/entrepreneur, I don't think all of his screws are tight. Loves to play with his pre-cum (think he would have gone all day). Makes you very uncomfortable with his constant changing of the subject, but that big dick can make most of us overlook his faults!
Four In The Back
Category: Bareback
Added: 13 Aug 14
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Description: Here is where it gets nasty. This is a place one cock is added to three, and BackRoomFuckers.com has it all on video. A total of four sexy fuckers go in, and all “cum” out a load lighter. Lying on his back, Logan McSinnach waits for Jason Phisher to come play. They are later joined by Colby Star and finally, Forrest Longview. Into “below the belt” action, the first two guys work on one another with the “background music” a scream. Swallowing a mouthful, Colby “heads” on back. Licking up the length of Jason, both Logan and Colby get even more help when Forrest joins. The boys kiss, suck and take turns, on and off the camera, to enjoy the night. With the foursome jerking their cocks, it doesn't take long before Logan offers up his ass, and is gleefully pounded by Jason. The close-up angle really shows how these fuckers love to share. “Harder and deeper,” are the bottom boy's only requests; he does get a nice squirt of “lube” as the guys take their turns blowing.
Suck that Arab dick
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Description: We decided to mix it up for a change and bring you some interracial gay bareback sex. This sexy African twink goes sex crazy over his sex mate, who is a very hot Arab twink.
Brazilian Toilet Fuck
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Added: 25 Aug 14
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Description: Rodrigo Lobo and Antonio Gallvam meet in a bar and start to flirt. Soon they move to a toilet stall for some alone time. The skinny boy isn't afraid of all those inches and goes down on Rodrigo's dick. They move to less cramped quarters where Antonio has easier access to Rodrigo and continues his servicing. Antonio can't wait to give up his ass and Rodrigo pokes around at it until finally sliding in. Antonio effortlessly takes a harsh fucking from big dicked Rodrigo. Changing positions, Rodrigo grinds into Antonio missionary, before both spill onto Antonio's stomach.
Cruising for a Breeding Scene 3
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Description: Cruising for a Breeding Scene 3 Factory Video The sacred art of cruising isn't dead... but the rules have changed. So how do you find your load? In Cruising for a Breeding, of course! Horny studs cruise each other on the internet, via phone apps, on the streets, and wherever they can - each one looking for the hottest bareback sex and hot loads they can find. The film also features the music of the gay punk rock band The Gloryholes which is in and on itself a nice treat!
Cruising for a Breeding Scene 2
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Description: Cruising for a Breeding Scene 2 Factory Video The sacred art of cruising isn't dead... but the rules have changed. So how do you find your load? In Cruising for a Breeding, of course! Horny studs cruise each other on the internet, via phone apps, on the streets, and wherever they can - each one looking for the hottest bareback sex and hot loads they can find. The film also features the music of the gay punk rock band The Gloryholes which is in and on itself a nice treat!
Cruising for a Breeding Scene 1
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Description: Cruising for a Breeding Scene 1 Factory Video The sacred art of cruising isn't dead... but the rules have changed. So how do you find your load? In Cruising for a Breeding, of course! Horny studs cruise each other on the internet, via phone apps, on the streets, and wherever they can - each one looking for the hottest bareback sex and hot loads they can find. The film also features the music of the gay punk rock band The Gloryholes which is in and on itself a nice treat!
Gay Blow and AssFuck
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Description: A sexy gay and his boyfriend suck deep throat blow job and then let him ride his hard cock for a nice barebacking gay fucking action. See them on a sizzling bareback seat changing from front and ***gy position.
Outdoor Slow Fuck
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Description: In this scene, Cody Parker and Kai Summers decide to cool off with a friendly water fight. But the game changes when Cody tackles Kai to the ground, whips out his 9 inches and takes aim. Cody gets a natural high, as he slow fucks his buddy in the outdoors.
Young Ethan Beats Off
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 30 Aug 14
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Description: Ethan is a smooth skater boy with an impressive and veiny dick poking out of his boxers. While jacking off, he almost never uses any classic strokes, preferring to manipulate his massive cock in a variety of interesting ways. Even if he's a little shy, this dude obviously enjoys being watched. Getting close, Ethan changes to traditional stroking, ultimately spewing a surprisingly heavy load of cum all over himself.
Christian And Eduardo
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Added: 31 Jul 14
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Description: Latino gym buddies Cristian and Eduardo find they have the gym all to themselves. So today they decide to change their workout routine which happens to include some serious anal penetration cardio workouts. Eduardo face fucks his buddy for a while then the two hotties get down to some pucker poking and high velocity ass pounding.
Alexandre & Andre
Category: Bareback
Added: 15 Jul 14
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Description: We joint muscular Latinos Alexandre and Andre in bed and already down to their underwear. As they make out, the top is already getting hard and soon has cock in hand. We don't have to wait long for the bottom to go down on that monster. He sucks his man for quite a long time and then gets on all fours for some fingering and ass rimming. The ass play continues in several positions, before the bottom gives his top another cock servicing. With that uncut dick nice and hard, the bottom lowers himself onto it and the fucking begins. A change in position, and some hard fucking, does the trick. The bottom shoots first and then takes a load of warm cum on his face and chest.
Brazilian Orgy - Julio Andrade, Ulises Cuen, Davi Lettao, Abilio
Category: Brazilian
Added: 14 Jul 14
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Description: Renato Morales on the beach could nearly be the scene on its own. Watching him change into his stripper outfit, though, begs for more. Thank goodness for porn! Some porn of his own and that big ol' dong of his is up and ready. Ulises Cuen at the door is a lovely addition to the solo scene that starts it all. A couple of dudes sitting back and watching some pussy-porn together. What could be better!? More dudes sitting back together, that's what! Some making out and some time on the phone leads to the arrival of some smiling studs in the form of Julio Andrade, Davi Lettao, and Abilio Camara. Holy fuck! It doesn't take much convincing to get Ulises to give these studs a live cocksucking show. He fists his own bone while working Renato's thick bone with his mouth. Well, until Abilio comes over and gives him some oral assistance. That leaves Davi and Julio to start a nice makeout and groping session on the other side of the room. From there on it's a mess of cock sucking, lip locking
Taking Cock
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Added: 10 Jul 14
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Description: After drilling Alex's hole like a rock quarry, Clayton lays back and let's his partner do some of the work for a change. Alex straddles Clayton's big muscular legs and firmly presses his tight boyhole against that big throbbing hardon until it firmly slides inside of his ecstatic rectum, and each can feel the pulsating tribal rhythm of their heartbeats together as they begin to pound their way towards the reality-exploding orgasm on the horizon. Finally, Clayton pushes Alex onto all fours and mounts him from behind, thrusting his mansword deep into the asshole all the way to the hilt. Alex bucks backwards against Clayton's rock hard cock until he can't take it any longer, getting on his back and spewing thick strands of explosive jizz all over his chiseled stomach. Clayton almost simultaneously dumps a quart of chunky white cum into Alex's starving mouth and they both look like they need to be hooked up to life support.
4 inch dick - collect donations for penis enlargement.
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Description: Good day. My name is Marvin, I am 26 years old and come from Germany. In this way I try to collect money for a penis enlargement. This is my little 4inch penis. So many women have laughed at him. It is so bad that I now suffering from severe depression. But this is about to change. I'd also like to play with the big ones. Therefore, I question here now for donations for a penis enlargement. Please donate some spare change. Some money that does not hurt you, but can change my life. Paypal: Marvin.K @ ok.de
Tylers Sexual Adventure Part3
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Added: 25 Jun 14
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Description: Tyler Evans and Chad Alexander do what they do best, one another. These two hotties are on a bed, and mission, to get up and off. For Straight Rent Boys, this is the “Tyler's Sexual Adventures #3” video. Filmed years ago, it still is a hot talked about video of armature boys and their toys. I had fun taping these two in the studio; the same studio we rented years ago, and have just returned to. Wait, I can still smell the jizz of past models, or maybe it's the futon. Enjoy guys and gals. Chad is on Tyler's cock as fast as he can open his mouth; “oh yeah” moans Tyler. Thrusting up to meet Chad's wet mouth, Tyler decides to switch things up and goes down on Chad's dick. Chad was up from the start; “oh yeah” whines Tyler. This is in response to Chad asking Tyler to, “suck that dick.” The boys change to a 69 as both taste the flavor of each other; “oh fuck yeah, nice big cock” says Chad as he “chokes on Tyler's chicken.” As Chad gags, Tyler shows his excitement, ora
Straight Guys Caught On Tape 6 Scene 5
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Description: Straight Guys Caught On Tape 6 Scene 5 XP Videos Real guys caught on camera! Obsessed roommates, vengeful ex-girlfriends, and peepin' toms capture straight men on hidden cameras. ********, changing, in the shower, even jacking off. Watch these men as they go about their lives unaware they are being filmed. and you'd be surprised at what they do when they think no one's watching! Reality at its best!
Ticklish Hunter Returns
Category: Asian
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Description: Asian tickle boy Hunter has changed a bit during his nearly 4 year absence from Laughing Asians. Fortunately the things that really matter haven't changed a bit. He's just as ticklish, if not more, and he's gotten even more hunky and sexy looking with his hot body. We strapped Hunter down on our tickling rack and released our sadistic ticklers Argie and Vahn on him. First was Argie. Hunter became instantly hysterical as Argie's fingernails began to slither and flicker up and down his smooth brown torso and crotch. Then he went for Hunter's incredibly hot Asian male feet. If you're really into male feet tickling, this video will certainly make you erupt. Argie and Vahn's foot tickling finger action is incredible, especially when dancing and flickering on such sensitive ticklish feet like that of Hunter's. You will want to watch this one over and over again. It's certainly one that is going to go down as top 10 greatest tickle videos in my opinion!
Suck Boy Guzzles
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Description: Once again, getting off for Aleksandr is a simple mouth away, as he calls Mahail over for a nice warm time. With Aleksandr's large uncut cock, the “open your mouth” invitation is quickly gobbled up. These two Boykakke.com models are so into giving and receiving, they don't even notice the camera; or maybe it turns them on even more. A nice “suck my nuts” view is presented, followed by a “choke on my log” shot. Mahail is so into his “job,” he doesn't even realize Aleksandr stripping him. As the pair cop a squat, Mahail multitasks with a bit of a tug on his own dick. Aleksandr changes positions to accommodate his “face fuck” friend. Swallowing even more, Mahail is a perfect “suck boy.” Using Aleksandr's moans as a guide, Mahail has him on the edge. Blowing his nut into Mahail's opening, Aleksandr once again delivers his best; greedily guzzled and swallowed.
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Description: Cold and windy weather is killing me. But the need to screw some youngster was stronger than me. I've chosen to hunt in the city centre. It was so cold that I really didn't care who I will approach. Immediately when I've switched on the cam I started to talk to every single guy passing me by. First two, not even that cute, said NO. Well not everyone in Prague wants to be fucked, I guess. I was thinking to change the position but then I met a third guy. Young, bit arrogant but still funny skater boy. He was very self confident about his sex skills, especially with girls and even confessed that he already had one night stand with another dude. Oh man, the vision of money and the wind blown us into the hotel where we had a jacuzzi and we both enjoyed it.
Doing Fuji, Who Wouldn't?
Category: Asian
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Description: Fuji and Yura check out Japanboyz.com and one of their earlier scenes. Looks like these two like to watch as they play; Yura reaches over and grabs a handful of Fuji, who wouldn't? Getting “interactive,” the pair grind, stroke and kiss one another; Yura even does some nice tongue-on-one with Fuji's pits. Smelling Fuji's scent, has Yura wanting more; he rolls the boy up into a ball, and sucks Fuji's hole. Yura then becomes the focus of Fuji's tongue, hard cock and all. Working Yura's balls has him moaning, Fuji is happy to oblige. In a 69 and doing fine, both twinks have their mouths full of each other. Using a double-headed dildo, so no one gets left “behind,” Yura works it into Fuji first, then himself. Fully aroused, Yura pulls out the dildo and puts the "real deal” in Fuji. As the bottom boy's ass wiggles in delight, Yura just goes harder, again, who wouldn't? Changing it up with several hot positions, once Fuji is on his back, the boys click on one of their