Syou & Kawa-chan – Blow Buddies
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Description: Two new boyfriends submitted their hot sucking video to us as an amateur tape (in hopes we hire them to make more movies). Do you like Syou and Kawa chan? If so please comment and let us know so we can invite them!
Atsu-Chan Solo
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Description: Meet Atsu Chan, your Japanese boy next door! We start off with an interview with this hot young man and find out he loves Karaoke and cute boys. Although he doesn’t sing for us this week, he does show us his favorite masturbation position as well as cumshot. Then, he takes us on a tour of his bathroom where he takes a warm shower and we get to see that smooth body and ass getting wet.
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Description: First we meet Dosanko (left) and Atsu-chan (right) sitting on the bed introducing themselves before they start kissing. Dosanko goes right in for the nipple play and orally teasing Atsu-chan’s nipples. Then unbuckles his belt and heads south for the main entree… meat and potatos. I gotta say, Atsu-chan has a nice fat cock and suckable balls. Dosanko also notices the precum and starts playing with it in front of the camera. I do think We got ourselves a horny boy here! Then Dosanko goes down on Atsu-chan’s cock sucking like a pro and from the sounds of it, Atsu-chan agrees. After getting his cock sucked, balls licked and rimmed, Atsu-chan wants in on the “meat and potatos” and starts pulling off Dosanko’s clothes. The two lock cocks as they 69 and play with one another’s ass. Out comes the lube and Dosanko plays with Atsu-chan’s cock and fingers his ass. Once loosened up, Atsu-chan turns over on all 4’s and Dosanko ente rs Atsu-chan bareback. Atsu-chan whimpers like a
19 yo Asian Twink Fucked
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Description: Chan is mostly to and prefers to fuck, here he get fucked and it was one of his first times.
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Description: Filming Channing was one of my more challenging productions. Although the third shoot from my Dallas weekend, it's the last that I'm running because my takeaway was kinda "eh" after shooting wrapped up. It wasn't until I was in the middle of editing it this eve that I realized that there was quite a bit going on with Channing's visible
Pushing Channing's Sexual Boundaries
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Added: 06 Oct 12
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Description: In the middle of editing this shoot, I realized that there was quite a bit going on with Channing's visible & audible demonstrations of his pleasure beyond my focus orally on his semi-erect cock. He appeared trance like when I sucked him off and fingered his prostate at the same time.
David Chan's Latin Fantasy
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Description: Thanks to one of our members, we were introduced to the hot, hung, Chinese guy -- David Chan -- who is featured along with the Latin stud Valentino in today's update. David is 19yo and emanates from San Francisco. He is now a college student in Southern California studying International Business. You can really tell that these two guys have great chemistry for each other and in this part, they really get into making out. David then moves south to passionately suck on Valentino's 7 inch (17.8 cm) cock. Valentino reciprocates by sucking on David's HUGE cock. At 5 feet six inches (167 cm), David's cock looks even larger!
Channing Blows His Load
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Description: Casey Black goes to town on Channing; sucking, stroking and fingering his ass, which makes Channing's eyes roll back in his head, just before he blows his load!
SeXploring Channing
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Description: 25 year old Channing is straight, but has been curious in wanting to SeXplore his curiosity. As you know, I, myself, Casey Black love to unleash feelings in those straight, curious men. I'll start off easy with some rubbing and a bit of anal play to see how he responds.
Asian Cock Tasting
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Description: Chan got a delcious cock, and he likes getting sucked! Full movie at
19YO Thai Boy Fucked
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Description: Sweet Thai boy Chan get fucked good by white dude. Full movie at
Hung Muscle Black Boy Channing
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Description: Though Channing is working in finance, his long-range plan is to become a paramedic. He's a passionate athlete, playing just about every sport we could name and for non-competative activity he just loves to get out and dance. The deep voice, the affable smile and the athletic build are what first drew our attention to Channing and initially we were under the mistaken impression that he was straight. But Channing doesn't hedge on that issue in any way. He's gay, he's versatile and he likes his men confident and masculine. Channing is 22 years old, is 6'1
Asian Twink First Timer
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Added: 10 Dec 10
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Description: Chan who just turned 19 years old is back for harder action. This petite gay Asian [banned word] is quite a charmer, whit a pretty nice sized thingy in his pants. Here he tries to learn some cock sucking skills, but he still has much to learn. He also got his ass shaved before he got fucked, and it must be one of his first times. That hole was really tight, but soar and gaping when done! Chan also had a thing for his new imported Korean fashion shoes, so he fucked them and cum on them. See it all in***** members area!
Asian fucking his shoe
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Description: Chan is yet another lovely Aian boy. He just turned 19 and he is horny as hell. Here he is fucking his shoe. This guy LOVES fashion ;) see it all on*****
Chris Chan Takes a Shower.
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Added: 28 Feb 10
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Description: I was bored one day and decided I wanted to take a shower. I was thinking about one of my bfs that day. it felt soooo nice.
Bareback Asianesque
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Description: This super hot mix of ripped Asian and white ****s jocks offers something for everyone, including hardcore rim work, foot worship, sex on a ladder, beautiful outdoor photography and super hardcore oral and anal action starring up and coming fashion model Frankie Chan! Silky smooth skin, rock hard cock, ripped abs and the best interracial sex anywhere