Crime and Punishment
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Description: Jackson Price and Brian-Mark are caught trying to steal Wyatt Trash's bike from the park. Wyatt and Daddy Joe catch the two thieves and throw them in the back of their pickup.
Owen Hawk and Jay Hernandez
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Description: Hot bubble-butt bottom Jay Hernandez was so incredibly hot, he caught the attention of our resident uncut and hung Owen Hawk.
Ruthless Crowd Gang Fuck
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Description: Eli Hunter is caught trying to steal a piece of artwork and so he is punished, blindfolded and bound with some anal and face-fucking. He begs for mercy, but the crowd of horny men just laugh and continue to have their way with him.
Miles Gets His First Gay BJ
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Description: Not one to miss an opportunity, Dean leans in and starts to slurp on the head of Miles' meaty monster. He works his magic; trying to summon the treasure buried deep in Miles' scrotum. With the skill of a musician, he gives Miles and oral workout beyond compare. Mile's knees start to buckle and Dean leans in with excitement for the reward thats about to cum his way. As Miles' balls explode, thick white streams of jiz coat Dean's waiting tongue. His load sprays far back into Dean's throat and a nice pool of white is caught in Dean's beard. "Who do think gives better head, guys or girls?" Miles, answers with sincerity in his eyes, "I still think girls do". Don't worry Miles, I've got more ideas for you to try.
Anthony Gets Caught Jerking Off
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Description: Anthony is a healthy guy, with normal impulses. In this scene you'll find the naughty stud lying outdoors while he strokes his cock in masturbatory pleasure. Adam was just taking a walk when he stumbles upon Anthony and can't resist the temptation of joinin him for some hardcore action. Check it out as these two horny twinks take turns giving each other head before Anthony slams his cock up Adam's tight asshole. Wanna see more?
Blonde Bitchboy Has To Swallow Loads Of Cum
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Description: When things get beyond sweaty in the sauna two smooth slender twinks starting working on each other's achingly stiff cocks. They trade one blowjob for the next and push their bare cocks into each other before they're caught by another lad who wants in on the action and into some tight hole.
Caught Beating Off
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Description: Slutty pig bottom Jayson Park sneaks off into the members only sex room to jerk his cock and play with his hairy hole
Black Dudes Ruin A Bed With All Of Their Hot Fucking
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Description: This is an intense anal fucking of two ebony gays that is doing it in a passionate way. Black men watching a porn movie when his friend came over and caught him in the act. His friend also got wet. They hungry kissing, deep throat blowjob and fucking until they have reached the climax
Black Gangster Gets Pumped By White Dude
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Description: White guy visited his black friend when he caught this masturbating that gets him wet. Black gangster put him a blink fold then suck his balls and cock, fingering his tight ass hole then he also do it to him. Enjoy doing hard anal fuck and white guy eat black's cum
There's Cock Right Here
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Description: Seba is caught looking to hookup via the internet and Mike lets him know that there is plenty of cock to be had right at home as he pops out his big erect member and has Seba start sucking on it.
Military Cumpilation
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Description: A collection of the hottest cumshots of the previous year is our New Year's treat to you. More than 21 loads on display from multiple angles, and in slow motion glory. These military men are at full salute and unloading for your pleasure. We've captured cum-covered Marines enjoying the aftermath of a good fuck or their first gay blowjob, lifeguards with their holes puckered after a good long bang and jizz dripping from their mouths, and firefighters with their hoses erect and dripping with spunk after a long day of pounding and sucking. Watch expl*sion after expl*sion of these muscled hunks being caught on camera for the first time. Grab your cum rag and get comfortable!
Creaming Zayne's Ass
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Description: As you may already know, we're always on the hunt for new models. Before they are placed into a film, they must first come to an interview. Anyways, somehow we set up an interview with Joey. Joey seen that we were packing (moving our office) and offered to help. Later on, Zayne came in for his interview and seen Joey helping out. Zayne mentioned he wanted Joey's dick in his ass. We thought it would be a fantastic opportunity! We caught it!
Sneaky Fuck For young Offender Aslan Brutti
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Description: Aslan Brutti and his young mate slip out of their dorm room in the juvenile offenders' wing to make trouble in an empty isolation cell - stripping out of their prisoner uniforms and getting their throbbing twink cocks into as many holes as they can pump their raw loads in before they get caught.
Prison Breakers - Armando Bruno and Carlos
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Description: Miguel and his buddies, Isidro Alba and German Rojas, continue their exploration once they've seen what seems to be going on. It's clear that the action is getting them a little heated up as well when they start making out and groping each other in the cover of the trees. What the see at their second stop are three guys doing some work on the site. Bruno Bordas, Carlos Sanchez, and Armando Campos don't get much work done before they take a fuck break. One by one they unveil their big, uncut dicks and start giving each other a hot tongue bath. Bruno seems starved for dick and sucks his buddies dicks before taking first Armando and then Carlos up his ass. While the boys are fucking they almost get caught by the guard but are able to continue when he turns the other way. The size of the wads these guys dump on some filthy, old wooden pallets matches the size of their big dicks. Seems like pure luck that the guards couldn't hear them grunting as they shoot! They get their cover-alls up jus
Sneaky Fuck For Young Offender Aslan Brutti
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Description: Aslan Brutti and his young mate slip out of their dorm room in the juvenile offenders' wing to make trouble in an empty isolation cell - stripping out of their prisoner uniforms and getting their throbbing twink cocks into as many holes as they can pump their raw loads in before they get caught.
Catching Black
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Description: Talk about a marathon fuck! Gant held on to his nut as long as he could because he was caught up in that ass!
College Erotica
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Description: Boyfriends Andy Taylor and Ryker Madison cuddle in bed savoring their last moments together before Andy has to leave for a new life away at college. Ryker does his best to be supportive but the thought of getting left behind weighs heavily on him. With Andy gone, Ryker indulges himself watching TV, eating ice cream--anything to keep his mind off Andy--but when pizza boy Mitch Hudson shows up he literally gets caught with his pants down. Ryker is surprised again when another knock on the door reveals an emotional Andy! The two young lovers fall passionately into each other's arms refusing to let go the rest of the evening...
Horny Skater Bloke Caught Wanking
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Description: Hairy skater lad Cedric Hermes has settled in for an afternoon on the couch bating his dong to online porn when he gets a surprise visit from his beefy mate Seb Destructor, who's soon dealing with the pressure in Cedric's balls with his meaty ass.
Mack and Steve: Abduction and training
Category: BDSM and Fetish
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Description: Start where Steve Parker is hand cuffed & thrown into the back of MACK's big black sinister looking windowless van & taken to a secure location across town. He's collared, leashed, & led like a sack of fuck meat behind bars where his shirt is torn off & that beautiful hairy chest & abs we all love so much are shown to you by MACK like a hunters trophy. And then true to form MACK uses & *****s Steve with total disregard for Steve's needs and in doing so Steve gets exactly what he's needed for a long time. The pretty boy is caught jerking off so MACK puts him in a locked chastity belt & leaves him leg ironed to the bars for hours with nothing but a pair of his stinking week old cum & piss stained briefs to make sure “things remain hard” for Steve. Along the way, Steve is humiliated and ******. MACK mercilessly fucks & tortures the sweet unused hole between those amazing fuzzy globular ass cheeks. Every scream & holler of hurt is real as MACK trains Steve to pleasure a Man with his pu
Thick Dick Phat Ass
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Description: The last time we filmed in New Orleans we got caught in the middle of a storm that flooded our location. Since we were stuck in the hotel and didn't want to lose a day of filming we decided to make the most of our time by fucking wherever we the land was dry. Beef and Jaylen know how to do it wherever it needs to be done and they knocked it right out!
Category: Massage
Added: 31 Jan 14
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Description: Xander was back in my home taking his second spin on my massage table. And this one was caught on video. WOOF! With a long, thick cock and a big ol' set of low-hanging balls, Xander is perfect CAUSA material not to mention his moaning & groaning & thrashing about throughout a thorough pounding prostate massage. Hehehe... Enjoy!
College Jock Cum and Piss
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Description: Kyle is a sexy, college jock that we caught naked in the shower jerking off. After this sexy frat buy unloads a hugh cum shot then he pisses his dick clean! For more guys pissing including hardcore piss fetish gay porn take a free tour of and find out why its rated best gay porn fetish site!