r137: Signed Up
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Description: Tex and Linwood draw blindly from a bowl of tasks they signed up to perform on each other for cash. Paddling, teabagging and toe-sucking are all included, but when Linwood passes on a trick, he earns the penalty of being nutted on by someone else. And Milo is there to offer his services!
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Description: This was a strange experience for me. I was searching the streets of Prague - nothing special about that so far - when I noticed this young guy who appeared a bit lost. He was from Slovakia and he had obvious some problems to find his hotel. Apart from that he appeared to have no financial problems. He was in Prague for holidays even. And what was so strange? Well, we know that about 8-10% of the male adult population are gay. It is obvious that sometimes I meet somebody gay who even enjoys my „dirty offer“. But this one was definitely not gay. And he was not in need of money. And still he did agree. I still try to figure out what his motivation was.
Redhead's first gay massage
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Description: It took a while, but Perry finally needed the cash enough to get his first happy-ending massage from a guy. He'd got one before from a girl who he thought was just giving him a "regular" massage. Until she reached down and started jerking him off. Surprise! But it didn't stop him from being a repeat customer at that salon.
Category: Eastern European
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Description: I spent half the day in a usually crowded area without finding anyone attracting me enough to offer him a small fortune. Well, actually I must state that I met 2 or 3 guys but they were not willing to even listen to my offers. Not my day so far. But then I saw this young guy leaving the metro station. I almost had to run to catch up with him. He came from Ceske Budejuvice (a smaller Czech city) and was going to visit his girlfriend. I was happy to hear that he came from far away. Guys from Prague appear to be a bit spoilt recently. I told him that I record funny clips to upload on youtube. He agreed to run across the crowded place: butt-naked and for 1,000 crowns. How far would he go for real money?
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Description: I noticed this boy already half an hour before. He was standing there alone and seemed to wait for somebody. When I finally decided to approach him I realized that the access to a path leading up the hill was blocked. And he was just there to inform the people about it as this park is quite popular for skiing and sledding. Yes, that might sound strange for a few of my Western friends but this is some sort of a relict from the communist times. However, he was not really talkative although I though he should be happy that somebody offered a conversation. Must be really boring to stand there the whole day for about 500 crowns. So I offered him money for a small favor. It really took a whole while to convince him.
a060: Linwood's Audition
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Description: 19-year-old Linwood is a cyclist and an aspiring tattoo artist. He thinks he's just making some extra cash jacking off on camera, but today he's getting a casting couch bonus...the cum sucked out of his big dick.
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Description: When I say that I am into blondes that of course doesn't mean that I don't appreciate black-haired guys as well. The opposite is the case. I love their sometimes arrogant attitude. I especially enjoy to put them into a situation where they are about to loose that attitude - if you know what I mean. In this case I met a handsome guy from Usti who visited his granny in Prague. After a while I found out that he didn't even finish the school and was currently unemployed. And he was a bit short of money to put it this way. I realized that he had a problem with nudity so I decided to act step by step. I managed to make him follow me to a hotel and to jerk for me. But when I tried to proceed he was almost a bit aggressive. So I gave up. But a few days later he called me again…
Ginger stud's backhanded jerkoff
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Added: 15 Mar 14
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Description: 25 y/o Perry was looking for ways to make some quick cash when his girlfriend suggested that he give porn a try. He certainly seemed to have some great assets for it-- he's quite the powerhouse with a solid build and piercing blue eyes. And that was just what I saw before he dropped his pants.
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Description: In Dalton, I see a cross between Billy and DJ. He's got this great energy, attitude, and presence about him, and of course, Dalton loves the camera and the camera loves him. :-P When Dalton first contacted me on my favorite sex & swingers site, his primary interest was to do a masked, jackoff-4-cash video. Based on the pix on his profile, I brought him in to shoot that video which will eventually be on MysteryGuys when itlaunches later this year. My intuition (and a few verbal indicators on his profile) told me that if I got Dalton in for that shoot, I would be able to talk him into "A Rub & A Tug." It worked. So, today I present the hot, compact cub, Dalton. With a scrumdillyumptious bubble butt and a quite-tasty-looking uncut cock, hopefully, I can talk him into going further on video. He's a natural on camera, and judging from his constant erection, Dalton loves being played with. Enjoy!
Cashe Collins is hot
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Description: Cashe Collins is a gorgeous brunette hunk twink with big cock. See him putting his nice cock to work in this breathtaking semi-exclusive solo video. The takes his clothes off surely but slowly before starting to jerk off his luscious cock into an amazing orgasm.
Tear It Up
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Added: 01 Feb 14
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Duration: 0:02:00
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Description: Stag Homme presents Maikel Cash and Francesco D-Macho for the first time together in this deliciously passionate and primal fuck-flick ending with a fat "gulp it all down" oral cumshaw.
Dane's double fisted jerk off
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Description: Dane is 25 y/o, freshly out the Marines, and thought he'd try his hand making some cash doing porn. At 6' 1", he's a tall, lean guy with a bit of a wild side. He admitted that he jacks off "pretty constantly" and that he likes to show off. Once at a party, some friends who had heard he had a big dick wanted to see it. So, he whipped it out and jerked off in front of them!
Broke Frat Studs
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Added: 28 Jan 14
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Description: This filming took place by accident. But it's not entirely a bad thing. We had 2 studs who are in a real life frat approach us because they needed some quick cash for some party coming up. What the hell, we said okay. We told them to take control of the shoot. The more they do on film, the more they get paid. These 2 didn't want to fuck because they were afraid it would ruin their friendship but they've jacked off together. Well, Jesse wanted Mark to fuck him. These 2 started out jacking each other off. Once Jesse really wanted Mark's dick in his ass, he rolled over, threw his legs up in the air, finger fucked himself in hopes to have Mark fuck him. Unfortunately, he still wouldn't. But they did earn the cash they needed! Hopefully, next time they'll fuck!!!
America Fucks Fabian
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Description: These hotties will do anything for cash! Foxy Fabian looks so good with a beautiful uncut dick in his mouth, I can barely stand it. Apparently neither can America, after a slobbery suck off session, America demands a taste of Fabian's tight Latino ass. The greedy little cock-sucker is more than happy to oblige, and climbs up America's long hairy legs and sits on that big, hard, intact schlong. Riding and grinding, Fabian calls for more all-American dick in his hungry fuck-hole. And our straight-boy stud hammers away. With his legs shaking and his ass aching Fabian gets down on all fours and takes the facial like a real man. Did I mention I love straight boys?
Barebacking Mike Gate
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Description: We've asked Michael Bare to come back and join our little family after he was absent for a little while. Michael said sure and of course he's back today. This time, he asked if his friend could come with him and they fuck. They've been friends for a while, Michael Bare's friend (Mike Gate) needed some cash, and Michael's always wanted to fuck him. Today we made that dream cum true with Michael. Not only did Michael have the ability to fuck Mike, but he got to fuck him bareback. Mike wanted it too. Mike also wanted to swallow Michael's load. Today we've made everything happen for them and this is the outcome. A great outcome.
Billy Dewitt and Cash Montague
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Description: Cash Montague has just been released from prison. Instead of being good, he breaks into a fancy house and finds Billy Dewitt reading about black history. Cash whips out his big black dick, insisting the best way to learn about black history is by sucking him off. Billy playfully protests but it's clear he's turned on by the beefy, trash talking ex-convict. After a while, Cash slaps on a condom and orders Billy to ride him. The cute white boy straddles Cash and sits down on his dick, riding Cash before getting bent over. With his ass up in the air, Billy is ready to be taken. Cash stretching his hole while still talking dirty. Riding Cash once more, Billy then flips onto his back, spreads his legs, and shoots his load while Cash fucks it out of him. Burly Cash then blows his load all over the freshly fucked white boy, steals his watch and leaves, with the promise to return the following week with his homeboys.
Kamrun and Kelly Taylor
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Description: Black thug Kamrun is walking through a ritzy neighborhood, horny and in need of cash. When he picks "just the right house" he finds Kelly Taylor, an adorable white boy with long curly hair. Since Kamrun can't get any cash from him, he decides to wreck his hole. But first, he shoves his big black dick in Kelly's face. At first Kelly puts up a fight but it's soon clear he enjoys being used and taken. After sucking Kamrun and working his balls, he gets his own dick sucked. As aggressee becomes the aggressor, Kelly gets his ass rimmed and primed then mounted and fucked. The twink-like white boy works his hole on Kamrun, pushing him to the edge and sprays his load immediately after Kamrun shoots his.
r118: Warren and Bradley
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Description: Warren and Bradley go gay-for-pay, agreeing to get off together for cash. With some mutual j.o., blowjobs and greasy ass frottage, both shoot big loads and one of them is all over the other.
Workout buddies swap handjobs
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Description: Being workout buddies, Dakota and Preston's time together usually involves bench presses and pull-ups. Thankfully, with a little cash incentive, these two friends agreed to try a different kind of workout.
r116: Warren Blindfolded and Bound
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 24 Dec 13
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Description: For the right price, Warren agrees to be tied up, blindfolded and jacked off by another guy. Franco makes Warren cum using a masturbation sleeve on him, but can Warren cum a second time for extra cash?