Happy Trail - Moo and Nae
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Description: The boys are planning a hiking and camping trip when their pack leader sends a message via arrow that a **** has bitten him and that they should go on with out him. So off they go to find a good place to setup a campsite. While setting up camp Nae and Moo are inside their tent when Nae throws Moo down onto an inflatable doublewide mattress. Opening Moo’s shirt Nae goes to work sucking on his nipple. This creates a tent pole of another kind! Moo pulls Nae’s shorts down to reveal a big long thick Asian cock! Moo proceeds to lick it and suck it.
 Physical training
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Description: Timo and Kyle are reliving boot camp by showing each other some of the physical training they learned. First, Timo has Kyle rest his legs across his back. Then Timo does push ups while Kyle does tricep dips. After they've gotten a good upper body work out, Kyle lays on his back and kicks his legs up in the air. Standing above him, Timo grabs his feet and pushes them toward the ground. Kyle then kicks them back up, giving his abs a good work out. Kyle's mid-section isn't the only thing getting a workout today. Both of these military hotties are horny and eager to get at each other's cocks. Timo asks Kyle if he'd like to see his up close. Kyle eagerly dives in for some sausage swallowing. As he eagerly slurps and sucks, Timo closes his eyes and moans. Timo is the kind of guy that likes to suck dick as much as he likes getting his sucked. He rips down Kyleís camos and immediately starts slobbering on his knob like a good private. When he's got Kyle good and riled up, he bends him over the
straight marine fucks a gay dude in the ass for cash
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Description: military classified - watch this 18 year old straight marine just out of boot camp fuck a gay dude in the ass for cash
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Description: Petty Officer Conan says he wishes he'd tried something a little more adventurous when he was in the Navy. He spent most of his time behind a desk doing computer work. But, like any new recruit, he had some tough times when he was in boot camp.
Rob Tadeus and Igor Vinsky
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Description: 20 year old Rob Tadeus and 34 year old Igor Vinsky, come to us from across the pond. Their age difference certainly makes no difference to the. Rob begins by going down as best he can on Igor's fat uncut tool! He swallows Igor's monster, which he can only take about half way down his throat. He licks, sucks and strokes, getting Igor all horned up and ready to move in on Rob, who is bent over while Igor rubs and rims his throbbing hole. Rob lays on his back, boots up in the air while Igor gives him a hot ass munching, moving on to Rob's uncut tool, taking it deep, while Rob jerks Igor's man meat! Ready to take the plunge, Igor holds Rob's legs up, while giving him a good ass pounding, resulting in sounds of pleasured *****. Rob turns face down and Igor digs in from another angle. Rob gets in some ball play on Igor’s low hangers. Igor stands over Rob and they both begin jerking, with Rob cumming first, followed by Igor squirting his creamy load across Rob's chin and shoulder!
Fresh meat's first gay experience
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Description: Petty Officer Aiden is a newbie to the Navy. Tall, handsome, and still a little wet behind the ears, Aiden has already decided he is going to be a lifer in the service. Strapping young Jay has a few more years of service under his belt and is more than willing to show Aiden the ropes. Jay enjoys the company of fresh meat and the two swap stories from boot camp and a few more personal experiences. Aiden's claim to fame is that he banged Miss California at a party in northern California once. Jay is intrigued by this tale and wants to see who gives the better blowjob, him or Miss California. The young soldiers get their cocks in hand and start to reprimand them underneath their cammies. Jay leans over and takes Aiden's thick meat sword into his throat. Jay bobs up and down on Aiden's big uncut dick getting it rock hard in seconds. He pulls off Aiden's uniform and exposes his muscular chest and stunning Navy tattoos. Jay offers up his own cock for a little reciprocation and Aiden goes rig
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Description: Ryan is here today to pick (some-what straight) Private Eryk's brain about what he should expect in the military. Ryan just enlisted in the army and is very interested in what the service has in store for him. Marine Eryk tells his tales of boot camp, screaming sergeants, endless drills and extreme daily workout regimens. The Marines taught him how to be self-reliant with specialized wilderness survival training and night patrols. At times Eryk was ******* to dig a hole in the ground and hunker down with a buddy and their M16's, just waiting for a rival platoon to attack in the dead of night. During war-games they mounted lasers on their on their rifles and shot blanks at their opponents, getting as close to combat situations as possible. Ryan is enthralled hearing about hand to hand, man on man action. All night patrols, soldiers running obstacle courses, guys going balls-out and fighting through mazes is just some of the fun Ryan has to expect. First thing is first though, Ryan ne