Camp Spunkstar 2: Cornhole Patrol
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Description: Dakota and Nyce are playing ball by the lake, when Dakota decides to put the real jock to the cock! Dakota pushes Nyce up against a trailer, gives an impressive stand-up fuck and fires like a piston engine. Nyce's bunghole gets a major work out!
Prison Breakers
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Added: 25 Sep 09
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Description: While Paul and Leandro were getting through their afternoon break, Manuel, German and Isidro were getting themselves even more turned on. As if they weren't already hot enough, the next thing the find are two guards, Tommy Lima and Alfonso Rosas, looking for their own little escape from the long day of work. Standing and rubbing their dicks, their intentions are clear as they pull Israel Amezquita away from his work partner and out behind a building. When they strip Israel out of his orange jumpsuit, the body that they find is nothing short of incredible. Packed with muscle and a great hardon, this guy is the beefiest fuck to make his way onto this work camp. Tommy's dick is immediately out of his uniform and he and Alfonso both give Israel's muscled up body a good rubdown before they really get down to business. You'd think that a couple of big, studly prison guards would be ready to pound some convict ass but these guys both give up their holes for Israel's thick prick. First Tommy i
Twink World USA
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Description: Introducing jr. athletes' sexy Xavier X from Mexico, blue-eyed Brock Nexon from Connecticut and kinky super model Tyler Banks from Brazil. While hanging out shirtless at Camp Poke-A-Hiney, the three soon become friends with benefits as they strip down to their Calvin's and start kissing. Brock starts sucking Tyler's dick. Then Tyler begins sucking Xavier's noticeably large cock. Brock begins fucking Xavier in back of the truck. Horny Xavier bones Tyler while Brock plays with his ass! All three climax in back of the truck drenching each other in sweat, cum and sun!
Jr Jock Gym Camp
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Description: After the big showdown, twinky Star takes a walk down the treasure trail with his buddy ***nar. They find a fort to swap blowjobs in. These two uncut, big boned stud pups jump in the river and fuck in the water. Star puckers up again for ***nar in a multitude of positions before they line up their dicks side by side and cum simultaneously. This is pure sexual chemistry hard at work.
Jr Hottie Sports Club
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Description: What s a better way to cool off on a hot day of camp than waging an epic water battle against your well-hung buddy? Watch blond Cody Parker and his pump-action blaster tackle sexy Kai Summers to the ground. Jr. jock Cody whips out his 9 inches and takes aim at Kai s raw booty. Kai gets reamed in the butt! Cocky Cody t gets a natural high slow fucking his outdoor buddy. Then they cream each other!
Young Army Cadets Fucks
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Added: 15 Aug 09
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Description: Jessy Karson and Lukas Wild are out in the woods doing some scouting for their Army Cadet war games. After they set up camp, Jessy goes to take a leak and Lukas is absolutely captivated by Jessy's magnificent tool. Jessy notices Lukas' interest and decides to take advantage of it at the first opportunity. Minutes later the two sexy boys are rolling in the grass, cock in mouth, tongue in ass. First Lukas takes Jessy's massive meat up his tight little ass and then they turn the tables and Jessy bends over while Lukas slams him to orgasm. Three blasting cumshots in this scene
Str8 Loads #14: Dino - Grunt Spunk
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Description: After a short bull session Dino peels off his shirt to reveal his awesome body. He unzips his jeans and pulls out his engorging cock. He strokes it til it s rock hard then stands and strips for the camera. I get down between his beautiful hairy legs and take his cock in my mouth as I massage his balls. It doesn t take long for the first barrage of cum to hit my lips as Dino grunts his way thru it. A cigarette break then more stroking stirs the *****y beast. I swallow his cock to the base and it swells in my mouth a second time. I feel the rush coming and Dino grunts a second load down my throat. Vinnie s Boot Camp is makin' the grade!
Camp SpunkStarz
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Description: At the main lodge, Kyler s stud sensor goes off when Chris Bellaire walks in. It s the day after Chris s eighteenth birthday, and Kyler wants to stick his candle in his cake hole! The scene starts out with lap dance for the tender birthday bottom. They rip off each other s clothes and roll around on the rug. Chris sucks Kyler s impressive tent pole by the fireplace, and then goes bottoms up with a tongue job! Then Kyler cornholes his buddy s ass!
Gay Asian Scout Sex
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Description: These gay asian scouts are out on a camping trip and willing to do whatever it takes to earn their badge. Blowjobs, buttfucking, hot group orgy action, these gay asian studs do it all.
Triplets - Behind the scene of camp
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Added: 17 Mar 09
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Description: Behind the scenes with the Visconti triplets. Our 3 studs pose for the good cause and give you an inside view of a day at work, Visconti style. Enjoy!
Triplets - Camp
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Added: 17 Feb 09
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Description: Camping can be very relaxing: babbling brooks, bird s song, campfires...oh, and hot studs sucking your cock! Watch this triplet and his backwoods backdoor buddies get their freak on in some hot outdoor action!
Riverside Reaming
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Description: Two cuties have fun fucking and relaxing down by the river. You fucking have to love the great outdoors!!