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Description: Jose' Camacho is 19, straight, with a girl, and “getting into the industry.” He's been web-camming for a couple of years and thinks he's “willing to experiment.” This Straight Rent Boy is going to start with a tug today, and as “a freak,” he'll be back for more. At 5'11”, 150 lbs. and tight, he's a mix of Puerto Rican and Dominican; checking out his fat cock and nice ass, I'd agree. As he grows, Jose' says he's 7”, but I'm think that's just on a slow day. Looking at the camera, Jose' asks, “who wants to suck this fucking fat cock?” Shit, line forms behind me, people. His freak is starting to flow and this “daddy” wants you to cum too. Pulling on his ball sack, Jose' sits down and spreads his legs; he is close, but it won't be much longer. Then, Jose' says he's going to cum, and cum he does; thick streams of “crema” shoot all over. Sitting back, flaccid and relaxed, Jose' will cum again, “getting my nut on;” lube up guys, I think we've got a world-Cup cock on our
David Camacho and Ben Venido
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Description: David Camacho is back by popular demand! You've seen his hot solo and now it's time to watch him sink his cock up to his bloated nuts in a hot hairy stud. And let's put that stud in a sling while we're at it! This allows David absolute access to his hot fuckhole. The bottom? Ben Venido, a sexy, tight, muscular daddy with a big appetite for arrogant tops, hot dicks and as much cum as he can get down his throat. If you like your guys hairy and sticky with jizz, this scorcher is for you!
David Camacho
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Description: A burly, hairy, Hispanic stud, he looks mean, and you're not quite sure if he's going to hit you or kiss you, but its worth the risk. David Camacho is a sexy guy, with a big dark dick and a hairy hole thats just begging to be eaten out. I love the fur from neck, to nipples, to naval to nuts and beyond, keep em hairy!
Latino Tight Bubble Butt
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Description: Danny Camacho is originally from Mexico. With his amazing body, big cock and gorgeous muscled bubble butt he surely knows how to charm.
Young Muscle Latino Fuck
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Description: Danny and Bogar are two hot young muscle latino boys ready to fuck. They both have amazing bubble butt and they will be fighting over on who will be enjoying the fuck.
Latino Eats Bubble Butt
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Description: They're back! Those hot Latin boys from last year, Danny and Bogar, came back to show us their new tricks. Though they have been a couple for three years now, they still find ways to spice it up. This time around Danny decided to take the top position to help Bogar learn about the pleasures of being penetrated. Judging from the buckets of cum on the covers, they are both enjoying these new roles.
Latino Bubble Butt Danny
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Description: We got a lot of of email in praise of hot Latin boy Danny, and particular praise for his world-class ass. So we brought Danny back to see how he's adapting to the transition from the tropics of southern Mexico to the chilly latitudes of Canada's Montreal. It turns out that when it comes to a liberated attitude toward sex, these two places seem to have some things in common and Danny seems to find all sorts of ways to investigate this phenomenon. Danny Camacho is 22 years old, is 5'5