Slim Twink Jonny Gets Fucked
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Description: He might be gay, but Jonny knows when he can make some money - or at least he thinks he does! He thought he was gonna get a nice chunk of cash for jumping in the back seat and sharing some cock with Kristian and Callum, but he ended up getting fucked by both those boys, covered in cum and then dumped!
Callum Has A Big Cock
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Callum Has A Big Cock
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Callum Jerks Off To Reflection
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Description: We love taking on all kinds of different men at Amateurs Do It and that includes sexy, beefy mature mates like Callum here. He carries a few extra pounds but it certainly is in all the right places. Add a delicious looking, fat, uncut cock to the package and this is a man worthy of a lot of attention. Callum has a fetish for mirrors and reflective glass and watching his hot reflection as he beats off, so we put him in the shower with a glass door so he could get what he wanted. Talk about one hell of a hot video shoot Callum put on for us! Callum ignored our cameras, getting lost in his own world of lust and desire as he strokes his man meat. He shows us his great ass and beefy body too of course, making sure we capture every sexy nuance of his big, erotic frame! Callum eventually ends up sitting on the floor of the shower in order to finish himself off. His cum load was so pent up and release was something he wanted so badly he could almost taste it. Eyes closed, playing with hi
Hotel Shower Jerk Off
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Callums Glass Fetish
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Description: Callum loves getting naked and turning himself on against his shower screen glass !
British Guys Callum Jones And Myles Andrew
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Fresh Meat Episode 4
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Fitness Trainer Callum
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Description: Callum is in stunningly good shape and is a ravenous sexual *******. As a fitness trainer he regularly participates in martial arts, boxing and cage fighting. Even though this handsome god could walk into a bar and have anyone in the room, he's trying out for porn because he wants even more sex. The First Auditions casting director has never had a man enter the audition room who has been such a natural posing for the camera so confidently like he can't wait to jump on set and start fucking away. His naked body is mesmerizing and we can't stop watching the revealing full video downloaded from
At home with Callum
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Description: Callum invited us into his apartment and showed himself off too !
callum - solo ( uknakedmen 86)
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Callum Baxter, Kristian Kerner & Jonny Ryder
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Description: Callum and Kristian get Jake cruising the streets again and this time decide to look near a University and weren't we glad we did. Callum and Kristain spot Jonny - a very tall, very hot student hard up for cash and very keen to earn some. We offer Jonny a ride and the guy falls for the whole scam, not knowing that we have no intention to give him a single cent. As we drive about our guys ****** Jonny and put on the hottest three-way fuck scene ever. Jonny gets fucked one end, made to suck cock at the other and shoots his hot load everywhere before we drop him back to the trading estate then fuck off in the bait-bus laughing so much we are crying. Poor Jonny, screwed in more then one sense!
Callum, Kristian & Justin
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Description: Bait-bois Callum and Kristian are quite a team. Out in the country on the hunt for hot lads, we found Justin near the tram station and it wasn t long before we convinced the broke, straight college student to climb in to the bait bus and earn some cash that he will never, never get his hands on! Justin is hot, toned and asking for trouble! Our bait-bois offer to fuck Justin but the hot little fucker wont even hear the idea, not even for extra cash. But he does accept extra cash to fuck Callum and wow can our straight boi fuck arse! Excited by the whole experience our bait-bois both shoot heavy loads.Then, to our surprise, so does Justin. After a quiet fag on the road side, our bait-bois hop back in and leave Justin on the roadside stranded without a dime. Sucker! Well this is what happens when you say yes to our bait-bois guys!
Callum and Justin
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Description: Our bad boy Callum gets lucky when he meets Justin, a victim from the past, although Justin fails to recognize Callum and soon gets talked into heading home for what Justin thinks will be just a shag. But Callum has other plans and tied Justin to the bed before subjecting him to some continuous tickle torture, pin wheel and cock play. Callum even tries the pin wheel out on Justins cock head and balls  - watch what happens and feel the ***** as the pin wheel runs over Justins most sensitive organ!
Callum Baxter, Kristian Kerner & Adam Watson
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Description: Our new bait-bois Callum and Kristian got lucky when we came across Adam near the local McDonalds and offered him money to take a drive in the bait-bus with them. Hmmmm Adam is quite the pretty boy… If only he knew what he was in for! Callum and Kristrian get Jake, our driver, to head out to the middle of know where, giving our 2 guys time to fuck this sweet guy so hard and in so many positions that the poor thing could hardly walk after we dropped him off leaving him with nothing more than a very ****ful arse!