Sergio Serrano and Yera Cruz
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Added: 06 Nov 14
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Description: Go clubbing, have a drink, and wake up bound, gagged and in hands of a stallion like Sergio Serrano may be the dream of many, and the nightmare of many others. Yera Cruz get involved in this situation, a skinhead that ends up being used by Sergio unceremoniously.
shroom buttplug milking
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 09 Mar 14
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Description: Using one of my favorite toys, the shroom buttplug to milk my prostate
Give It To Me Raw
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 25 Oct 13
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Duration: 0:06:03
Tags: Jock Worship Threesome

Description: It's a sultry, sensuous affair as Cole Christiansen, Austin Storm and Slate Steele get together for this bare occasion. Starting slow, they warm up their mouths, nibbling and sucking anything they can get their hands on (including each other). Whilst sucking on a lollipop, Slate gets a hankering for the real thing, so he ditches the props and pulls down Cole's shorts, immediately engulfing his cock deep into his mouth as Austin watches, pulling down his shorts and beginning to stroke himself. Slate sees this and moves from Cole to Austin, alternating between both and then swordfighting in his mouth with both of them. Austin is almost ready to fuck, so Cole warms Slate up with a buttplug while Austin puts his condom on, but Slate wants it raw, and so Austin slips it in bare, the shimmer of his head glistening in the light as he plunges it deep into Slate's hole. Slate reaches his arm back and pulls Austin in tighter, taking on the full length of Austin's rod in the process. Austin pumps
Gorgeous Hunk Inserts Buttplug
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Description: Cedrik is this hunky type of guy that is really open to some of the more interesting aspects of the bedroom. He is not the type of guy that will do the same thing day in and day out - he likes mixing it up. Today he has a friend stop by with something very special from his toy box - a nice hefty anal plug. Cedrik's eyes opened nice and wide, and after he stripped down and worked his cock enough in the toy went. He really loved feeling it slide in slowly - in fact he loved it so much he ended up putting on a real show for his friend.
Love My Cock pt.3 Milked, 420, poppers, porn, verbal, dirty talk, jerk-off, daddy
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Added: 17 Sep 13
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Description: Perfect end to a Sunday afternoon extended edge... great day for a long, hard jerk-off with poppers, buttplug, cockring, albolene and my dirty fuckin mind...
Love My Cock pt.2...first hit.  poppers, 420 and porn
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Description: Edge on...Sunday afternoon extended edge... perfect day for a long, hard jerk-off with poppers, buttplug, cockring, albolene and my dirty fuckin mind...
Love My Cock pt.1....420, poppers, porn
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 17 Sep 13
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Description: Sunday afternoon extended edge... perfect day for a long, hard jerk-off with poppers, buttplug, cockring, albolene and my dirty fuckin mind...
Nasty Army Masters
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 13 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:00:30
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Description: In their army uniforms, Master Dave and Master Mike drag in pathetic new sub jonah who fights back feebly but is soon stripped naked after a beating. The ******Tops make him squirm on the floor as he has to kiss and lick their filthy boots before removing their stinking socks. Once the Masters pull off their trousers, the distraught sub is pulled upright and has to smear his face into each of their rears. His tongue rubs up and down their rancid assholes. We get a close-up of his quivering mouth making contact with each of the Tops' rose-red holes. To completely humiliate the defeated sub, Master Dave finally ****** a buttplug up him, kicking him for good measure, before flipping him over and pissing all over him.
Chubbybears multiple analorgasm
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Added: 12 Aug 13
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Description: another multiple analorgasm with my inflatable buttplug. cumshot after 12:30 min. hot comments welcome
Chubbybear with multiple analorgasm and huge cumshot
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Added: 11 Aug 13
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Description: ATTENTION: Very NOISY mouning! First time ever I had this13 min. multiple analorgasms with soft and hard cock (7:30 min). Final orgasm with cumshot at 13:35 min. With replay slow motion cumshot. Hot comments welcome. Hope you enjoy this vid like I did.
Shirt Shop Bang
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 08 Aug 13
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Duration: 0:07:59
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Description: There's a sale going on in this store today, and it's 100% of cock. This little blonde twink is for the taking. Hurry and come get it! Luckly there's no shortage of buyers.
Folsom Street Fair Memories
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 31 Jul 13
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Duration: 0:07:30
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Description: It's almost that time of year again, check out some of our favorite highlights from past years! Watch these hot cocks take a turn with our brand of bondage and humiliation for all of San Francisco to see!
Happy Hour Humiliation
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 13 Jun 13
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Duration: 0:10:04
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Description: This hot blonde gives a 2 for 1 special when he becomes the entertainment for happy hour. His ass gets pummeled on the bar for everyone to see. Best of all he sucks cock for cocktails!
Straight Boy Debases Himself
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 11 May 13
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Duration: 0:00:30
Tags: straight man bdsm spanking domination submission cocksucking

Description: New innocent boy Martin at BreederFuckers is strung up by his arms in his pure white skivvies. He thinks he’s found a friend to release him when Dave enters, but the perverted man can’t stop himself from enjoying Martin’s slender muscular body, weighty package and tight asshole. Martin moans piteously as his healthy fit body is mauled by a pair of rough male hands. He sucks on Martin’s nipples tenderizing them till they are slick pink pinpricks and then attaches cruel metal clamps attached by a chain. Now he can hold the chain and coax Martin to grind his smooth bare ass against Dave’s crotch like a whore. When he fails to fully satisfy his ass is given a lashing to make his soft smooth cheeks blaze red. Dave slides his finger up the boy’s rectum to open him up and then inserts a buttplug. Martin moans in agony as Dave inserts a finger up his ass to push him up on his tiptoes and lead him around like a puppet.
Jack Union and Scott Hunter
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 13 Mar 13
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Duration: 0:02:04
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Description: When Scott agreed to take a pic of Jack in the locker room for Trojan, he only hoped the joke would turn into something more palpable. And palped he got. Jack starts trying to get the phone off his friend's hands as grantically as Scott tried to evade him. Until Jack's handfinds its way onto Ross's cock. awkward moment. they lock eyes onto each other. hand still firmly on the crotch. inevitably this mountain of a man and the hairy muscle pup lock in a hot and passionate kiss. they both have fantasised about this moment and they are certainly not gonnna rush it through as they taste each other's mouth and muscles. Jack moves down to scott's ass and the gave is given away when discovers the young hunk has been wearing a cockring/buttplug all this time. the sucking and licking continues with Ross taking his turn on Jack's cock. he savours it thoroughly and turns around to offer his butt to him. Jacks is instead in teh mood for toys, after all that's what they stuffed his locker with. he t
Made to Sit on ButtPlugs
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 12 Mar 13
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Duration: 0:00:32
Tags: straightguy BDSM S

Description: Handsome hairy cricket star Guy has it too easy. As a rich, privileged and admired athlete people normally fall over themselves to serve him. But in a filthy locker room at BreederFuckers he’s taught to serve the demands of a sadistic pervert. In his tight white jock strap his legs are bound together and his hands are encased in thick cricket gear padding to restrict his ability to move. Ordered to plant his tight hairy butt on a series of butt plugs, he moves along inch by ****ful inch trying to comply with Adrian’s demands or else he feels the sharp sting of the lash on his body. He’s fucked in the mouth vigorously while the butt plug lodges further up his butt until every nerve in his body is stimulated making him ****fully aware of what low cock-sucking scum he’s become.
Athlete Shamus FingerFucked
Category: Straight
Added: 18 Dec 12
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Description: Athlete Shamus has his tight pink ass with only a thin line of dark hair circling his sphincter. Footballers can be wild and unwieldy. It’s a well known method for club owners to control their new purchases by penetrating their arses which makes them very docile and submissive. Shamus embraces the buyers letting them fingerfuck his rectum and fill his hole with a buttplug while they greedily tug on his big floppy dick.