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Description: Damn, to find him in the shower, is a day I know I'll be wet too. Joey Rico soaps it up for and is here to satisfy the age old question, “will that fit?” This Latino has a body to satisfy and a personality equal to that hot cock; just watching the water trickle off his ball sack has me very “thirsty.” As he lathers up and bends over, Joey uses one of his toys to get a “deep' clean. Next is a sizeable butt plug to hit the spot; “look ma, no hands.” On the bed and discussing his “opening” toys, I finger and add digits to ready his hole for some larger dildos. I've got a couple I want him to try, include one with a heartbeat. The first takes a minute, but Joey is definitely a “swallower.” The next is a good bit larger, even than he, and he does manage the tip before we go for the “real deal.” Sliding in my girth, he seems to enjoy the sensation and begins to jerk. Even with all the “practice” he's had, Joey is very tight and it does not take long before m
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Description: Here is another of our fantasy features as you see Brazilian Studz transform into Arabian Knights!! A snoozing Imad Aldin leads us to another hot coupling. This time it's between Ghazi Khalij and Hadad Khali. As the scene opens up, though, we realize that a crotch rubbing Thamir Aldin is sitting nearby enjoying the show we thought was just for us. Before long Aldin is right where we want to be. Where to apply for that job is the real question! Ghazi slides smoothly too his knees and shows off his cocksucking skills on the hairy chested Thamir and tightly abdominaled Hadad. Thamir takes his turn on his knees and uses his tongue to prep the furry hole of Ghazi. Ghazi is then spit roasted between the two tops. After Thamir finishes bouncing his balls off Ghazi's butt cheeks, Hadad sits back and presents his even bigger prick for some action. Hadad slides right down it but you can tell by his facial expression that it is no easy task.
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